DappRadar DAO Newsletter - August 2023

gm DappRadar fam and Web3 adventurers,

Has the momentum continued into the second half of 2023? You bet it has! From nascent DeFi projects finding their footing, to gaming experiences that make us wonder how we ever settled for less, the blockchain space has never been more vibrant. As we power through these interesting times, we’re thrilled to be your compass, navigating the labyrinthine world of dapps together.

This month has been buzzing with all sorts of developments and we’ve got a lot to share with you. As always, we’re eager for your input on the products we’re rolling out. Remember, you’re not just part of the community, you ARE the DappRadar DAO. Join our Discord and let’s make some noise!

Let’s dive in!

Community updates

DAO developments

As we approach the final week of our DAO Ambassador Pilot Program, we are prepping an internal report and summary. The enthusiasm and energy displayed by our ambassadors have truly bolstered our mission. Stay tuned for a detailed overview of the program’s successes next month.

Token updates

DCP-13 has passed, leading to an extension of the SushiSwap rewards and sparking discussions about new V3 deployment. The democratic governance process is truly at work and it’s exciting to see our community actively shaping the future of DappRadar.

Media mentions

In July, media mentions about DappRadar spiked to a whopping 4,530 - a substantial 95% increase from June. A big thank you to our media partners, including Coindesk.tv, CNBC, Cointelegraph, The Defiant, BeInCrypto, Decrypt, CryptoSlate, Fortune, CryptoPotato, and The Daily Hodl, for keeping the spotlight on us. Check out some of the top coverage of July:

Industry reports

Our research team has been busy this month, delivering insightful reports across various blockchain domains. From the June and Q2 Industry Reports, the June Gaming Report, the Q2 Gaming Report, to the Social Dapps Report and Flow Report, we’ve covered a broad spectrum of insights.

Moreover, our content team continued producing dapp focused reports, adding in July three more to our list.

  1. Twitter X Rebranding – A Prelude to the Rise of Social Dapps?
  2. Flow Dapp Ecosystem Q2 Report
  3. Cross the Ages: The Web3 Trading Card Game Challenging Hearthstone
  4. Fidenza: The NFT Collection Leading Generative Art Revolution
  5. State of Blockchain Gaming in Q2 2023
  6. Web3 Gaming: 716K UAW Amid 36% Market Dominance
  7. State of the Dapp Industry in Q2 2023
  8. June Report: Regulatory Challenges Don’t Halt 1.4% UAW Rise
  9. Political NFTs Are America’s Next Fundraising Weapon

Product updates

As we continue to evolve our product, here are some of the noteworthy updates this month:

  • Rankings 2.0: We’ve turbocharged our Rankings, offering better and faster ways to discover dapps. With more filters and search options, you can now find dapps that best match your interests. Plus, if you’re a DappRadar PRO member, you can take advantage of even more filters. Check out the revamped Rankings.
  • Alerts: We’re taking alerts to the next level. Soon, you’ll have the option to get alerts for new NFT collections from all chains we support, not just Ethereum, BNB, and Polygon. This change will make it easier to stay on top of your favorite collections. Set alerts.
  • Wallet Labeling: We’ve introduced a new feature called Wallet Interaction Labels. Currently in beta and only for Ethereum-based dapps, these labels categorize wallet activity into three types: Likely Human, Likely Bot, and Mixed. See it in action.
  • NFT Aggregators Rankings: Now, we have a separate ranking for NFT aggregators apart from marketplaces. This will help you find the top NFT aggregators based on trading volumes, number of traders, and other key metrics. See the new NFT Aggregators Rankings.
  • QuickNode Add-on: We’re excited to introduce our first add-on, DappRadar Verification, now available in beta on QuickNode Marketplace. This tool allows you to verify whether smart contracts, websites, and names of dapps are tracked and available on DappRadar. Try out DappRadar Verification.
  • Explore Page: Ready to dive deeper into the world of dapps? Check out our new Explore page! Here, you’ll find what’s trending, newly added dapps, top tokens, and the most significant NFT sales. It’s your go-to page for discovering everything new and exciting in the Web3 industry. Take a look at Explore.

Integration updates

We are delighted to announce the integration of Stargaze into our multi-chain tracking service. You can now explore, track, and analyze dapps on Stargaze through DappRadar.

Marketing activities

This past month has been a whirlwind of engagement, with our team attending virtual events and real-world conferences such as ETHCC. We hosted multiple giveaways with Ember Sword, Medieval Empires, and PlanetIX exclusively for our PRO users.

Moreover, we continued to connect with you through our weekly Gaming Twitter Spaces and Discord gaming events. DAO Dialogues, our interactive discussion series, also saw a focus on Gaming DAOs this month.

New to DappRadar DAO

If you’re a newcomer to DappRadar DAO, welcome aboard! We invite you to read about how we envision the future of the number one discovery platform for decentralized applications in DeFi, gaming, and other categories. Our whitepaper is a great starting point, and our Docs will give you a solid understanding of our product.

Community question

Which updates in July did you find most exciting? Let us know in the comments!

Until next time, keep exploring the Web3 universe with DappRadar. LFG!


:brick: Another awesome busy and productive month.

:clap:t6: My highlight was definitely the bittersweet end to our Ambassador Pilot.

Led by @Alex-Mammoth, the DAO got really lucky with our Season 0 cohort: @WWWSpaceships @selimc @LucianoMathias @ringominer and Oluwatuminse. Looking forward to the follow up report on how it went!

:trophy: & big thanks to @leticiamelo, Jade, and the Content team cooking up DAO Monthly Newsletter this month while @nederob took his thoroughly deserved summer hols.


It’s been a hell of a ride! and it’s just begun! :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: :rocket: