The DappRadar team invites the RADAR community to a special AMA session on “The Evolution of Dapp Tracking.”

The DappRadar team invites the RADAR community to a special AMA session on “The Evolution of Dapp Tracking.”

Date: Postponed

Link to AMA - The Evolution of Dapp Tracking AMA - YouTube


  • Investor and media scrutiny of dapp performance metrics
  • Extension of DappRadar metrics and KPIs
  • Processes for identifying, reviewing and taking action on dapps where artificial traffic is detected
  • User Safety vs. Censorship

Investors and the media are increasingly seeking out metrics to support the token valuations in the metaverse and blockchain gaming space.

Dapp performance tracking on DappRadar has become a favorite tool for those looking to make sense of the activity and valuations in decentralized applications. Recently we have seen media coverage of our metrics have a significant impact on token valuations in the metaverse space. This has created increased scrutiny of the metrics we provide.

Currently, the most used on-chain metrics are UAW (unique active wallets), transactions, volume, related NFT data and token prices. However, there have been recent calls to extend our metrics and incorporate new dapp KPIs. Our team is considering incorporating meta transactions, DAO engagement KPIs and even off-chain metrics.

DappRadar strives to provide the Web3 community with accurate, unbiased, information on decentralized applications. Much of the information we provide comes directly from the blockchains we track. It’s immutable and verifiable. However, we regularly detect blockchain activity on dapps which appears to be artificial.

This puts us in the position of having to choose between providing unfettered transparency about on-chain transactions, and protecting users by marking or even excluding artificial traffic. The discussion regarding balancing the safety of our users with concerns around censorship is not clear cut.

We know the stakes are high. Maintaining the trust of the community is our top priority. This is even more important as we move towards our DAO structure where the community will contribute to the scaling our data’s quantity and quality through Contribute2Earn. For this reason we want to move forward as a community and DAO to evaluate potential changes to our metrics and processes.

We invite the RADAR community (users, dapp developers, exchanges, marketplaces… all our stakeholders) to join this upcoming AMA kick-starting this discussion. Let’s build together.


This event has been postponed

New Date: TBD

DappRadar Team

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