Introduce yourself

Discord: mosessamuel#9003
Twitter: @Ofonedidem
Favorite dapp(s): StaderLabs PancakeSwap, OpenSea, Steemit,
Favorite blockchain(s): Binance Smart Chain, Bitcoin, Arbitrum.
Main interests: Cryptography, Blockchain developer, Decentralization and Data analysis. This would enhance the seamless adoption of the blockchain technology.


Hello, I’m Saviour, I’m a passionate crypto enthusiastI have over 2 years experience.
I have excellent communication and interpersonal skills, proficiency in social media platforms including Twitter, Medium, Youtube and Instagram, strong understanding of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology, ability to create engaging content, as well as experience managing social media communities.


im Mohamed Musthafa Ak, a web3 influencer from Kerala, with 3+ years of experience in crypto and NFT projects. Skilled in content creation, marketing, community management Committed to building a strong online presence and fostering a large community base. Continuously learning and adapting to new technologies and trends.

  • Discord: mhdmusthaf#5455
  • Twitter: mhdmusthaf
  • Favorite dapp(s): Opensea , etc
  • Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum, polygon , bsc
  • Main interests : community

Hello everyone, I’m an enthusiast and avid learner in the space. I’m a late bloomer so I’m not exactly working in the space yet but I love this industry.

• **Discord / Telegram / Twitter: fennygx #2996

• Favorite dapp(s): Alchemy, Quant, Fantom, Illuvium, Immutable, Polymath

• Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum, Arbitrum, Polygon zkevm, Starknet**

• Main interests: Rankings, NFT Explorer, Token Explorer, Airdrop, Industry Overview

Cheers to a new revolution!


GM frens

Good Day! I am BtcLuisa, 33 years old. I am a Crypto Enthusiast, and currently, an ambassador. I am also an admin of some local crypto groups. I create content (videos, memes, infographics, etc.), Active participation in Discord, Telegram, and Twitter, and also Moderating/support the community.

Discord handle: coinluisa888#5573
Favorite blockchain(s) ETH, Polygon, Arbitrum, optimism
Main interests : content creator, moderator, design of infographics and writing


Hi,my name is George,I’m 19 years old,I live in Europe,I’ve been in cryptocurrency for a year and 6 months,I love decentralization,crypto forums,nft,memes and low commissions in eth network ))
I can make videos, infographics, tweet topics, articles, translations into Ukrainian and Russian, help newcomers, make memes, moderate the community.
My story:
At first I, like everyone else, got familiar with functionality through testnet of different dex and blockchain, then I bought cryptocurrency, followed news, learned something new, tested pumping and dumping, lost money due to wrong address or drain, found undervalued projects and raised money by selling NFT, got airdrops as early user, participated in ambassador programs. And now my level of expertise is approaching that of Degen.
Ambassador for me it’s not the first time I’ve been an Ambassador of projects like ProjectHive,YeehaGames,LeechProtocol
Discord: GoshaZp#6474
Favorite dapp(s):1inch,Uniswap,Blur,Hop,Arkham,LensProtocol,Layer3
Favorite blockchain(s):Arbitrum,Optimism,Bitcoin,MultiversX,Aptos
Main interests :Gaming,AI,Web3,NFT,Football,Gym


u started in crypto young crazy.


Hi im Farid Hasan,
Im from community moderator for region indonesian,
Discord : fariidhassan#8027
Telegram : @fariidhasan
Twitter : @fariidhassan

  • Discord: ayeletcoinj#4451
  • Telegram: @ayeletcoin (channel) @ayeletcoincomunidad (community)
  • Favorite dapp(s): Uniswap, OpenSea, Zerion, Curve, Dapp Raddar, Orbiter, tofuNFT, PancakeSwap, LensProtocol, Layer3, Galxe and more…
  • blockchain(s): Ethereum, Arbitrum, Optimism, Polygon, zkSync Era, BSC.
  • Main interests: DeFi Products, CEX, Portfolios (such as Zerion, Dapp Radar, DBank), I have taught about the use of Dapp Radar as a portfolio and as a product DeFi that rewards its community. You can check my videos of Dapp Radar from two years ago on my YouTube channel: @AyeletCoin

Hello, my name is Ayelet, I am a creator of content about cryptocurrencies, I love the crypto world, specifically: web3, CEX and NFTs, my community on YouTube and Telegram is dedicated to these topics. I would like to collaborate with Dapp Radar and be able to update and create more content for the Dapp Radar community and the entire crypto ecosystem

  • Discord / Telegram / Twitter handle: RingoMiner#0805/RingoMiner/Cryptofx5
  • Favorite dapp(s): Rplanet/Prospectors/Meta Legend
  • Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum, Polygon
  • Main interests: Business, Community build, market strategy, market research

Hi community,

I am Ringo Miner (Ringo) I am here for the community since 2020. The reason I joined DappRadar because the value and trust I have gained over the years. I won’t be stopping here, but I will keep building wherever the project is going.

I am more on business research, and dive deep in play to earn games. I have gone through lots of games, and I will keep this going to where the future is heading. Play to own is something I am looking for, and this could be the future for decades.

I am very active and super energetic when it comes to research and community built. I am a Diplomacy Team Leader - leading 50 players on Rplanet WAX Blockchain. I stood to make sure we win every alpha, and I have been very successful from day one. Keeping the community tight together and win every game since the last six months.

More to tell, please hit me up on the Discord and I am happy to chit chat.

Best wishes,


I am thrilled to introduce myself as a passionate advocate for the integration of web3 into the modern digital landscape. My name is Mike, and I bring with me a deep understanding and enthusiasm for decentralized technologies, their potential, and the changes they are fostering in various industries, particularly in the world of gaming.

Having recently served as the U.S. Regional Ambassador for BoomLand, a pioneering gaming platform built on the blockchain, I have been at the forefront of the transition from traditional gaming to a decentralized, interconnected ecosystem where players not only enjoy the games but also partake in its economy.

At BoomLand, I was instrumental in fostering relationships between the platform and its users, promoting its innovative play-to-earn model, and helping to guide its transition into the web3 space. This experience offered me an in-depth understanding of the DApp space, user expectations, and the challenges and opportunities that web3 presents.

I believe that as an ambassador for DappRadar, I can apply my skills and passion to drive adoption and awareness of DApps, and help in making decentralized applications more accessible, understood, and used by a broader audience. With my ability to communicate complex ideas in a simple, relatable manner and my proven track record in community building, I am confident I can contribute significantly to the DappRadar team.

I am keen to bring my experience, energy, and commitment to DappRadar, to foster and cultivate a thriving community, and to be part of the exciting journey that DappRadar is embarking upon in shaping the future of web3.

Thank you for considering my application. I look forward to the possibility of working with the DappRadar team.

Best Regards,

Discord: WWW Spaceships#4320
Telegram: N/a
Twitter: @wwwspaceships
Favorite dapp(s): DappRadar, Taco Crypto, BoomLand
Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum, Polygon, WAX, Solana
Main interests: Building Communities. educating others, lifting others. Creating safe spaces for everyone to learn and grow.

I have a Masters in Business Administration which has allowed me to focus on the data. I like to find the why behind the why. I want to be an official part of the DappRadar community and be a part of the monumental growth ahead.


Introduction - Anikybee

GM Community! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Anikybee here, you can call me Bee :honeybee:, I have been in the crypto space for 6 years and am popularly known for blockchain content creation, gaming and graphic design. I am a Defi and NFT lover too.

Discord: anikys3reasure#7240
Twitter: anikys3reasure
Telegram: anikys3reasure
Reddit: StellarKar
Hive: anikys3reasure
Steemit: anikys3reasure
Loop Community: anikys3reasure
Favorite dapp(s): Splinterlands, Axie Infinity, Polygon, Uniswap, Prospectors game, StarCrazy
Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum, Hive Blockchain, SKALE Network, Polygon, BSC, Moonbeam, IoTex Blockchain, EOS, Terra Blockchain. * Main interests: Decentralization, Defi, and General Content Creation towards adopting Blockchain and Crypto in Africa.


@WWWSpaceships please follow the format. This is not “post your resume” thread :smiley: Thanks ser. Looks good just tone it down a bit :pray:


Aaron here ! I’m new to this forum. I’m a software engineer in Secux , a blockchain security company that provides the most advanced cryptocurrency hardware wallet and cryptocurrency payment solutions, and I’m passionate about web3. I’m excited to learn from everyone here and to contribute to the community.

  • Discord handle: aaron.eth#5758
  • Twitter handle: aaron_nftt
  • Favorite blockchain(s): ETH, Polygon, Arbitrum, Optimism,
  • Main interests: Working out, Traveling

Hello everyone!

Discord: Hermix#9189

Favorite dapp(s): Uniswap, Axie Infinity, or OpenSea.

Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, or Polkadot.

Main interests: DeFi, NFTs, gaming, Futures trading

Looking forward to connecting with like-minded individuals and exploring the exciting world of decentralized applications and blockchain technology together


Hello, I’m Tahsin Demirci. I produce content in the field of blockchain. I trade cryptocurrencies.

Twitter: @tahsindemirci_
Discord: Tahsin Demirci #4819

Favorite Blockchains: Ethereum, Avalanche, Polygon, BSC
Interests: Creating content, Trading, Community Management


Hello all!
I’m David Brown, a content writer, graphic designer and community moderator.

Twitter handle: @jhoesaya
Discord: bounteah#1690
Telegram ID : @bounteetech


Hey All!

I’m Khalil, from the Connext foundation, contributing on BD/Community and marketing related tasks.

Connext is an open protocol that allows developers to build applications that can live on every chain and be used with every token, all at once. Since its creation in 2017, the project’s mission has been to make Web3 accessible to everyday users by abstracting away the complexity of interacting with underlying blockchains.

My telegram ID: @khalil9898


Thanks for joining the community @Khlilo , happy to have an OG bridge in our community.

And congrats to the team on launching $NEXT and your Connext DAO. Looking forward to progressively decentralizing alongside you guys.

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GM! I’m Metanize.
I produce an annual tech event, Brooklyn Tech Week.

Currently, I am also lead at building a the HipHop Metaverse Project &DAO (HvrsDAO). What a major undertaking…Wow!

We are supporting artists and creators to embrace Web3 to establish ownership of their creation and become financial empowered in the Open Metaverse. To many creators are being taken advantage of by Web2 companies stripping artists of their creative rights.

Happy to help when I can, where I can :sunglasses:

Twitter: @metanize
Discord: .metanize
Telegram: @Metanize