DappRadar DAO Newsletter - October 2023

gm DappRadar fam and Web3 explorers,

As the web3 bear market continues, with the occasional hype popping up here and there, the team at DappRadar continues building. We’re shaping the World’s Dapp Store, and have the ambition to make you - the community - participants in that process.

Every month we provide you with an overview of the latest developments. Of course, we would love to have your input on everything we do and have done so far. You are part of DappRadar DAO, and we invite you to comment on this post and discuss new ideas and initiatives on our Discord.


Token updates and DAO developments

In July and August, there were various DappRadar Community Proposals (DCP) on our forum. These proposals are essential, as RADAR token holders need to vote on various topics. The more DappRadar decentralizes, the more often we expect these types of votes to play a role in the decision-making process.

By the end of August, the community accepted DCP-15, resulting in a newly launched bridging service for the RADAR token. Thanks to our collaboration with Connext, RADAR can now be bridged between Ethereum and BNB Chain. And yes, Connext will also support the expansion to other chains. We recently welcomed the Connext team to our DAO, who themselves are transitioning to a DAO. Feel free to welcome them too.

However, DCP-16 was the big one in September. We extended the rewards for liquidity providers in Sushi V2 for six months, but also acknowledged the need to transition to V3 liquidity. With the current goal to deploy V3 on chains such as Polygon and BNB, this means that our V3 strategy is also a multichain one.

For the first time, the community brought a proposal to the table on the Forum. @Hats.Finance suggested to create a Bug Bounty Vault, but the vote did not meet the quorum. You can read DCP-17 on the Forum and discuss it further.

Product updates

In September, DappRadar launched various new products that serve as a nice discovery point. Let me take a moment to introduce these features:

  1. Chain Rankings – allowing users to see which blockchain has the most dapp activity, NFT trading volume, and DeFi TVL.
  2. Custom Alerts – letting users create alerts for certain dapp categories and for NFT collection, based on various metrics. PRO users have more options.
  3. Signals – starting with support for NFTs, Signals provide an automated and live system where you get to see which NFT collection has been trending in the past 24 hours.
  4. zkSync Ecosystem page - a dedicated hub to see key metrics, rankings, and historical performance of projects in the zkSync ecosystem. This collaboration has spearheaded a development in our product strategy with not only dapps being showcased but different types of projects, from wallets to DAOs and Public Goods. Supporting them as a dedicated partner in user acquisition and analytics confirms our ability to support their progressive decentralization processes too. Win-win.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, because our sales and partnerships team has been working hard to welcome 2 new blockchain ecosystems to DappRadar. We now track dapps on the gaming chain Elysium, by the Vulcan Forged team, and on zkSync.

Be sure to check out these new entries in our Rankings


In September we published three reports

  1. August Industry Report – highlighted a 17% increase month-over-month in UAW

  2. Blockchain Games Report: August 2023 – casual gaming 10% of all gaming activity

  3. NFT Report 20/09 – On NFT Day we published a report dedicated to NFTs. It’s not all doom and gloom.


DappRadar has organized various online live events on X and through other platforms for our community. We also organized a special event for NFT Day, which gave many interesting speakers an opportunity to share their vision. In addition, we talked to Radix, a blockchain ecosystem that now supports smart contracts, and gaming platform Kongregate.

Moreover, our head of engineering @michael-dappradar has been actively involved in various Spaces, covering a wide variety of topics including CeFi vs DeFi.

When it comes to gaming, we gave the community lots of fun moments. Every Thursday we talk about Web3 gaming with some of the most interesting people in Web3, including Pixels, Formula E: High Voltage and Wreck League. And we had giveaways in partnership with projects like Cross the Ages and Rogue Nation.

September Media Mentions

In September the total number of media mentions reached 2,460. According to our Meltwater tracking tool this is a 9% increase from the previous month.

Crypto media that refer to our data, reports and information a lot are CryptoSaurus, AMB Crypto, and CoinMarketCap. However, among the top media outlets we find names such as Coindesk, BeInCrypto, MarketWatch, Decrypt and CoinTelegraph. Forbes, CNN Turk and Yahoo also mentioned us.

We noticed an increase in media mentions when talking about the NFT balloon popping. Mainstream media picked up on this story, and this was strongly reflected in the media mentions.

Mastercard x DappRadar

DappRadar is honored to be among 15 startups selected for Mastercard Lighthouse Program this Autumn. We had the first workshop at the end of September. Recognition by such a prestigious company underscores the potential and vision of what we’re building in the Web3 space!

Closing words

The DappRadar X account, formerly known as Twitter, was a bit of a mess. You could get news, data, company news, product updates, DAO announcements, and everything else on that one account. That’s why we decided to split things up, starting with the DappRadar Insights account. Below an example of the type of posts we do on the Insights account.

In October you can also expect us to do something with the DappRadar DAO, so stay tuned for that.

What do you think DappRadar should be doing, moving forward into 2024? Discuss on Discord, get people excited about your proposal, and maybe your idea will be implemented into DappRadar in the future. That’s the power of being part of the DappRadar DAO. :muscle:

Please, get involved here on the Forum and join us on Discord.

🫡 gm fam!


Great job in Q3!
Next,Contribute to Earn may be critical. It will bring new energy and vitality to Dappradar ecosystem.
Looking forward to it.


That’s also what I am hoping for… add something to the platform that truly revitalizes DappRadar and gives new energy to the community. LFG!!!