DappRadar DAO Monthly Newsletter - November

gm, DappRadar fam!

Every month we want to give our community members an overview of the developments happening within the DappRadar ecosystem. For RADAR token holders, these developments can be interesting, and for those who believe - like us - in the future of the World’s Dapp Store, they’ill find these updates exciting. So, let’s jump in!

This is what we have in store for you today:

  • Community updates, including Treasury Bills and Staking
  • Media coverage, from Forbes, BBC and more
  • Industry Reports by our research team, about the FTX meltdown
  • Product updates, highlighting the Single Dapp Page
  • Integration updates, adding NFTs on Algorand and DFK Chain
  • A partnership with CryptoPotato
  • And updates from our marketing team

Community updates

We’re approaching the end of the year fast, and in November we’ve seen some important developments in regards to the DAO.

  1. :newspaper: For starters, the community voted to extend the Treasury Bills campaign on ApeSwap, allowing more people to obtain bonus RADAR while providing the DAO with liquidity. In economics this is called bonding. It’s cool stuff, and if you’re curious how this works then you should read this explanation.

  2. :partying_face: It looks like we’re ending the staking saga. LayerZero has released their audit for the updated staking contract. This means we’re close to the end and staking will open up again soon. Follow and join the conversation here on the Forum.

  3. :star: Modao824 has initiated an open discussion about the Evolution of Dapp Tracking. This will become an AMA for community members, developers and other stakeholders. Definitely worth keeping your eyes on this event, again through the Forum.

In addition, we would like to let you know that there’s work happening on a new tokenomics system. Tokenomics determine how the RADAR token is used within our ecosystem.

One of the things we will highlight more, is to make PRO align with both the DAO and the RADAR token. The next iteration of PRO won’t only provide more tools to become a better analyst and investor, but also will start to introduce benefits for contributing to our future as the World’s Dapp Store. Stay tuned, because we are working on Tokenomics 2.0 and a new whitepaper.

Media coverage

Thanks to DappRadar’s trusted position within the dapp industry, media often reach out to us for commentary and data. Every month major media outlets mention DappRadar in their articles, and these are some of the highlights from November.

In addition, crypto media like CoinTelegraph, BeInCrypto and Decrypt have covered us on various occasions. In total, this month alone we’ve been mentioned 2,366 times by bloggers, news outlets and media networks. :astonished:

Industry reports

We’ve published 5 reports over the past month. Including the BNB Chain Q3 Report, The Sandbox Land Report and the Sports Report. These reports generated the most traffic thanks to general consumer interest and media coverage.

We see continued demand for data driven reports from DappRadar. Even in a bear market, users, investors and media are interested in the numbers that drive the blockchain industry. We believe - together with you - that dapps are a huge part of the future, and we’re excited to see the enthusiasm surrounding our reports.

Product updates

This November we launched one of the foundations for the future of DappRadar. The Single Dapp Page has been renewed. Every dapp now has its own page where tailored data can be shown. Because we’ve rebuilt the Single Dapp Page in its entirety, we can now build custom charts for individual dapps. This can be done through partnerships or by the community through Contribute2Earn campaigns.

To see how different the various Single Dapp Pages can be, please compare the following:

Integration updates

Thanks to the on-going efforts of our partnerships team, we’ve been able to launch two new integrations. DappRadar now lists all NFT collections and NFT sales on the Algorand blockchain, and we’ve integrated our first Avalanche subnet: DFK Chain. DFK Chain is a subnet dedicated to the GameFi platform DeFi Kingdoms, and you can find the subnet in our Rankings.

Thanks to the integration of the Algorand NFT ecosystem DappRadar now tracks NFT sales on 21 blockchains, meaning that any project on these blockchains can have their NFT sales reflected on their Single Dapp Page. With the addition of DFK Chain we also welcomed the 49th integrated blockchain ecosystem to the World’s Dapp Store. 50 is just round the corner!

New Partnership

This November we launched a partnership with CryptoPotato. They now show our DeFi and NFT data on a dedicated page alongside their own industry news and insights. This partnership emphasises that dapp data from DappRadar can be used by a wide variety of companies. We’re excited to continue seeing our data used as the trusted foundation of insights within the crypto industry.

Marketing updates

Over the past month DappRadar representatives were at various events across the globe. Our experts were part of panels, discussions and presentations at various events, while also attending events as a visitor.

  • Our COO @PatrickB was at the CGC to discuss the future of dapp performance tracking. That’s of course something close to our heart.
  • Blockchain analyst @saragher22 covered the importance of blockchain data for Web3, to which 2,100 people tuned in.
  • Head of Research, Pedro Herrera jumped on stage at NFT London
  • Our CEO @SkirmantasJ had a key panel at WebSummit about the importance of Web3 super apps.

Our team also visited Token 2049 in London, Solana Games event in Lisbon, Wow Summit Lisbon and the Next Block Expo. At these events we networked, discussed potential partnerships and spread the word about the importance of DappRadar as a discovery platform for decentralized applications.

But our marketing efforts didn’t end there. Together with Daz3D we aim to educate audiences about rugpulls. Every week we publish an article and we do a social gathering in Twitter Spaces to discuss rug pulls and how to protect yourself against them. Check out this article, this one, or maybe this new one.

The fun doesn’t even end there, because DappRadar has become a partner for the Gam3 Awards by Polkastarters. DappRadar’s very own COO Patrick Barile is on the Jury of the game award show, aiming to highlight the best Web3 has brought in 2022. You can find the official website here, where everybody can vote on 1 of the 5 games that have been nominated for Game of the Year.

New to DappRadar DAO

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My favourite DAO Monthly Newsletter so far! Packed with juicy info on our developments and the Newsletter structure with the emojis and images definitely catches the eye too. Also, it’s great to see the DappRadar team outside – appearing and paneling at events.

Kudos to @nederob for the new Newsletter structure and also to the team for this month’s efforts! Finishing the year strong – aah yeah. :clap:

Great summary and I was glad to see the partnership with CryptoPotato.

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Awesome thank you so much great work team!

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