[DCP-14] Season 1 Proposal: Ambassador Program


Our initial Ambassador Pilot Program was a success, five ambassadors standing out with exceptional contributions. We plan to refine the program, recruit additional ambassadors, and entrust them with enhanced marketing roles. While we encountered challenges, such as time zone discrepancies and feedback concerns, the program led to accomplished tasks and heightened brand awareness. Feedback indicates that ambassadors appreciate aspects of the program and seek greater support and extended program durations.

Find the Season 0 report over here


Moving forward, we have a solid foundation with our Ambassador Program based on the successful Season 0. We witnessed our ambassadors excel in their tasks, increasing brand visibility and effective social media engagement. Our next step is to expand and refine the program. By doing so, we aim to build on our initial successes, further harnessing our ambassadors’ potential. The alignment with our upcoming social media strategy is crucial. This approach will enhance our outreach and solidify our brand’s position. Together, with past successes guiding us, we can achieve even more.


One of the critical values that we focused on when we experimented with the Ambassador Pilot is to iterate and improve after each season. We reviewed the Ambassador feedback after the Pilot and have implemented them in our Proposal for Season 1.

Changes in the KPI:

Our analysis indicates that the initial KPIs were overestimated for ambassadors dedicating 4-6 hours per week. The pilot program illuminated this discrepancy, prompting us to recalibrate. The KPIs will now be tailored to each ambassador role, factoring in the number of ambassadors occupying that position. Our revised approach will concentrate on a single KPI, channeling our resources to exceed its expectations. This will also better synchronize the KPI with associated tasks.

  • Brand Ambassador:
    a. Number of new dapps successfully engaged and encouraged to list on DappRadar. (3 per week)
    b. Number of online events successfully attended (2 per week)
  • Community Builder
    a. Number of new dapps successfully listed on DappRadar with assistance. (3 per week)
    b. Number of ambassador-led events successfully planned & executed (2 per week)
    c. Rate of managerial involvement in the ambassador program. (side-quest)
  • Analyst
    a. Number of analytical pieces from in-depth topic explorations successfully utilized by the DappRadar content team. (2 per week)
    a. Number of analytical pieces from in-depth topic explorations successfully utilized by Ambassador content creators. (3 per week)
  • Educator
    a. Number of research-backed educational and knowledge base materials successfully utilized by the DappRadar content team. (2 per week)
    b. Number of research-backed educational and knowledge base materials successfully utilized by Ambassador content creators. (3 per week)
  • Content Creator
    a. Number of DappRadar-related content pieces shared on X and other social media platforms through personal profiles. (2 per week)
    b. Number of Content pieces generated & shared on DappRadar socials (2 per week)
    c. Number of Ambassador-led events hosted (1 per week)

Task Revisions:

In contrast to our initial expectations from season 0, we are now adopting a more pragmatic approach to tasks. We aim for goals that are both realistic and achievable. Accordingly, we are recommending specific tasks based on each role.

Role Modifications:

Based on our observations, we aim to allocate more responsibility to the content creator role. Our ambassadors highlighted that content creation greatly influenced our impact. Thus, by redirecting ambassador efforts to strengthen our presence on Crypto X (previously known as Twitter), we can elevate our brand and the ambassador’s visibility on the platform. This will lead to a proposed restructuring of roles.

Frame 138433


We aim to onboard an additional five ambassadors to expand our outreach. Our selection will consider ambassadors previously deemed eligible during the last interview process. Specifically, we will directly invite two from the community and three influencers to join the program.

Program Duration

Feedback from our initial program indicates that more than a two-month duration is required for comprehensive assessment and ambassador acclimatization. To illustrate, a three-month internship often provides limited experience, whereas a six-month period offers more substantial exposure. Based on this rationale, we are extending the program from two months to six months.
(UPDATE: The start date has been moved from September to October)

Frame 138441

Budget Update

Originally, each ambassador was allotted a budget of 40,000 RADAR for a two-month period. With the expansion of the ambassador program to include 10 participants, the revised budget for a six-month duration will be 1,200,000 RADAR in total. This means that every ambassador will receive a budget equivalent to 120,000 RADAR over these six months.

New Social Media Strategy:

The focus will be on disseminating our content across various profiles. Leveraging our ambassadors, we aspire to integrate community-generated content seamlessly with our brand, aligning with both the community vision and the DAO operations. Collaborating closely with the content and social teams at DappRadar will undoubtedly amplify the growth of our social profiles.

Program Evolution:

The ambassador program will continually evolve over time, maintaining its dynamism and adaptability. As our strategies progress, team structures will adapt accordingly. For instance, in line with our updated social media strategy, we propose expanding content creator roles and amplifying our brand’s presence across various social media channels.


  • Refined Structure: The program, having learned from its initial iteration, we created an extended and expanded structure, with clearly defined and achievable KPIs and tasks tailored to each ambassador.
  • Budget Alignment: The adjusted budget reflects the program’s expansion and duration, ensuring sufficient funding for successful execution.
  • Enhanced Content Strategy: The emphasis on content creation, especially on Crypto X, ensures that the brand remains at the forefront of the evolving social media landscape.
  • Dynamic Adaptability: The program’s ability to evolve based on feedback and observations ensures its continued relevance and effectiveness.
  • Community Engagement: Emphasizing collaboration with content and social teams will ensure the integration of community-generated content, fostering community involvement and loyalty.


  • Management Complexity: With increased roles, tasks, and KPIs, managing the program might become more complex, requiring more oversight. As roles get more defined and diversified, there’s potential for ambiguity or overlap, leading to confusion.
  • Budget Increase: Extending the program and adding new ambassadors implies a higher financial commitment.
  • Time Zone Challenges: As indicated, managing ambassadors across different time zones can lead to coordination challenges.
  • Feedback Management: Addressing concerns and feedback from multiple ambassadors may require significant time and resources.
  • Recruitment Challenges: Identifying and onboarding new ambassadors who align with the brand’s values and objectives might be challenging.
  • Longer Commitment: Extending the program to six months might deter potential ambassadors who can only commit to a shorter period.


  • FOR: Agree with the proposed structure, KPIs and remuneration package for the Ambassador Pilot Program
  • AGAINST: Disagree with the proposed structure, KPIs and remuneration package

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Definitely a fan of this Proposal @Alex-Mammoth – it will support the progressive decentralization process by leveraging the DAO community to support DappRadar’s marketing KPIs moving forward.

I’m a little concerned about two points however:

  1. Budget. :moneybag:

In the near future, we will need to renew our liquidity rewards on Ethereum and following will be looking to build a new cross-chain bridge to ensure liquidity for our RADAR holders on BNB and potentially other chains too.

I don’t have any specific recommendations for this, but although the cost for Season 1 of the Ambassador Program does not seem excessive – it definitely needs to be balanced with these future incoming costs too.

  1. Timing. :alarm_clock:

Additionally, I think that if we have the Proposal for the Ambassador program in September, it might overlap with a few other Proposals that will require the teams’ operational support. It makes sense to delay it so that the Ambassadors have as much support as possible moving forward. Especially as this Program will require more responsibility and time with the increased number of Ambassadors.

If the Proposal goes through, I’d recommend that the Ambassador Program actually starts in October.


Hey guys, excellent overview of the program. I’m very comfortable with that, and already have voted. September or October here we are. Cheers.


Looks good to me, I will try to be more active on discord and the forums moving forward. I have been doing alot of streaming lately. Trying to balance all the other content creation is something I need to work on. I’m definitely sticking around.


Hi guys, how could I apply for Season 1: Ambassador Program? Im so interested

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There is no application process right now open for Season 1. Thanks for your interest.


Aight, I will stay tuned :slight_smile:

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GM @vandynathan - Thank you for the feedback.

Budget: Got it. I’m aware of the upcoming costs with the liquidity rewards and the cross-chain bridge. I’ll revisit the Ambassador Program budget keeping these factors in mind.

Timing: You have a point about the overlap. We want to make sure the Ambassadors get the support they need. Starting in October sounds like a good idea. This allows us to prep for the increased number of ambassadors and handle all the logistics. Here’s a sneak peak at what’s on our to-do list:

  • Prepare onboarding videos and additional informational content.
  • Create materials for inter-ambassador workshops and collaborative events.
  • Reach out to influencers with direct invites to the program.
  • Revisit the eligible applicants from Season 0 who weren’t accepted to see who can join us this time.
  • Set up all the necessary tools for the ambassadors.
  • Review & adjust our communication process.

This is just a quick run-through of the list; there’s more…


@vandynathan I will be making an adjustment to the proposal, moving the Ambassador initiative from September to October.

Do you have any additional information regarding the budget? From my perspective, maintaining stability with an allocation of 20k per ambassador for a 6-month period, with a total of 10 ambassadors, seems straightforward.

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:weight_lifting_man:t6: Thanks for the fast feedback @Alex-Mammoth . Pushing it to October will give us more time to properly execute that to-do list and be ready for a successful Season 1.

:moneybag: Regarding the budget, it’s less about whether we should reduce the payout to the ambassadors. I think that it’s a fair sum individually. My point is more about understanding the overall costs to the DAO.

We’ve got all these different costs from liquidity, marketing listing, ambassador programs, but we don’t have a strong overview of the total costs and their impact (through KPIs) too. With this Proposal adding another 1,200,000 RADAR to our total costs, it accelerated our need more transparency.

:bookmark_tabs: I know that @bayar our Head of Finance is currently working on a Treasury and Operations Workshop, so hopefully we’ll get a financial overview soon, so the DAO community can be better informed.

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:one: I agree with point #1 - @Apostleoffinance @WWWSpaceships @LucianoMathias @selimc @ringominer please drop any questions you have here

:two: I understand your point about the finances :moneybag:. Do you believe it might be reasonable to hang the budget discussion until we obtain a comprehensive financial overview for the DAO? Given that we’re postponing the program to October, do we have the opportunity to review the budget at a later time?
Also, once the proposal is voted on, does that signify the finalization of the budget, or can we revisit the proposal at a later time?

Using emojis in our comments is a nice touch. Kudos @vandynathan

:clap:t6: Good questions, imo, makes sense to continue with Proposal, as:

  1. :alarm_clock: I don’t when the comprehensive financial overview would be ready
  2. :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t6: If the proposed ambassador budget is a serious roadblock, @bayar will intervene

But for the future, the community should have the ability to understand the DAO costs and RADAR outgoings more holistically.

:scroll: Regarding your last question, we don’t have clear guidelines around the revocation of an accepted budget so we would need to build a policy around that.

:tophat: And appreciate the kudos on emojis – it’s great for the visual learners

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Great to see the Ambassador Program evolving. Thank you @Alex-Mammoth for putting this together and @vandynathan for contributing to this and supporting Alex.

The proposal looks promising, but I think it would be helpful for everyone to better understand what is the impact of the program on the DappRadar products, organization and RADAR.

I am reading the KPIs list (which I’ve quoted below) and I think this is a very good starting point and I’d love to see us expanding on the impact that each initiative can have on the DappRadar and RADAR ecosystem.

1. Brand Ambassador:

  • Number of dapps successfully listed on DappRadar (3 per week)

Impact: I think this is super valuable because this helps us to remain the leader in dapp discovery and continuously increasing the number of dapps that users can discover and track. This will help DappRadar to attract more traffic (SEO), increase retention (better experience for user) and give DappRadar the ability to generate more accurate analytics because of the more comprehensive dapp coverage.

  • Number of online events (2 per week)

Impact: This can help DappRadar online events to stand out and have an increasing number of participants and encourage more partners (and potential clients) to join those events, helping us to expand the brand reach.

2. Community Builder

  • Number of new dapps successfully listed on DappRadar with assistance. (3 per week)

Impact: Similar to the first point in the Brand Ambassador, plus offering a better experience to dapp developers interested in listing their dapps on DappRadar.

  • Number of ambassador-led events successfully planned & executed (2 per week)

Impact: :raising_hand_man:t2: I don’t have enough information about this

  • Rate of managerial involvement in the ambassador program. (side-quest)

Impact: I believe this one can contribute to the overall success of the ambassador program and lowering the pressure on Alex, which is always positive.

3. Analyst

  • Number of analytical pieces from in-depth topic explorations successfully utilized by the DappRadar content team. (2 per week)

Impact: :raising_hand_man:t2: I don’t have enough information about this

  • Number of analytical pieces from in-depth topic explorations successfully utilized by Ambassador content creators. (3 per week)

Impact: :raising_hand_man:t2: I don’t have enough information about this

4. Educator

  • Number of research-backed educational and knowledge base materials successfully utilized by the DappRadar content team. (2 per week)

Impact: This is super valuable, first of all because we can keep educating our community and leveling up their knowledge in the Web3 space and this is part of our mission. Additionally, this will help the content team to publish more interesting

  • Number of research-backed educational and knowledge base materials successfully utilized by Ambassador content creators. (3 per week)

Impact: Very similar to the point above and aligned with our mission, but led and executed by the Ambassadors.

5. Content Creator

  • Number of DappRadar-related content pieces shared on X and other social media platforms through personal profiles. (2 per week)

Impact: Social media (especially X/Twitter) remains at the core of our marketing strategy and getting more support for those activities is truly important. We remain focused on increasing our social media efforts and spreading the efforts across multiple venues will drive more traffic and awareness.

  • Number of Content pieces generated & shared on DappRadar socials (2 per week)

Impact: Diversification of content is important and beside the points shared above, I believe this can also help us learn which type of content works better and allows the Ambassadors to experiment.

  • Number of Ambassador-led events hosted (1 per week)

**Impact:**:raising_hand_man:t2: I don’t have enough information about this


I’ve tried to share my point of view for each of the KPIs listed in the proposal and I hope this can help other community members to better understand the potential impact those initiatives can have on the DappRadar and RADAR ecosystem. If @Alex-Mammoth or @vandynathan would like to expand on any of the points before (especially the ones that I wasn’t sure what’s the impact), that would be super valuable.

Let’s go :rocket:


i want to do this one…
A: Finding new dapps could prove difficult but with assistance i guess it could work but how can u be too sure they are safe or not? Encouraging other people to list there dapps i feel would be better cuz i wouldn’t want to be listing some of the stuff i use >.>

B I could do this easy if it was for 6 month between 10 ambassadors mix em up a bit but could have em doing 2 events for them each while last 2 are all together.

C: Alex does do alot id be in charge of the events tho? so id have to know what everyone was doing as well has trying to get the community more involved and active? simpler way to put it also if i’m not picked next lol i will be disappointed but im not gonna make a big deal out of it and good luck to who ever is picked but from what i can see that’s what that bit is doing.


Thank you, Dragos for joining the discussion. I will surely cover the points that you missed or you do not have enough information, then @vandynathan will come as well and cover more :muscle:

I’ll begin with all the :raising_hand_man:t2:

:raising_hand_man:t2::one: Community Builder

Number of ambassador-led events successfully planned & executed (2 per week)

To enhance our ambassador program and strengthen connections, Season 1 will feature events organized by our ambassadors. These events will cater to both the broader community and their specific DappRadar Ambassador Community. This effort will contribute to a more robust ambassador program, improve relationships, and ultimately benefit the entire DappRadar community by enhancing performance and commitment. A significant aspect of the Community Builder role involves nurturing and coordinating ambassador-led events (with my full 100% support, of course)

:raising_hand_man:t2::two: Analyst

Number of analytical pieces from in-depth topic explorations successfully utilized by the DappRadar content team. (2 per week)
Number of analytical pieces from in-depth topic explorations successfully utilized by Ambassador content creators. (3 per week)

Throughout Season 0 of the ambassador program, I observed that the Analyst role involved more content creation on social media than analytical or research tasks. With this in mind, we will encourage Analysts to utilize DappRadar data and other research tools to establish the factual basis for content needed by the DappRadar content team, research projects, or even ambassadors seeking data-driven materials for social media. This approach aligns with our brand, content strategy, and tone of voice to maintain a coherent data presence.
Essentially, the ambassador will serve as the source of wisdom for all data-driven content. They will explore various topics and narratives, backing them with data to establish a stronger presence. Additionally, their efforts will provide us with feedback, information, and insights into KPIs, data utilization, and other essential aspects we need to monitor on DappRadar.

:raising_hand_man:t2::three: Content Creator

Number of Ambassador-led events hosted (1 per week)

As mentioned in the Community Builder role, Ambassador-led events will be organized, and we’ll require someone to host and moderate the events open to the public. Given their role as content creators, they possess a deeper understanding of web3 and are adept at engaging with the public. This makes them the ideal candidates to host or moderate these public events.
Since one of the Ambassador-led events will be open to the public, the content creator (selected based on the event) will rotate this responsibility over the course of six months, resulting in frequent involvement. In addition, brand ambassadors will also serve as backup hosts, stepping in if content creators are unavailable, lack expertise in the topic, or choose to offer the opportunity to brand ambassadors to interact with the audience.

:dart: To sum up, we’ve observed that ambassadors haven’t been interacting with each other sufficiently in Season 0, leading to a weaker sense of community. With this fresh approach, I aim to facilitate enjoyable interactions and foster stronger relationships among them. After all, they play a central role in our community, and this dynamic significantly impacts the future of DAO operations and the entire DappRadar Community.

:exclamation: Let’s talk about the impact of the Ambassador program on DappRadar and our ecosystem.

I agree with all of what you mentioned, Dragos. However, there’s an important point I’d like to highlight for the community. Building a strong community, forming relationships, and smoothly transitioning to a DAO structure isn’t as easy as a snap from Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet.
This is just the beginning. Through the Ambassador program, we’re laying the groundwork for our community network. We’ll work together to nurture it and understand how the community interacts within the DAO, while also learning how to manage things transparently in a public setting.
Furthermore, we’re exploring how various marketing efforts can develop into marketing operations led by the DAO. This gives both the community and the core-team the power to make an impact together.


I know that you want it @madeafterdeath :smiley:
You’re one of the eligible candidates for this role.

A: Certainly, the Brand Ambassadors will assist by directing them to the Community Builders. Moreover, we’re enhancing our Discord channel to provide better support for listing issues. The Community Builder won’t need to stress much about the dapp’s quality as we have a specialized team for that, and a blend of intuitive insights from both Brand Ambassadors and the Community Builder is essential to streamline the process. I’ll also be involved to support the Community Builder throughout this process.

B: Planning and executing ambassador-led events are essential, as I mentioned in my comment here

C: The Community Builder will help ensure ambassadors communicate effectively by coordinating their work, preventing mix-ups in information, and addressing potential issues. They’ll mainly focus on the Ambassadors’ small community, making sure everyone is happy and bringing to my attention anything that seems off or unclear, like a second eye.

Ash, this role will require you to step outside of your comfort zone, so take some time to think about that. We haven’t reviewed or chosen who will take on this role yet, but we’ll get to it in due time.


i expect to have to get on mic if i have to get a phone i will… Will be my dappradar phone…
I can use the mic in the events in discord easy u can tell i feel comfortable enough in discord. on twitter i don’t know its a broader audience + some of them people have like 1,000’s of followers, I’m just a nobody me who clearly thinks dappradars a win for anyone long run. (i will turn up to any DAO Ambassador twitter events tho if they are made)
Anything else u think i would worried about or if the team or your self are worried about on myside should pm me about it. =)

Also id add all the ambassadors to my friends list then properly stick them in a separate list make sure i see what they up to every week contact em a couple of hours before the event ect. i expect to be working with everyone of the ambassadors.

This is a very good point @madeafterdeath and the goal is to list as many dapps/projects as possible on DappRadar, I’ll share a few points on why this is important:

  1. Having the most comprehensive library of dapps is one of the main goals
  2. Listing dapps that are high risk or even potential scams is part of our mission as well, but not because we want to encourage users to use those dapps, but because this allows us to help users to be safe and avoid those dapps. We can label the smart contracts accordingly and external clients (wallets, security extensions, etc.) that are using the DappRadar API can alert their users when they are interacting with a dapp that is high risk or scam.
  3. Because SEO plays an important role for DappRadar, when someone searches on Google for the name of a potential scam or high risk dapp, they can find the DappRadar page for that dapp and they’ll see that it was listed under High-Risk or labelled as scam and they’ll avoid it (think TrustPilot).
  4. With curation coming in the future, getting ratings and reviews from the core community will help everyone to avoid scammy and risky dapps.
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Im still learning but interested in learning more im still gathering all the details for future reference.

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I wasn’t thinking about it that way but way you put it with number 2 and 3 it makes more sense.

and number 1 and 4 can try and make an event of these two.