DappRadar Decentralized Exchange

Love your commitment G! I still think is the most logical step as well.

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There are plenty of solid ecosystems to integrate with to provide this functionality outside of developing another dApp organic to this community.

This is too keep the DAO and DappRadar Safe and the token sustainable long term. with what u said tho i agree there is a lot of Decentralized exchanges in the crypto space but none of them are owned by us the rewards and APY’s these other dex’s provide can vary and id like the DAO (aka the radar community) and DappRadar to have alot more say into how these liquidity pools are worked out as the majority of Dexs in the crypto space are very irresponsible in the way they handle there dex’s 100’s even closing year, even apeswap rebranded its self and moved http’s so there is problems with the DEX side of things in most case and trusting them can be risky bizzness.

And also the Dex will be part of keeping the league neutral if one dex has full control over the leagues liquidity they could possibly manipulate it in way’s and also start they start gaining a lot more than the other DAO’s involved in the league because the liquidity of the league token would be on there platform which is fees DappRadar DAO needs to hand out rewards and grow there’s a lot of reasons why DappRadar DAO needs its own Dex.