DappRadar Decentralized Exchange

As the number 1 dapp explorer in the world, it is only natural for Dappradar to consider developing a decentralized exchange for its community and the dapps that it showcases. This initiative is motivated by the desire to expand Dappradar’s economics, enhance the tokenomics of Radar, and make it more appealing to lock up, stake, and provide liquidity.

Furthermore, the proposed decentralized exchange would provide us with greater control over the token’s management, eliminating any concerns about factors beyond our control.

Having been involved in the crypto space for four years, I have observed the rise and fall of numerous Dex’s, with some ceasing operations or becoming inactive, and others departing while retaining liquidity. Consequently, trusting a Dex is a significant decision.

One of the primary reasons I remain committed to Dappradar is that it is a reputable entity in the crypto space that performs valuable and genuine services. Dappradar assists individuals in discovering diverse crypto projects, providing a platform for advertising such projects, and helping community members track numerous aspects of dapps.

If we created a Dex those projects could potentially offer tokens, NFTs, or other benefits for staking Radar tokens or providing liquidity for the advertised projects. This initiative could have significant implications. It will require brainstorming to ensure that the Dex would benefit Dappradar and the projects it promotes.

Benefits for Dappradar:

Increased control over the RADAR token as a community, allowing for more stability and predictability in its value.

Maintaining and potentially increasing liquidity in the RADAR pool, optimizing costs and enabling low slippage for DEX trades, which would attract more traders and users to the platform.

Closer relationships with companies advertising on Dappradar and potential new partners, which would create more opportunities for growth and expansion.

Another source of income from the fees charged for swaps, which would contribute to the sustainability and long-term success of the platform.

Drawbacks for Dappradar:

The potential drop in liquidity if tokenomics are not properly addressed and managed, which could negatively impact the value and usage of the RADAR token.

The need for significant development and resources to create and maintain the DEX, which could divert attention and resources away from other important projects and initiatives.

Costs associated with the creation of the DEX, which would need to be carefully managed and balanced against potential benefits.

Benefits for Dapps providing rewards:

Potentially increased liquidity for a certain amount of time as people provide it for rewards, which would make the token more attractive to traders and users.

Potential increase in usage if many people stake for the token or NFT and use it on the platform, which would create more value and utility for the token.

More exposure to people in the crypto space, as they would be more likely to take notice of the rewards program and investigate the associated project.

Drawbacks for Dapps providing rewards:

Potential decrease in liquidity as people sell the tokens instead of using them, which could lead to a drop in the token’s value and make it less attractive to investors.

Temporary loss of tokens or NFTs as they are supplied for rewards, which could impact the project’s ability to operate effectively.

Costs associated with providing rewards, which would need to be carefully managed to ensure the program remains sustainable and beneficial for all parties involved.


I think having our own DEX isn’t necessarily the way to go. However, we could look at aggregators. Also, right now RADAR is mostly tied to USDT/USDC, but through partnership campaigns we could expand that to others tokens.

This reminds me a bit of the thing REVV Motorsport and The Sandbox did in the past. Provide liquidity and receive a reward in the process. Such a campaign could very well be done.

Again, our own DEX is not something I’d do. But have an interface to trade tokens that are used by top dapps or partnered dapps, and in the process also offering token pairs with RADAR and partnered dapps, I think that could work down the line.

From a user journey perspective we need to think how this would fit in the dapp discovery process. For example, I search a dapp. Then the dapp page needs to indicate that you definitely need some SAND to play The Sandbox. We already offer token swap on the platform. But having a better trading system that gives a better overview, could help here.

Personally I am not against the idea of trading functionalities integrating into the platform. But I would not necessarily build them from scratch. There are billion dollar organizations doing the same thing, and aggregators attracting the most people. – So therefore building on top of the existing infrastructure makes the most sense.

These are just my initial thoughts… I will sleep over it more :slight_smile:


It’s understandable that you may have concerns about building our own DEX, but I believe that relying solely on aggregators and partnerships may not be the best approach either. By building our own DEX, we have greater control over the user experience and can ensure that our platform’s liquidity is not dependent on external factors. Additionally, having our own DEX can help us build a more loyal user base and strengthen our brand recognition.

While it’s true that there are already billion-dollar organizations providing similar services, we can differentiate ourselves by offering unique features and benefits to our users. By building on top of existing infrastructure, we may be limiting our potential for innovation and growth.

Overall, while it’s important to consider all options, I believe that building our own DEX can be a viable and strategic move for our platform’s growth and success.

Also with A.I assistance building many of the applications needed will be made a lot simpler.


Here is a few ideas i have thought of today for possibility’s in the dex: Before i get into this i would like to let people know with this suggestion i will also be suggesting a increase in the total amount of Radar available to the public and a increase in the total amount of radar tokens to support the Dex’s Features and promotions. As radar is not infinite most these features will be limited until community votes on another token increase.

Radar staking features on the Dex:

Radar pro staking: This is a public feature for exclusive Content on the dex

APY: 0.1% Low 2% Max no compounding with a lock up period of 6 months, Users need to stake at least 6,000 Radar as well to access the pro staking pool which is nothing to do with Pro Radar (which gives you all the information and data about dapps as well as exclusive blogs and content as well as other features)

Radar staking: This is a Public Feature

APY: 0.1% Low 3.5% Max No auto compounding no lock up period

Radar staking Auto Compound: This is a public Feature

APY:0.1% Low 3.5% Max Compounds your rewards every 12 hours This also comes with a 6 month lock up period for any tokens staked into this pool any new tokens staked will re-set the lock up period

That’s it for the basic radar staking features pretty basic i know but this works The APY’s are low for longevity of the dex before a token increase has to be called again. Now i am going to move onto more unique features.

NFT Trader Market: Public Feature, Possibly a Pro Radar Feature which Hybrids with The Dex

Wallets that have registered with Dappradar can Buy and Sell NFT’s on a public dex market place that can be personalized by the user with such features as the Ignore function, as to not see certain wallets in the public market place. Explore Function as to see what NFTS a wallet has send offers or buy if listed and lastly Follow Function to follow active listing wallets and they will be at the top of your list when you explore the market.

Explorer pool’s: Public Feature: Dappradar Projects

Every month 10 Projects are picked from projects that applied to put there tokens on the explorer page for users to stake radar tokens for the projects tokens:
The 10 picked projects will have a blog written about the project on Dappradar as it is listed which will include what the project is about as well as a possible interview with Team or Representative.

APY: 3.5% low 25% high How many tokens are needed for the APY’s should be worked out by the project Dev’s on the application form the total amount of time the staking period will last is at least 3 months and the max staking time is 6 months this way after 6 month 60 staking pools will be there to explore for users.

Now onto the Pro Staking Pool features

Users who lock up there tokens for a set amount of time have access to the pro staking pool. Once that lock up is up the users will still have access to pro staking features as long as the tokens are still staked into the pool.
If the user is in a NFT pool and un-stakes there tokens in the pro staking pool they forfeit there NFT and is goes to the teams Pro-Reward Feature.
If they are in a Token pool they keep the current rewards unlike NFT but they stop collecting rewards and there APY is spread among other users staked into that pool until they un-stake them radar also.
They also stop collecting additional Tokens boost for providing Liquidity and also can not be pulled for the random airdrop.

NFT POOL: Exclusive pool:

Users can stake a set amount of projects tokens for a set amount of time Low: 2 weeks Max: 2 months
To get a already minted NFT from said Project users will still have to pay a fee to transfer the NFT but no minting costs involved. Spots limited to the amount of NFTS and token allocation.

Top Ranked Pool: Exclusive pool

The top Ten Most Boosted projects that applied for explorer pools This is there Spot they upgraded past explorer to the top ranked they get into the Hall of Fame (a list of all the winning projects though out the year) and the pools can only be accessed by Pro staking users.

APY: The same as explorer but the Project can Ask for a increase in the APY or a Decrease in the APY it is up to them. Low: 0.1% High: 50% <–team members will reach out to winning projects before hand incase of wanted increase or decrease. (project devs still need to work out token allocation)

IDO: Exclusive Feature:

Each month team members will pick some projects to do a IDO on from the projects that applies for IDO on the dex only pro staking users will have access to these Initial DEX Offering.

Farms Boost: Exclusive Feature:

Gain additional tokens For providing liquidity to tokens featured in the explorer token pool and top ranked pools as well as a portion of the fees from trading.

Dappradar Random Airdrop: Exclusive Feature:

Every 1000 trades done on the Dex 3 random Pro Staking Wallets are Airdropped a portion of the fees involved in them trades. (this is payed in USDT or What ever is most convenient From the trades)

Now last bit that im going to write up today but this is about Liquidity.

Liquidity: Any one can Pair up tokens on the dex Scams will be red Flagged before the pair is made. rewards for providing liquidity are a portion of the fees which will collect like rewards to be harvested upon ur choosing.
When creating a pair the maker can see the fees involved upon its creation the lowest they can go is 1% on fees the Max they will be able to set it is 5% any token that involves fee costs over 5% will not be able to pair up on the Dex

So what’s peoples thoughts on these idea’s? any of there own?


A break down on what Fee’s For transactions could possibly go onto.

To try and make the Dex Self Funding while also rewarding users.

For every 1% of the Transaction fee which is the lowest it can be set at for swaps.

0.1% goes to radar pro staking rewards.

0.1% goes into Radar Staking rewards.

0.2% goes into Radar Auto-Compound rewards

0.1% goes into the random Air-Drop Reward.

0.1% goes into the Liquidity providers Pro Rewards Boost

0.1% goes into the Liquidity providers Basic Rewards = (so every user who provides liquidity will get a portion of 0.1% of the trade dependent of there position in the liquidity pool so a 5% swap fee would be 0.5% split between liquidity providers)

0.2% goes into the Dappradar treasury for rewards / Development payments ect ect

0.1% goes into the Developer Rewards Program (which is a little reward program for Projects that are listed in the on the Explorer pool or in the Top Ranked Pool)

That all added up is a 1% fee split into where it should be going? i don’t know if i missed anything or if this would be even possible but i like the idea of fees going on stuff that will make it self sustaining while again rewarding users and Developers alike.

These fees would be on top of the normal blockchain fee as well i think?

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Hey @madeafterdeath,

Thanks for the well-written Proposal. I like some of these ideas and appreciate the overall direction of finding that middle ground between our current product offering and some increased DeFi functionalities. The benefits of having a DEX all make sense, as it would act as an additional component dapp discovery journey, both through the content and metrics on our Dapp Store, and then the financial acquisition of the token afterward. That being said, we already have the ability to purchase tokens directly from our product, and this hasn’t gotten that much traction. Of course, we could advertise and position the feature better, but this emphasizes my main concern: the pivot that this will have on our overall product and mission.

The number of development resources required to pull this off successfully would be tremendous, and that’s without assessing its potential for success in the current market.

Additionally, as @nederob already mentioned, there are other companies working on these issues with more resources. I do think that we will eventually integrate more DeFi functionalities into our underlying protocol.

There are some more DeFi functionality that we can begin exploring by creating a unique UI that incorporate other DEXs and aggregators. For example, we could create a product where the APR that you earn from providing liquidity could increase based on the gamification points you earn on our DappRadar product. This would add DeFi functionality without detracting too far away from our core offering.

I’ve also been looking at the likes of EigenLayer as a way to develop a way of securing a potential RADAR blockchain utilizing the security features of Ethereum. However, we would need to really consider what makes sense in the short and medium term.

As mentioned, creating a DEX would be very complementary to our current offering, but I believe in the medium-term we could find a level of DeFi integration that doesn’t completely change the nature and direction of our product – through a partnership or building a product on top of a DEX/aggegrators.


I still think if we don’t go that way with the decentralised exchange we are missing a massive opportunity.

If we choose not to so be it but again miss opportunity we seen Defi take over Gaming this month That’s a sign.

Just because we also make a decentralised exchange for Dappradar doesn’t mean we stop helping people discover dapps which is what i think Dappradar is about.

The work involved is a lot I agree but i also believe a lot of people would want to help build something like that so the contribute to earn program would help with that.

I’m also suggesting this as a future project we will have a year and a half possibly 2 years to see how this model currently works and see how it progresses. We might not have need for one if all goes well but it should 100% not be dismissed.

A radar blockchain sounds nice as well =D


Couldn’t we try to make it so the we are the top DEX/ Aggegrator and help others work together in helping ensure there projects have the same thing we have / looking for. (users and a deep liquidity pool)


I see the vision, but it’s still definitely a future idea IMO.

We’ve got a few product features that will help to increase our revenue and traffic in the short- to medium-term that I think we should focus on first before pivoting into a whole new DeFi product. :clap:t6:


I like the vision, perhaps we could look into leveraging Native.org technology to create an in-app DEX. There’s low to zero cost to set up one. A benefit is that you can access aggregators, DEXs and professional market makers via RFQ. Native charges a fee to PPM for an ability to access new DApps.

Read more on Native through an objective lens here Notion – The all-in-one workspace for your notes, tasks, wikis, and databases.


thank you for the suggestions =D what i was hoping people would start doing.

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Could also do links to stat’s of said tokens or NFT’s as well as blogs and any recent news about said projects. that on top of advertisement income revenue if any for page views ect could add up.(if your a pro u can choose to ignore advertisements if you choose too) but nearly everyone staking would look at what they was staking on at least i would think.

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Quite honestly the more I think about this. The more I think of it as a fantastic idea.


I agree it has potential and I really like @guapgranny suggestion to utilize Native.org. That would accelerate our development and go-to-market timing. :clap:t6:

Right now, I’m keeping a keen eye on a current DAO Proposal to build a DEX in the Decentraland community. Check it out here: [DAO:45db0f5] Decentraland X Powered by Decentraland - #22 by dax - Governance - Decentraland It initially passed but now is in contention. Why?

Well, building a DEX is an entire product line requiring strong development, user acquisition strategy, marketing, and operations to make sure that it works. The Proposal overlooked these operational costs. In that sense, to really sell this idea we would require a pitch deck/business plan, that can be aligned with the mission and vision of DappRadar’s current product roadmap.


Well as a DAO we should all build that pitch deck/business plan and if it has something to do with crypto its part of Dappradars Vision.

I understand it is expensive to build and also to maintain as it will constantly need updating ect ect blogs being written, it would need a new staff but if we are going DAO and there is a contribute to earn program and if we plan properly it should all work fine were it is self sustaining, partnerships are still meaningful, Advertising increase, more utility for the token, Other than costs, and the maintaining and updating of staff and the website i don’t see a down side to this plan at all, If it works out how i imagine it would.
We also need to know what we would be building i want this personally to be big project with alot of ideas and features along side it so i cant imagine that being cheap. how it would look tho obv a blue white theme possibly a lining a purple for pro features.
Then we need to work out how much maintaining and updating would cost and see if we could entwine it with the contribute to earn scheme if possible.

I’m sure we could work the dex into the current product of the roadmap id hope.


I explained to Alex on our last call that app.tacocrypto.io runs the most successful swap on WAX. Genius level Dev team. They might be able to point in the right direction.


be able to put bridges on the dex as well…possibly control them???(make it work for radar some how?) we doing a radar blockchain?

Still day dreaming about this lol.

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With the New Quest Feature how we could integrate this into the Radar Dex.

Is it can be another quest mission as sorts which is apply so much liquidity to (projects pool on Radar Dex) (this is a triple win, Win for Radar, Win for The project, And win for the User) there would need to be a lock liquidity function as to not have people putting liquidity in and taking it out once claimed so would be like a 2 week lock up up to 30/60/90 days or so on.

Users could also have to buy certain amount of tokens on the dex for Entry into project Quests (like ape did) but we get the fees

Also be able to do quests for NFT’s used for various utility’s or benefits on the Radar Dex as well.

Combine these sort of ideas with pro and partnerships and the dex we will be able to create a recycling eco system that encourages growth to any who join in and participate also doesn’t step on any other dexs toes as they will be able to join in do quests promote nfts for there platform have users provide liquidity on are dex or there dex if they are one for users to use, and offer different Stuff we don’t.

Quests in my eyes just makes the dex more appealing to get involved in just like it also promotes engagement and social networking so I’m super happy about quests =D

(will add more ideas to this as and when i think of them)

make liquidity Quests so they have to add liquidity to other platforms as well as are just depends. (if the dexs could get along could build pools up on all the dexs for all there different tokens with various rewards for doing so starting with quests)

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Still aient forgotten about this lol. but im about to throw up another big idea but i still want to do this =D (trying to spend all that budget lol)

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