[DCP-21] Ecosystem growth marketing for RADAR

Proposer: Lunar Strategy

Company: Lunar Holding LDA - PT516253999

Contact: [@LunarStrategy]

Requested RADAR: $100,000 worth of RADAR over 4 months campaign.


This Proposal is to create a campaign set to establish DappRadar as the leading platform for secure and enriched Web3 exploration, focusing on Quests, Airdrops, DappLaunch, and PRO membership to boost RADAR’s value, positioning “web3 discovery” at its core. It aims to illuminate DappRadar’s comprehensive suite for dapp analysis and its crucial role in facilitating well-informed Web3 interactions. By emphasizing these facets, the initiative not only showcases DappRadar’s analytical prowess but also underscores its significance in guiding users through Web3’s vast landscape to make educated decisions.


Right now in the crypto market we are entering the growth phase, this means thats its important to run marketing campaigns in order to stand out and onboard new users. This is the reason why we are sending in this proposal to the DAO in order to support RADAR with marketing campaigns.


About Lunar Strategy:

Lunar Strategy is an ecosystem growth agency; we have been in the crypto space since 2019 and worked with 150+ ecosystems and projects.

We specialize in storytelling, combined with finding the right key opinion leaders to amplify the message to the appropriate audience.

We are a team of 20+ people, primarily based in Europe.

Some of our past projects include OKX, Bitmex, ICP, Rose, Gamestarter, Polkadot, PrimeXBT, and many more.

We have also collaborated with 400+ key opinion leaders on X (formerly Twitter) and YouTube and generated hundreds of millions of impressions within the crypto space.

Key Strategies:

For the Influencer Marketing strategy, our approach involves partnering with key opinion leaders (KOLs) who are well-respected for their expertise in the blockchain and Web3 spaces. These influencers are carefully selected based on their ability to engage and educate an audience that values depth and authenticity in content. We prioritize KOLs who can effectively communicate the nuanced benefits of DappRadar’s offerings, emphasizing the importance of making informed decisions in the Web3 ecosystem.

The campaign will feature collaborations with 5-10 influencers monthly, ensuring a mix of reach and specialized knowledge. This selection will predominantly include Tier 2 and Tier 3 KOLs, chosen for their cost-effectiveness and targeted influence. For a detailed view of the potential influencers and strategic planning.

Public Relations efforts are geared towards elevating DappRadar’s profile through a mix of press releases and feature articles across leading publications and niche media outlets. The aim is to showcase DappRadar’s unique contributions to the blockchain ecosystem, highlighting the platform’s tools and features that support safer and more informed Web3 exploration.

The PR campaign targets placements in prominent outlets like Decrypt, Business Insider, and Yahoo Finance, along with targeted exposure in cryptocurrency-focused publications. Additionally, efforts will extend to securing spots in various listicles and sponsored articles on platforms such as CryptoSavingExpert, MPost, BlockchainReporter, and CoinPaper, aiming for organic pickup by other media entities.

Execution Plan:

Over the next four months, we’ll execute a phased campaign:

Phase 1: Education on Web3 Narratives

Objective: Introduce DappRadar’s core offerings—Quests, Airdrops, DappLaunch, and PRO membership—as key to a richer web3 discovery experience.

Activities: Utilize influencer content to educate on how these features enhance RADAR’s value and facilitate informed decision-making in web3.

Phase 2: Amplifying Reach and Engagement

Objective: Accelerate the dissemination of our narratives, showcasing the increasing relevance and adoption of DappRadar’s tools in the web3 ecosystem.

Activities: Expand influencer collaboration, diversifying content to highlight the tangible benefits and user empowerment provided by DappRadar’s features.

Phase 3: Capitalizing on Momentum

Objective: Leverage the built momentum to solidify DappRadar’s status as essential for navigating web3, underscoring the comprehensive value of its offerings.

Activities: Present success stories and user testimonials to reinforce community trust and showcase the impactful outcomes of engaging with DappRadar’s suite.

This approach ensures a cohesive strategy, gradually building from an educational foundation to a powerful demonstration of DappRadar’s value in the web3 discovery process.

Monthly Expected Outcomes:

  • Enhance Brand Visibility: Amplify DappRadar’s presence and authority in the blockchain ecosystem.

  • Boost User Engagement: Increase interactions and sign-ups for DappRadar’s services.

  • Strengthen Position: Solidify DappRadar as the leading platform for dapp discovery and analytics.

  • PR Impressions: Target an estimated 300,000 impressions per month.

  • Followers Reach: Aim to reach approximately 1,500,000 followers monthly.

At the end of each month, Lunar will provide a payment report with details about payments to KOLs & Publications.

Key Performance Indicators (KPIs):

  • Impressions

  • Reach

  • PRO users growth (on Polygon and BNB as well as ETH)

  • Website Traffic

  • Social Presence

These KPIs will be refined with the DappRadar team and community feedback. Additional campaigns or partnerships to enhance social reach will be discussed in upcoming strategy sessions.

Why DappRadar, Why Now

As the blockchain market accelerates, the need for secure and informed Web3 navigation has never been more critical. DappRadar is spearheading this journey, transforming how we engage with digital assets through features like Quests, Airdrops, DappLaunch, and PRO membership. This strategic shift not only boosts RADAR’s utility but also emphasizes the importance of safe Web3 exploration. By evolving beyond its role as a data provider, DappRadar aims to become a comprehensive guide in the Web3 space. This initiative is strategically timed to leverage the market’s momentum, inviting users to explore its unparalleled offerings and reinforcing its position as a leader in the industry.

Lunar Strategy’s Commitment:

With extensive experience in crypto and blockchain marketing, Lunar Strategy is poised to deliver a campaign that resonates with the community, drives engagement, and amplifies DappRadar’s market presence. We are dedicated to achieving the highest standards and innovation in our partnership with DappRadar.

For questions, feel free to DM @lunarstrategy on Telegram or reach out on email to: [jack@lunarstrategy.com]

  • YES: Means that you approve on funding Lunar Strategy proposal
  • NO: Means that you do not approve on funding Lunar Strategy proposal

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From what i know of Polkadot they is like a vampire company that goes around draining tokens value while moving it onto the next project and boosting there own token.
You said you worked with 150 companies before in the past? what is the current state of them now?.
(i dont trust polkadot and the 1000 side chains its attached too) + you want $100,000 worth of radar to do marketing?
That’s what the ambassador program is about i feel like we have this in hand anyway radar gets mentioned everywhere anyways.

also more reasons on why no.

you have 10k followers on x

DappRadar 210k followers on x

Also your discord on your website doesn’t work.

Lmao… come on man…be real…u want $100,000
I don’t see the value. i think u should drop me $50 for helping make your website a little better and have a discord link that works possibly seen as u never checked.

Guess this is where we see how much of a hold the vampire kraken as on radar i guess.

And would this funding be a loan?

And i know they worked with more than Polkadot but they are part of it, and when it comes to Polkadots growth that’s my main problem with Polkadot.
And i already can see the marketing isn’t up to a standard to justify $100,000 funding, $25,000 a month, for bots chances are.


I 100% agree with this statement, however, the “how” and the longterm impact is what bothers me.

I’ve heard of some of these, OKX is very big, sure, no question there.

Polkadot has had better days (wonder if they were “famous” during Lunar strategy campaign or before or after)

ICP is just a fiasco right? May not be a fiasco as a project, but it’s the fame it has for a lot of people.

I mean I’m all about marketing, I’ve said it before, I think it’s super important, but these examples make me feel like the objective is insane hype for a few months, huge growth in RADAR price (not so sure about active users) and then it’s over and it all comes crumbling down.

I find this a bit hard to believe, you’re going to bring to DappRadar account 6 Million followers in total?

Solana has 2.5M,
Ethereum Foundation has 3.3M,
OKX has 3.8M,
So we’re going to be bigger on X than all of those? I find it hard to believe.

These are already growing with the hot contracts, airdrops and quests, so we need to see by how much it’s growing naturally to compare with those KPIs

The final question for me is how can we be sure those monthly outcomes will be met and how would the payment be made, One time payment? every month? Is the 100.000$ valued in current price? or valued every month?
Is there any safeguards for DappRadar?

P.S.: I do like the idea of marketing a lot, and I agree it’s the best moment for it, but I didn’t like this proposal or how it was presented, I need more information and certainty to convince myself.

P.S.2: For me it would make more sense to have a longer marketing campaign with a lower, but more organic, growth expectation every month, I’m much more in favour of a smooth marketing campaign than a huge hype spike for a few months


I’m impressed with the list of influencers and the focus on using influencer marketing to enhance our PRO offerings and grow our user base. This method shows a lot of promise in amplifying our reach in the market.

However, as highlighted by a community member (on Discord), the KPIs and information provided seem more geared towards increasing reach rather than conversion. While I agree that reach is crucial (and leads to conversion). More comprehensive KPIs from Lunar Strategy would be beneficial to assess the true effectiveness of their strategies and their potential impact on our goals, such as:

  • Number of Stakers: Insights into how Lunar Strategy contributed to an increase in stakers for projects involving staking.
  • Website Traffic and Geolocation: Details on the rise in website traffic, including geolocation specifics.
  • On-chain UAW: Changes in on-chain Unique Active Wallets for web3 products.
  • ROI Metrics: Information to help understand the financial effectiveness of their campaigns.

It would also be insightful to see statistics and impacts from their previous campaigns, particularly those at a similar stage to ours. Such data could give us a clearer idea of how they might help us progress.

Regarding community involvement in this, I suggest incorporating interactive methods like:

  • Community Surveys: To gather feedback and ideas from our members.
  • Live Q&A Sessions: With the Lunar Strategy team for direct engagement and trust-building.

These initiatives will not only ensure transparency but also help in building a connection with the community. Our community members appreciate seeing a face and getting to know the team behind Lunar Strategy, crucial for informed decision-making.

I understand these ‘strategy sessions’ will be instrumental in refining the work, and I recognize the need for this proposal to initiate discussions. However, committing to the full proposal upfront might not be the best approach. Instead, consider:

  • Starting with a Consultation Fee/Deposit: To thoroughly explore Lunar Strategy’s ideas, strategies, and expected outcomes.
  • Evaluating Partnership Potential: Beginning with a deposit payment and proceeding with the full payment and agreement if their strategies align with our objectives and community feedback.

Take care, frens! - I voted “NO”


Very excited to have DappRadar developing a strategy to work with KOLs as we head in to the bull run. The team has been building and the KOLs in the Lunar Strategy network will help get the message out to the masses that DappRadar is the one-stop-shop for unique actionable information on Web3 projects.

Half of this $100,000 budget will go directly towards paying KOLs and PR. We all know that KOLs are more efficient in reaching our target audience than traditional marketing.

I’m supportive of this initiative.

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Regarding Lunar Strategy’s management of the budget, I have several questions:

  • How will the budget be distributed?

Understanding this will help us gauge the different types of KOLs they plan to engage with.

  • What tier of influencer can we engage within our budget, how many posts will this include, and what is the expected reach?

  • Do the KOL packages also include retweets?

If the KOLs listed aren’t available for DappRadar, does Lunar Strategy have backup influencers? And, has Lunar Strategy finalized its KOL list or is the screening process still ongoing?


Hey @Alex-Mammoth

Thanks for the questions, here is budget breakdown, as you see the Lunar Strategy RADAR will be vested until after the 4 months collaboration:

About the KOLs, its very hard to agree on each individual KOL and pricing before we have moved forward with an agreement, from our side we have since 2019 worked with 500+ KOLs on X and YouTube and we will be working together with the DappRadar team to ensure that we find suitable ones to grow RADAR ecosystem. Same on the PR front where we will work with a mix of different publishers to get out various stories.


I agree that having an external organization doing marketing could help us move outside our own bubble. However, despite mentioning some KPIs, I am missing some hard numbers.

What does success look like?

  • Follower reach - I’d just say “reach”. Reach on X of the combined posts by KOLs should be 1.5 million per month.
  • PR reach - how will you measure the reach of this? Would PR reach be sent emails to journalists? Or would it be measured in the views generated by posts on media websites?
  • Enhanced brand visibility - the 2 above already do that. This is a VERY unclear KPI and should not be included.
  • Boost user engagement - right now DappRadar has X pageviews per visitor with X visits per user. Then your campaigns should boost these numbers, correct?
  • Strength position: How are you measuring this? For example, are you looking at Google positioning? Or some other metric measured through a website performance platform? Which one?

In general I’m okay with having externals help to boost the platform. But I believe success should be measured properly. It would be nice to update the proposal to reflect this, and be more transparent on what you consider success and what tools you use to measure it.


DappRadar is undeniably legitimate, functioning exceptionally well, and widely used within the industry, especially by builders who frequently share about it publicly without hesitation.

It’s clear they have a hardworking and intelligent team that is rare to find in the web3 space.I’ve been familiar with DappRadar since the day I claimed their initial airdrop and have benefited from it ever since.

Besides the airdropped Radars, I’ve also invested further into this high potential. I’m holding it with pleasure and firmly believe it can easily reach a 500m market cap. For a startup with DappRadar’s caliber, this isn’t a fantasy. It’s not just possible; it’s inevitable.

The quality and degeneracy of community in the financial markets is a widespread issue, not limited to web3 but encompassing all, including big names. Every one of us know the Tesla and Mercedes reality.

Therefore, a systematic promotion strategy is essential. Influencers, evangelists, moonbaggers, e-beggers, memes, gifs, and Pepe the Frog are all crucial.

I value the proposal from Lunar Strategy and am eager to press the YES button. However, I can’t just yet. I’m excitedly waiting to see more specific details. I need to see Lunar Strategy’s track record and their enthusiasm for this particular gig. That’s when I’ll comfortably hit YES.



love this bit <3 thanks for such kind words its all true…


I feel like we all want more information and clarity.
If the proposal is reworked with that in mind, I think it would get mostly a “YES”, just my 2 cents.

Good day.


@vandynathan had a chat on X with Lunar Strategy regarding the proposal. Please find the Spaces recording here:


It was a pleasure to join the RADAR community on the spaces, happy to reply to any other questions.


Upon reviewing the budget, I noticed that most figures are denominated in dollars. However, I understand that payment from the DAO will be made in RADAR. Could you please clarify how these payments will be processed? Will there be a conversion of RADAR to dollars in the open market? Alternatively, is the plan to provide influencers with RADAR tokens directly? I would appreciate further details on this matter.

Additionally, I have some follow-up questions that were not addressed in the Spaces.

Specifically, regarding the KPIs related to the proposed targets’ “reach”. While I understand that this is a focus for KOLs, we also need to assess the effectiveness of the reach. Will there be testing rounds to gauge the impact?

Could you provide examples of monthly reports from other clients, so we can understand the format and content? (Monthly ones mentioned in the Spaces)

Lastly, aside from the Polkadot case study mentioned in the Spaces meeting, do you have any other case studies, preferably in PDF deck format?


Hi @Alex-Mammoth

USD equivalent RADAR based on the last 3 days average on Coingeko at 12:00 UTC will how we value the tokens. Then Lunar tokens will start to unlock monthly after the first 4 months.

Yes, reach is one metric but we also want impact so we of course measure likes/repost and deeper interactions as more valuable.

Reporting, here are 2 examples of reports we have done in notion recently as its easy to interact with, here are 2 different examples:
Report: Untitled presentation
Report: Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.

These we will publish to the community on a monthly basis going into all key features and results.


Hi guys!
Here’s my view of your current demand;

I feel that in the crypto space, truly wanting and believing in something, we share the load, the effort, and the profits if any.
My point is; if you believe you can deliver something powerful, you should also then believe it would increase the value of that which you are demanding to be financed by and with. If that is the case, I think you’re asking for a lot, even too much.
Assuming you do 2x only, it means you were effectively paid 200K$. And so on… I think that unfair.
My vision is, if we share the load; you should assume you can bring something (from what you’re saying) that would easily increase ten fold the value of the asset. Hence, you’re asking for 1M$ and that I find outrageous…

As Ashley has pointed out; I believe you’re over selling yourself. I for one do not see anything that proves anything, I don’t even know who’s speaking… Jack@lunarstrategy.com… That’s not something per say; no disrespect.

In crypto, if you feel that what you can bring is of value, you should just do it and not ask for anything because, that’s investing. Or you’re selling. In which case, sure, you’re selling for RADAR, good for RADAR; IF you deliver. Deliver, be paid in RADAR, not by DR, but by those who want to support because they see the value you bring to their holdings.
I mean, that’s my take on how all this works, it’s the essence of it all.
I could be wrong, but I don’t think your approach is good. You’ve got an alright sales pitch is all I see.
Plus, it seems like you just want to see the quick hike and that’s it. Doesn’t seem llike it’s meant to bring anything else than money reach if it makes sense.

What would you do with such an amount of liquidity anyways? If this is the pool in which you will reach to fund whatever you need to, then it means you’re going to pick in it before you bring to it?
The profile of an advertizer that invested and supports his own investment is not the same as that of whom is paid, picks within when needs and is doing it for the quick return so it corresponds more to a formof payment.

Not a fan from just this.

I’m not understanding Alex’s idea of the loan and how he’d proceed with something like that, but maybe that is a route that could be explored. ONLY IF, you deliver something clearer and more paved out.

Thanks for paying attention ^^

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on top of this i invited him on twitter to join are discord and speak to try and ease my worries ect and i have gotten nothing. (this is a scam straight up feels like to get a firm foot in profits, of the up and coming evolution of dappradar)

I also don’t like the fact that if this passed and do what i said i think they will do they will be able to pass any vote in the future on snap voting…(any vote) they get over 10,000,000 radar for this, if it passes meaning any votes in the future they can just say yes or no, its up to them then it be up to us as a community to try and fight back against such votes and with there first proposal being something like this, >.> i can see where this would head and i can see 3 strikes happing very fast. (i aient going any where tho ill just keep my hold to a minimum cuz my vote no longer means crap and ill just point out every scammy decision made VIA the DAO from then on cuz yer the air drop might seem appealing but in reality its been infected with multiple accounts leading to 1 group of people mostly)

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Yes Ser!
This says it about the value of things and this would be a very unwise move from the DR fam!

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