DappRadar DAO Newsletter - January 2023

Hello RADAR fam

Now that we entered the new year, perhaps 2023 will also give space for new hope, passion and energy. At DappRadar we’re excited about what this year will bring to the community, our partners, and beyond. We ended 2022 with a bang, dropping various announcements for partnerships and product updates, and we’re working hard on making 2023 even more exciting. On behalf of the team at DappRadar and the DappRadar DAO community, we wish everybody a fruitful, peaceful and healthy 2023.

As this is the first DappRadar DAO Newsletter of the new year, we will look back at what December gave us. And even though the crypto space has been full of drama lately, the same could not be said about us. We focus on execution.

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RADAR Community Updates

DappRadar has reached quite some milestones, and so did the RADAR community. During December 2022 our token reached its first anniversary. It was released at the peak of the bull market, and now we’re building in the bear market.

That we are building has not gone unnoticed. In recent months the price of RADAR has stabilized and it has even gone up a bit. What’s more… the European Blockchain Convention, an organization that has been around for many years already, has nominated DappRadar in the startup category. The price action and these types of nominations show us that we’re on the right track.

Talking about being on track, Nathan (Head of DAO) posted a wonderful post here on the forum about the first year of the DappRadar DAO and the RADAR Community. We’re still early days here, but it’s an exciting article to read.

In December we also had some updates on existing tokenomics and systems. We extended the campaign with ApeSwap and their Treasury Bills, allowing anybody to buy RADAR and basically get a discount. You can read more about bonding and protocol-owned liquidity (POL) in this article. The good news for RADAR didn’t end there though, as LayerZero released cross-chain staking once again for the RADAR Community. You can stake RADAR on Ethereum and then claim rewards on BNB Chain. Currently the APY sits at 97%, so it’s seemingly still a very interesting opportunity. Visit our staking page.

As RADAR reached its 1 year anniversary, this would also mean that the vested tokens for investors and employees would open up. However, 100% of the DappRadar employees and 99% of the investors have agreed to lock their tokens away for another 6 months. This means that the vested RADAR tokens will now unlock halfway through 2023.

During that time DappRadar will build. We’re working on a revision of our tokenomics, making the PRO membership more aligned with the DAO and the RADAR token itself. More details on this at a later stage.

Media coverage

It’s important for us to have you by our side as our community, but we also need to make noise outside our bubble. That’s why our media mentions are so important. In December we were mentioned 2,244 times, which is an increase of 48% when compared to November. Our partnership with OKX got some attention, and of course our Dapp Industry Report: 2022 Overview was well received by the media.

In December we were mentioned by Forbes, Yahoo! Finance, Bloomberg, CoinTelegraph, Nasdaq and DeCrypt. We think these two articles are worthy of a click:

Our monthly reports

In december we published 3 reports

Traditionally, DappRadar always publishes its yearly report before Christmas. We don’t want to break with that tradition, and that explains why we launched 2 industry reports in the same month.

DappRadar product updates

Even though the engineers, developers and designers of DappRadar work the entire year, December 2022 has been exceptionally fruitful. During this month we launched a wide variety of new products, while also updating existing ones.

We improved the Single Dapp Page, or simply product page, significantly. The page has been rebuilt from the ground up, and will now allow us to add a lot more customization. For starters, each Single Dapp Page (SDP) comes with one or more tabs. The overview tab just gives a general idea about the dapp, but the individual tabs (for example, NFTs or Marketplace) add a much more specific layer to the data. Depending on whether the dapp is a game, DeFi product or NFT marketplace, you will now see different tabs and different charts. And keep in mind, more customization is coming.

By the end of December, we also launched Custom Alerts. You can now set up alerts for new dapps or NFT collections on specific blockchains. But we have a lot more customization coming. Oh, and this is one of those updates that’s highly beneficial for DappRadar PRO users who hold 5,000 or more RADAR tokens. Read more about Custom Alerts and what’s coming here.

The biggest product update of the month, and probably of the entire year, has been the DappRadar API. Anybody can now tap into DappRadar data to supercharge their product using on-chain dapp data. This is beneficial for product owners and tech companies, but also for investors or dapp developers who want to keep an eye on the industry or their own product.

New partnerships

Over the year DappRadar has introduced millions of users to new dapps. Without a doubt we’re at the center of this still very young dapp industry. But we will not be the only one, and that’s where our API comes into place. Other companies can now use our data, and enhance the experience of their existing users with clean data provided by DappRadar.

In that line, we have announced a strategic partnership with OKX. They now show dapp data in their OKX Wallet and on their OKX Web3 page.

DappRadar integration updates

Over the past year DappRadar has grown a lot by listing thousands of new dapps and integrating new blockchain ecosystems. This December we integrated Algorand NFTs, which then allowed us to track FIFA+ Collect, the World Cup 2022 collection. To make things easier, we integrated Transak as well. This allows anybody to find a dapp on DappRadar and immediately buy the cryptocurrency required to interact with that dapp. All this, only by using your credit card.

Furthermore, we integrated new ways to connect to DappRadar. Now you can use TrustWallet, OKX Wallet or the UD Login from Unstoppable Domains to sign in to DappRadar. Yes, you can also use your .crypto domain on the website.

Marketing campaigns

We have been very active in various communities, while also hosting our own events. In December our CEO Skirmantas Januskas joined the RealVision podcast, one of the leading tech and investing podcasts by Raoul Pal. You can check that 44 minute episode here. In addition Pedro Herrera, our Head of Research, joined Bitget for a Twitter Spaces joined by thousands of people. While our very own Patrick Barile was one of the jury members for the GAM3 Awards, that made headlines across the industry.

With our own Twitter Spaces events we keep attracting more and new people. Our collaboration with Daz3D a.k.a. RugRatz has brought in some very nice speakers and even better conversations. Of course our Market Movers event attracted lots of people, while the last Community Call of the year provided lots of background information for those interested in DappRadar.

DappRadar End of 2022: Community Call - YouTube

In December we’ve done weekly airdrops, but we’ve also done 3 giveaway campaigns with Block Games, Multiverse and ThunderCore’s Wolverine Pack. These resonate well, and could become part of our upcoming gamification features.

New to DappRadar DAO section

Getting involved with DappRadar will get easier over time as we will launch gamification and Contribute2Earn mechanics. For now, learn more by clicking the link above.


Great, 2023 seems to have so much for us at the beginning. :clap::clap::clap: