[DCP-14] Season 1 Proposal: Ambassador Program

Good luck selimc hope it all goes well for you. hope we do see you in the future again.


Thank you, ser, for your service. Until next time, the doors are always open. And again, your contribution to providing content and knowledge to us is much appreciated. Wen SelimGPT? It is a must!


This was a tough one to read, especially as you’ve been one of the OG Ambassadors. But excited that you’ll be sticking around in the web3 space. Thank you for your commitment and expertise over the last year, we’ll stay in sync with your moves through the socials.

Building Rome didn’t take a day, and neither will building the World’s Dapp Store. So looking forward to when you’re ready to pop back to building with the DAO.

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We are now in week 10 of the program. So, the Ambassador is set for 6 months = 24 weeks. But excluding the Prova week and the onboarding weeks at the start, the total working weeks for the ambassadors is 20 weeks. This means we are now halfway through; we have 10 weeks to go, and things are slowing down a bit based on the data.


Weekly Projects Listed (1)
Weekly Social Media (X) Engagement Analysis
Weekly X Posts vs. Impressions Comparison

Note: The dapp listing data reflects approved dapps only. There are still dapps pending approval; you will see updated data in the next report.


Number of X Posts: 173
Number of Impressions: 77,823
Number of Likes: 2,192
Number of Reposts: 497
Number of Dapps Listed: 156
Number of X Spaces: 3
Number of PRO content: 18


Impressions: 10,000 per week
Dapp listings: 15 per week
X Spaces: 2 per month
PRO Content: 3 per week


  • David was here, but now he’s not. It was a challenging period on the organizers’ side. As for David, he is no longer with us.
  • Selim left, but we onboarded a fellow community member, RhizenCrypt!

There will be a deeper discussion open here. I invite everyone to join. Thank you. If any ambassador has feedback or questions, please drop them below


i hate nearly all this news…i know im keeping up on myside of things tho but i hate this bit here. image
yer dont like that 1 bit. Davids gone as well??? noooo he got me to download LOL.

Only good news was but we onboarded a fellow community member, RhizenCrypt!

Thanks for keeping us updated as well alex.

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i have to admit im a little slow on X. i’ve just commented at the other session.


i also have to admit that im a litle slow on the Pro content creation…

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It’s great to get this level of feedback from the different Ambassadors. This whole initiative is all about understanding how to scale the content and impressions collectively, so looking forward to hearing from the other Ambassadors so we can have the whole picture of how we can improve for the last half of Season 1.

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dont worrie about it too much least were not fudging numbers with bots. were all doing are part and were here so that matters.

Just see if we can get these numbers up.

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Good day, frens! Quick update on our stats: last week showed excellent performance with strong posts and engagement. Keep up the great work!

Weekly Projects Listed
Weekly Social Media (X) Engagement Analysis
Weekly X Posts vs. Impressions Comparison


I want to reiterate here that with the nice little pump in $RADAR it might make sense to get the Org Verified on X. Here is the tab from X. Basically DappRadar gets the gold badge and all the ambassadors get the affiliate next to their verified badge. This is clickable so when an ambassador has posts that do numbers people who click the DappRadar affiliate out of cursiosity all just leads to more impressions. Not only that but right now you spend $10k on Verified Orgs you get $10k in ad credit as well. Seems like a legitimate no brainer.

Spend $10,000

Get $10,000

Reach more customers organically, affiliate your network, or find your next hire.

Gold checkmark

Priority support



2x boost


  • For a limited time, a $10,000 advertising credit to spend on your organization or any of its affiliates every year with dedicated support. Learn more

10k tho… >.> to elon like hes needs it >.> i mean it is a good idea i aient against it 10k tho thats a bit excessive… should be like $500. 10k for life? if for life then i guess that price is justifiable

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this is a good one means if are events start to bug out we can squeal what we give u 10k for and ask for compo…

GM, GM! Here’s an update on our stats: Things started off slowly in mid-March, but they seem to be picking back up. Although it’s not a huge shift, there are many pending listing requests. We’ve got a couple more weeks until the end of Ambassador Season 1. There’s a lot to improve, fix, and adjust. Some expectations were met, others were not—but that’s nothing out of the ordinary in the web3 space, frens.
Weekly X Posts vs. Impressions Comparison
Weekly Social Media (X) Engagement Analysis
Weekly Projects Listed

We are currently in Week 19, and Week 20 is next. While there is some time available, it’s not ample. The next season starts in August, and until then, it will be a building period with no payments for ambassadors.

As we approach the end, it’s clear that while ours may not be the best ambassador program in the space, there’s room for growth. It’s time for the ambassadors to contribute to the next program. We’ll need to set specific important requirements and desired outcomes for the discussions, so you all can engage, build, and shape the next season (wen? soon a couple of hours till i draft up the post for forums).


DAO proposal!!! @vandynathan :smiley:

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I’m enjoying the ambassador program tbf =D gives me something to do >.>

I’m not the best ambassador but ill be sticking around and ill still be doing my stuff even tho not getting payed just means its not mandatory >.> and id expect any ambassadors who want to be kept on to sorta do the same >.> still >.>
Not that they have to… as the season went along i feel we didn’t do enough events.

Tho Teams social interactions on twitter have increased a lot which is nice to see.

Yer it wasn’t great but least it was organic and more we grow more organic it will be im glad its this case >.> bots are good for them sweet pumps and multiple likes but its not real. (this is real so dont put it down more ambassadors we get the better)

@vandynathan i threw dummy out and called radar a functional meme token this month i didn’t mean it i just was not happy at the $100,000 worth of radar going into marketing but who am i to know if it will work or not? so i calmed down about it, and i didn’t mean it, Radar is a Hub a Place people will want to go to and the token will have many benefit’s to it as it already does. Let keep building and thinking of Ideas.

Id like to ask a question tho on the DAO side of things what is the ultimate goal and does it have a end? Cuz its clear team has some idea where they would like this to go im just wondering which direction is it gonna be more in the hands of the community (which tbf is small and again this ambassador program it feels like you are empowering the community with it) or are we going to be going for a more partnership based run?

At moment it feels like a mix which is good. think i answered my own question lol.


I’d like a team possibly that i could work with >.> Marv, Jayp ,Mni_Ya, Me, Sydney, That would be 5 on my team including me. (feels like I’m cherry picking best out of are community at moment and i am lol but yer there who i want)

Could also hire the Quiz champs you know who they are set them up as a team they hungry for it at least >.> they might end up being best team lol =D


Personally, I think that the Ambassador Program is the heart of the DAO community right now. As @madeafterdeath said, I think that the team is also getting more comfortable being in the community and socials, which is going to be a big plus, especially as the PRO community gets more active with all the new iniatives we have for them. Very excited.

Now that we have the Progressive Decentralization Workstream, the first one to be funded and formed under the DAO, it’s clear that, the Ambassadors are going to be closely connected to that with some possibly even working within the Workstream. Namely the Marketing Workstream.

In fact, related to your point @Alex-Mammoth and @WWWSpaceships, regarding the X account badge, I think that these Proposals can be part of the Marketing Workstream budget rather than doing one-off budget requests to the DAO.

@madeafterdeath On top of the roadmap that we’ve already shared, the PDW is working on showing which components of the platform and organization are being delegated to the community right now, and which ones will be delegated in the future. We’ll do a workshop there that will be helpful in giving more alpha on how the community will take over more operations moving forward.

And thanks for your honesty as per usual @madeafterdeath regarding RADAR being a meme token. There is a level of memetics involved with the culture of being a PRO and building the World’s Dapp Store, we don’t want to lose that narrative. But at the same time, by caring about the fundamentals, and investing in working with a growth strategy. I still agree with you, that this money is a lot, but it will be going to activate some small to medium sized influencers in the industry. If we see it’s not working, I’d like to see how we can activate more support from the Marketing Workstream and Ambassador transition, but I am hopeful. I’m gonna support them as much as possible to make it successful, then decide on a monthly basis about my opinion.

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Ambassador Program Final Stats:

Weekly Projects Listed (1)
Weekly X Posts vs. Impressions Comparison (1)
Weekly Social Media (X) Engagement Analysis (1)

Additional Stats

  • Total StatsTotal # of X Posts = 295
  • Total # of Impressions = 136,365
  • Total # of Likes = 3,489
  • Total # of Retweets = 712
  • Total # of Dapps Listed = 240
  • Avg # of PRO x Ambassador Views = 78
  • Avg # of Members Telegram Nigeria = 96

Our initial targets were ambitious:

  • Aimed for 10,000+ impressions per week, achieved 7,448.
  • Aimed for 15 dapps listed per week, achieved 12.
  • Aimed for 3 PRO content pieces per week, achieved 2.

Overall, our performance is decent, although with greater commitment from the team, we could have surpassed expectations. It’s important to note that unexpected outcomes aren’t necessarily negative. Our program serves as a valuable learning experience, illustrating how community contributions function within the DAO framework. As the community lead, I have gained valuable insights into our progress.

A more detailed report is on the way.

We have begun discussions on what comes next here: https://forum.dappradar.com/t/ambassador-program-season-2-discussion/

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Season 1 Ended.

Final Update:

We had high expectations and extensive plans, but not all were met due to various factors. As a community member, I value a straightforward, “no excuses” approach in addressing issues and providing the truth.

Regrettably, factors such as:

  • Timezones
  • Internal launches at DappRadar UAB
  • Internal changes at DappRadar UAB

(Confidential matters bound by NDAs)

These challenges have hindered my ability to maintain the ambassador program at the desired level. With many ideas comes great responsibility, and with great responsibility comes a significant workload. It’s not possible to tackle everything at once! :sweat_smile:

We should have conducted:

  • More ambassador meetings with the team
  • More X Spaces on the DappRadar DAO
  • Generated more social media impressions

Unfortunately, we didn’t meet these goals, which I believe impacted our performance. When expectations aren’t fully met, it can lead to demotivation.

However, overall: Our initial goals were ambitious

  • We aimed for over 10,000 X impressions per week but achieved an average of 7,448.
  • We aimed to list 15 dapps per week but managed an average of 12.
  • We aimed for 3 PRO content pieces per week but produced an average of 2.

Considering these statistics, we still performed commendably. With improved management and dedication, we could have achieved more.

Regarding the telegram and community experiments, thanks to Tunmise’s efforts, we reached 100 telegram members in two months—a significant achievement. Although we didn’t focus heavily on marketing or community engagement, it was an opportunity to see how ambassadors can make an impact. Thanks to Tunmise, all major announcements were shared on the Telegram channel, showcasing the influence of our ambassadors. Although we expect a slight decline, the results demonstrate the potential impact of our ambassadors.

On the PRO content front, Web3Lady, Rhizen, and Luciano have been exceptionally active, surprisingly driving up to 80 views on the PRO content channel. This feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, indicating valuable and engaging content. This turnout from approximately 300 on Discord is impressive and highlights the potential of our ambassadors in engaging and energizing our PRO members, who are typically more lurkers.

Our community knights have also excelled in the dapp listing initiative, managing to list a total of 240 dapps in six months, which is remarkable considering the complexities involved in listing on DappRadar. This also includes numerous submissions that didn’t meet our criteria, reflecting the rigorous learning curve required.

For detailed stats, visit: https://forum.dappradar.com/t/dcp-14-season-1-proposal-ambassador-program/


Season 1 has been a positive start—certainly, it could have been worse! We’ve gained valuable lessons and feedback:

  • Appoint a dedicated person to manage this.
  • Properly align time zones.
  • Coordinate AmbassadorXTeam meetings pre-launch to ensure schedules are organized.

We taking the discussion to the forum here to chat about the future of Ambassador program. :point_down: