DappRadar DAO Newsletter - September 2023

gm DappRadar fam and Web3 adventurers,

The summer is ending in the northern hemisphere, and we’re looking ahead towards the final months of the year. While there’s a lot of skepticism surrounding crypto and its prices, we also see lots of positivity. Adoption of blockchain technology is finding its way into multiple sectors, ranging from loyalty programs by coffee companies and airliners, all the way to gaming companies dabbling with Web3 technology, and fashion houses expanding their efforts into the digital realms.

This is adoption. And this is the moment we are preparing for. DappRadar is building The World’s Dapp Store in an effort to make the discovery of blockchain applications even easier, while utilizing unique metrics native to Web3.

Of course, we would love to have your input on everything we do and have done. You are part of DappRadar DAO, and we invite you to comment on this post and discuss new ideas and initiatives on our Discord. LFG!

Token updates and DAO developments

Late July we had DCP-13 live for voting. Everybody holding RADAR tokens in their wallet had a vote in deciding whether we should extend the Sushi LP rewards on V2, before moving over to V3. The community voted in favor, and the proposal passed. It’s important to highlight this once again, because we will slowly transition towards Sushi V3.

What did happen in August, was a proposal for a Season 1 of the Ambassador’s Program. DappRadar DAO and the Season 0 ambassadors have learned a lot, and there’s space for improvement in the way we implement the program. See the proposal and the vote here on Snapshot.

And the third DAO vote (DCP-15) was probably one of the most high profile ones. After the issues with Multichain bridge, the DAO needed to take action and look for alternatives. The DAO considered it important that RADAR can move between Ethereum and BNB Chain. The community agreed, and with 80.75% of the votes RADAR will now embrace Connext’s xERC20 standard in order to resume bridging operations.

August media mentions

DappRadar has had quite some media attention in August, reaching a total of 5,542 media mentions. This has been the highest number in the past 12 months.

Approximately 20% of those mentions were about our Bitcoin Ordinals data, which highlighted a need to be more transparent about the way we gather data. This has now become a focus for the marketing and engineering teams moving forward, as we want to show our methodology.

Top media mentions came from some of the most reputable media organizations out there. Forbes has covered the need for dapp stores, and how these are different from traditional app stores.

Of course we’ve also seen top crypto media cover DappRadar, including Decrypt, Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, CryptoPotato, Yahoo! Finance, AMB Crypto and more. These media covered topics such as Web3 investments, NFT trading slump, and creator royalties in the NFT space.

DappRadar Reports

In terms of reports, we had the July Industry Report that got quite some attention. It highlighted the NFT market slump, which was countered by Polygon. This report was followed one week later by the Blockchain Games Report in collaboration with the BGA. In the report, the growth of gaming on Arbitrum took the spotlight, while trading in metaverse land hit new lows.

Base integration

A big event in Web3 was the launch of Base. In our first chain report, we highlighted the initial success of Base, a Layer-2 solution built on top of Ethereum. Within its first two weeks, the chain already attracted an average of almost 50,000 daily unique active wallets.

More important is that the DappRadar team acted fast, and integrated Base into its services. Developers building on Base can now list their dapps. You can find all the Base dapps listed on DappRadar through the Rankings.

More product updates

Obviously that’s not all, because even though half of the team was out-of-office because of summer holidays, they kept delivering. Hats off to the design and development team who have been creating awesomeness non-stop.

This August DappRadar launched a beta version of Explorer. This product will soon become the starting page for all DappRadar users, but that’s not the case just yet.

Even though the Explorer has been one of the biggest updates of the month. There’s still plenty more to share…

  • On every dapp page you can find the listed smart contracts under the About tab. Here we now also specify the amount of wallets that interacted with the contract. See for example the list of contracts for Uniswap V3.
  • DappRadar now shows floor prices for NFTs on BNB Chain and Polygon.

And we had some major updates surrounding the way we deal with cryptocurrencies on DappRadar. For example, we have now updated our Token Rankings and integrated these completely into the DappRadar platform. Every token now also has a nice page with historical data, which you can find simply by clicking on a cryptocurrency listed in the Token Rankings. DappRadar now also alerts users when a certain token has low liquidity, which means the user needs to be careful when swapping the token.

Marketing initiatives

In the past month, our researchers Pedro Herrera and Sara Gherghelas have been talking to Gamestarter, Coindesk TV and a variety of spaces. Nathan Vandy, our Head of DAO, has kicked off DAO Dialogues, inviting various other DAO pioneers to share ideas and perspectives in the development and management of decentralized organizations.

Furthermore, the marketing and content teams have been very active in Twitter Spaces, now known as X Spaces. We joined or invited companies, gaming projects and thought leaders for all kinds of conversations about the future of Web3.

We’ve been talking to Web3 gaming studio Block Games, shared data with Whale Coin Talk and provided insights in the All Roads Lead of Polygon events. Moreover, we’ve shared our games report with the team of Decrypt GG, while our own gaming spaces have shared lots of alpha with the community.

I’d like to highlight that it’s often beneficial to join these Spaces. Why? First of all, you might learn something, but regularly we will do giveaways during those Spaces as well. A special shout out to Kornelija for arranging all those events and the giveaways as well. :clap:

How to stay up-to-date

If you want to be more involved in DappRadar DAO, these monthly updates will not be enough. For example, did you know that we introduced Wallet Labeling and upgraded our Rankings and Alerts? Feel free to check the DAO Newsletter for August 2023 here.

But, if you want to stay closer to the fire, we would like to welcome you to our Discord. Here you can find our dev team and other community members. Share your ideas for the future of the World’s Dapp Store, and participate in pushing decentralized applications mainstream.

New to DappRadar DAO

If you’re a newcomer to DappRadar DAO, welcome aboard! We invite you to read about how we envision the future of the number one discovery platform for decentralized applications in DeFi, gaming, and other categories. Our whitepaper is a great starting point, and our Docs will give you a solid understanding of our product.

Community question

Which updates mentioned in this DAO Newsletter did you find most exciting? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time, keep exploring the Web3 universe with DappRadar. LFG!

Oh, one more thing… a first version of our Quests is coming soon™


Thanks for the write-up content team

It’s always great to read all the different activities the team gets up to on a monthly basis, even during the summer holidays.

A highlight for me is definitely the speedy Base integration, but closely followed by the growing hype for DappRadar Quests… :fire: LFG

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this is my fav bit =) yay to getting more and more attention to the platform =) i keep hearing alot about base so thats good for us as well how fast we managed to put that on the platform. The bridge is good news but still leaves me worried about the other tokens we cant access but that will have to be dealt with in the future as there is not much we can do about it now.

But good new’s update thanks for these rob =)

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