Introduce yourself

Inspired by ENS - Introduce yourself thread and by How to grow decentralized communities written by Peter ‘pet3rpan’, I would love to start this:

We can start with the following details, but feel free to suggest a different structure:

  • Discord / Telegram / Twitter handle: dragos
  • Favorite dapp(s): PoolTogether, Axie Infinity
  • Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum, Solana
  • Main interests: Product, DappRadar PRO, Community. I try to make sure that community feedback and suggestions are reflected in DappRadar’s products.

Hi, I’m Dragos and I am one of the co-founders of DappRadar, since 2018. I’m looking at the product, governance processes, user experience and more. Hit me up.


gm frens!

I’m Zygis, a product person here at DappRadar (or so called PM in traditional org structure vocabulary)

I liked the suggested structure, here’s my version of it:

  • Discord / Telegram / Twitter handle: zygis7
  • Favorite dapp(s): sushi, abracadabra, Francium
  • Favorite blockchain(s): ETH (super excited for zkSync), SOL, other EVM chains are also great
  • Main interests: new products & features development, RADAR utility, DappRadar decentralization

Let’s buidl the decentralized app store which we’ve deserved of :mechanical_arm:


gm! :sun_with_face:

Robert here, video game fanatic turned into metaverse citizen. Believer of ‘content is king’, builder of worlds. Watches The Matrix and Ready Player One regularly just to refresh my brain and dream about the potential of the metaverse.

  • Discord: nederob#9458
  • Twitter: nederob
  • Favorite dapp(s): Sorare, The Sandbox, Cryptovoxels, Euler Beats, Unstoppable Domains & plenty more
  • Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum, Polygon, BSC, Avalanche, Immutable X
  • Main interests: Decentralization and the power of building as a community. Yes, that would include uncharted territory. That’s what makes things even more exciting! In a decentralized world there’s no such thing as a single blockchain, therefore a big believer in the multichain paradigm.

buenos días,

I’m Darius :), software engineer at DappRadar

  • Discord / Telegram / Twitter handle: not a common user, using only when it is needed
  • Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum, Polygon
  • Language(s): C#, Js, SQL
  • Main interests: Architecture, understandable functions, tradable Value, good feeling!

Let’s be proactive and build something ! :smiley:


gm :sunglasses: Skirmantas here, co-founder of DappRadar. Let’s rock’n’roll!

  • Discord handle: Darker#4517
  • Telegram handle: darkerth
  • Twitter handle: sjanuskas
  • Favorite dapp(s): Axie Infinity, Pool Together
  • Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum & Polygon
  • Main interests: Transform DappRadar to a self-sustained decentralized dapp store with hundreds and thousands of contributors

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  • Discord handle: NirV#4850

  • Favorite blockchain(s): Xdai, BSC, ETH

  • Language(s): python, Js

  • Main interests: blockchain-tech, programing, learning

Glad to join this community, let’s build something cool.


Hi Everyone;

I’m Reza and I have been in crypto market since 2020.
I’m a pro member in Dapp Radar.

My Account ID on Discord: Reza_a90
Favorite dapps(S): Debank, Opensea, Rarible, Metamask, pangolin,…

Favorite Blockchains: Ethereuem, Zk-rollups, Avalanch, Luna, Near, Polkadot, Iota, Iotx, Partisia network, Agoric, Aleph zero, Oasis network, Elrond, Algorand,…

Main Interest: Game, Metaverse, Social Networks, Defi

Plan for 2022: I got a few courses to learn Solidity, Javascript, HTML, CSS, CS50 I want to get programing skills to be a developer or a commiunity manager.

I think Blockchains and decentrelization is going to give people more opportunities of earnings and also the most possitive aspect of Blockchaing is Transparency. Users can see what is happening in every projects.


Hey everyone, I am a frontend developer working for a corporate on my mornings, diving to crypto word on nights. I’ve been in crypto for almost 2years now but not got lucky with any NFTs unfortunately :monkey_face: Now I am learning solidity to create my own projects and have a better developer for the future.

Ask me anything related front-end development including your hardest CSS questions :smiley:

  • Discord handle: mr.majmaj#7707
  • Favorite blockchain(s): ETH, Polygon, Solana
  • Language(s): JS, learning solidity
  • Main interests: programming

Hello, my name is César and im Senior Ambassador of SubQuery Network and Ambassador of Moonbeam:

Discord: Céssar#0962
Twitter: cesaradolfogar5
Favorite blockchains: Ethereum, Polygon
main interests: content creator, community manager, design of infographics and writing about the new Dapps.

Be active and work hard!


Hello my name hakdiy

telegram @hakdiy
twitter @hakdiy
favorite blockchains polygon solana
i love to use dappradar i hope it gets the place it deserves


Hi everyone
I’m moujo , media production specialist and defi lover …i like dappradar and our community
telegram: @moujo23
tweeter : @studio23m
discord: moujo23#4292
Games: Axie infinity / Godsunchained
blockchains: love them all but ETH / Polygan / BSC / EOS
:innocent: :raised_hands:


Hi all ,
My name is Robert , living in EU, having a tech background in IT networking
and Apps support in medicine diagnostic.
Now in marketing and leadership fields.

  • Discord:

  • Telegram: RobiSurf

  • Twitter: roforex

  • Favorite dapp(s): Katana, Ronin network, Sushi Farm, Raydium Farm,
    CropperFinance, Pancake, Spindex, Open Sea

  • Investor or Player: Axie Infinity, Ertha, SolChicks, Illuvium, NFTs

  • Favorite blockchain(s): SOL, RONIN, ETH, BNB, Polygon

  • Discord roles: Support / Moderator / Ambassador roles / Community manager

  • Main interests: Playing guitar, Skiing , Windsurfing and of course new evolution of
    Metaverse Gaming: blockchain games, NFTs, design, tokenomics.

  • Target: To LEARN, to become a part of enthusiastic team, work with open-minded people and to shape this Metavers future (of course, and making some money together)

  • Looking forward to meet you.


i am a mathematician crypto math is really interesting

Discord: m.aliarslan#6002

Telegram: @mehmetaliarslan63

Twitter: @Mehmet37557590

Favorite dapp(s):Sushi Farm, Raydium Farm, Pancake, Open Sea

Investor or Player: Axie Infinity, Ertha, SolChicks, Illuvium, NFTs

Favorite blockchain(s): avalaunch, bnb, ETH, BNB, Polygon

Metaverse Gaming: blockchain games, NFTs, design, tokenomics.


My name is : Februari Situmorang
Being in the crypto world since 2018.
DappRadar pro member
NFT’s Creators and Collectors.

Discord ID : februari1995#3373
Twitter ID : @MrFeb1995
Favorite Dapp : Uniswap, OpenOcean
Favorite Blockchain : Ethereum, Solana, NEAR
Main Interest : Blockchain, NFT’s, GameFi and DeFi.


Hello to everyone, I am a teacher in high school and I am in the crypto since 2020.
My Discord : Zakislash#8571
My twitter : @Dup_Jwd
My Telegram :@Zackelfe
Favorite Dapp(s) : Pancakeswap, quickswap
Favorite blockchain(s) : Polygon, Solana
Main interests : Video games (God’s unchained, League of legends, RPGs, Aurory Project, etc), Metaverse (The Sandbox, Mana, etc), Youtube (to make videos about video games tips or soluces), sport and movies (real fan of horror movies but I also like drama, comedy, etc.)
To finish, I like to participate in testnets.
Nice to be here guys :wink:


Hi everyone :fire:
I’m Rizal, newbie on technology blockchain but I believe that will be usefull for the future in various fields. Even I regret wasting time and missing information about this technology

Discord: Airdrop_Sharer#3075
Telegram: @Airdrop_Sharer
Twitter: @Airdrop_Sharer
Favorite dapp(s): quick, pancake, sushi & radar
Favorite blockchain(s): Polygon, BSC & Sol
Main interests: I’m not sure was interest in a particular field but as long as it’s easy and makes us comfortable, why not?

Thanks for reading


hello, guys… maybe late for introduce my self, i just know this post…lol

you all can call me beng, im at our discord too bengss#7125

i love dappradar because this is my first platform to track all about crypto. why i know project, token, marketplace, nft and others because i use dappradar since I’m interested about crypto

[image]. i really love dappradar from the start i know it :heart: :heart:



hello all mates, Im deathmbah, I love crypto even only shiba itself hahaa, I know crypto from my job in advertising they pay me in bitcoin in around 2014, yeah its been a long time ago, I"m very upset when I got my first salary in bitcoin and regret it to sell for some food for life. Now I worked at some “project” for promote their project it self around the world, maybe we can share something new in here. my favourite quote “never give up in something you believe in it”. I hope someday dappradar contact me and recruit me to join their marketing team. In the end I love DappRadar I can track all my nft and some coin become one, I hope it become more bigger and bigger.
Discord handle: Deathmbah#8332
mucho gracias mates <3


Greetings ; My name Gideon!
A Beginner in the space, don’t know much just eager to learn.

Discord handle: Gidyzaar#3259
Telegram handle: Rockets65
Twitter handle: Gidyzaar
Favorite dapp(s): Polygon & BSC
Main interests: Hope to see #Radar make waves across the glove! Simply , following and trusting the team.