A year in DappRadar DAO

On 12 Dec 2021, the DappRadar team released our Whitepaper and shared vision of how we will create the World’s Dapp Store. As part of this process, we released RADAR on 14 Dec 2021. The team has worked endlessly this year, releasing more product features, more integrations and more RADAR listings on Sushi, ApeSwap, Crypto.com and Huobi — and there’s more to come.

:thinking: Why RADAR, and why DAO?

Launching RADAR was and is part of our DAO model strategy: A community-governed and operated Dapp Store. For DappRadar this means:

  • Community Governance to align the interests of stakeholders (users, contributors, dapp developers, etc.)
  • & Community Operations to scale our different business services

DappRadar is transitioning from a private company to a DAO, a hybrid between decentralized governance, operations, and ownership. We have the understanding that DAOs exist on a spectrum:

Source: https://www.scale.partners/post/daos-a-new-model-for-funding-and-governance

Our key goal is growing the business by continuing to provide value to our customers, which we will see more of as we start to leverage our wealth of structured data through our API, and the Quests and Bounties as part of our Contribute2Earn programs.

Our current DAO framework has been based on allowing our community to provide suggestions within our Workstreams: Product, Marketing, and Tokenomics. Our vision is to expand this by providing more opportunities to not just make suggestions in these Workstreams but also be involved in their operations.

We’re still learning how to best structure ourselves to decentralize the governance while scaling the operations –- and appreciate the community for getting involved in supporting this process.

In fact, the majority of the decisions regarding the DAO Treasury were made by the community:

And an increasing number of decisions regarding operations were made by the community:

:trophy: Hall of Fame

This year, we thought that it would be a great idea to highlight and recognize some of the dedicated members of the DappRadar community. You’ve shared your thoughts, ideas, and feedback on many of the developments, and this is a small sign of appreciation for your input.

  • @Madeafterdeath
    • The most active member on the DAO Forum with the highest number of Posts
    • Constantly sharing his experience and feedback and a wide range of topics
  • @Mixmore
    • Providing insightful opinions on how we can shape and grow the DAO on the Tokenomics and business side
  • @Sidneyakpaso
    • A true community member supporting us on every Twitter post. Always ready to participate in every event and a valuable web3 gamer
  • @SuperFly (mainly on Discord)
    • An active PRO members who always shares suggestions and feedback on how we can improve DappRadar such as the idea to introduce cross-platform NFTs for games and also wrapped RADAR tokens to increase cross-platform utility
  • @Resypto
    • As a dedicated dapp owner and DappRadar OG, Resypto has been continually contributing to Forums across various topics and is a vital part of our growing dapp developer and general Discord community

:chart_with_upwards_trend: We’re still growing

This year has already seen:

  • 13,300 participants in our Discord
  • 7,882 participants in our Telegram
  • We went from 140,000 to 180,000 participants on our Twitter
  • 416 participants in our DAO Forum channel
  • 6 forum proposals
  • 41.6M unique page views with a 24.8% increase since last year
  • And compared to 5712 dapps approved in 2021, this year we already have 5764… and counting

:eyes: So what’s happening in 2023

It’s clear to see that that team has been working hard all 2022, preparing ourselves for increased DAO and RADAR engagement – we’re confident and excited about the new DappRadar services that will be coming in 2023:

:moneybag: RADAR: Our Tokenomics will be receiving an upgrade giving more revenues into the RADAR treasury, and more reasons to hold RADAR too as we balance the increase in operational costs that will be coming from the DAO.

:man_judge:t2: Legal and Governance: Our framework is being worked on alongside our Head of Legal and Finance to ensure that we can compliantly decentralize whilst maintaining a robust and competitive business structure.

:video_game: PRO features: Members of our community have been enjoying some PRO features lately, such as additional gamification rewards and exclusive discounts. PRO will evolve into something completely unrecognizable next year. We’ve been listening to the community regarding the pricing, the tiers, and the features – we’re excited to start sharing our PROfessional work.

:hammer_and_wrench: Contributions: The future of DappRadar is LIT. We want the community to be involved in:

  • Listing of dapps and protocols - scale our operations
  • Integration of requested and custom metrics and content contributions - provide more services and support to dapp developers including user-generated guides and reviews
  • Tracking and reporting of suspicious dapps - bring trust into the industry

:motorway: DAO Roadmap: Early next year, we’ll be sharing with our community how all of these initiatives will work along the sharing timeline that we are confident and ready to execute.

Excited to help lead this process as Head of DAO, we’ve got a great and passionate team that doesn’t stop delivering. Looking forward to continuing the decentralization journey with you all – as we build the World’s Dapp Store. LFG :rocket:


Awesome post, and got a feeling that this 2022 overview will just be 10% of what we will talk about 1 year from now in the 2023 overview. Let’s DAO it! :partying_face:


That’s a remarkable year! Great job @vandynathan and team :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community @guapgranny!

As @nederob said, this is the tip of the iceberg! Very excited for DappRadar in 2023 :relieved:


Wow. Thank you for the shoutout. I am genuinely touched, and look forward to another great year with this community.


Amazing :clap::clap::clap:.
Together we will achieve more in 2023.


Thank you so much for the recognition, I really appreciate. :blue_heart: