DappRadar DAO Newsletter - December 2023

gm RADAR fam,

Here we are in the last month of 2023, and at the time of writing Bitcoin just broke $42,000. As the market and general sentiment turns bullish, DappRadar and its community are still building. In this newsletter we update you on the latest developments within the RADAR ecosystem, including the DAO, the DappRadar platform and so on.

No matter whether you are a Web3 enthusiast, RADAR token holder or someone who just stumbled upon the world of dapps, we believe it’s always important to share ideas and build together. If you have an idea to share, please drop a comment or find our team on Discord.

With that out of the way, LFG!

RADAR token updates and DAO developments

Following the initial plan, those who become a PRO member now receive a 15% APR on their staked RADAR tokens. The DappRadar PRO Membership is right now the only membership in Web3 where you get paid to be a member, while getting access to more data, more tools, and more Quests. You can find more details about the APR reduction here on the Forum.

Keep in mind, 15% APR is still far above the general interest rates, and even for crypto standards this APR is very juicy. Over time, the APR will drop as more users find the membership useful beyond the APR. We’re already seeing the first steps into that direction, as the number of new PRO members joining has increased for the second month in a row.


In November, we also had a RADAR vote for DCP-18, which was about the Strategic Treasury Diversification and Partnership Engagement. In the vote 92.2% of the voters were in favor of the plan, passing the proposal and fortifying the DAO’s financial position, and paving the way for a stronger RADAR ecosystem through various partnerships. We’ve had a few community members reach out to ask when these partnerships will be announced. Normally these partnership agreements can take weeks to months, but we’re aiming to lock them in for Q1 2024, so keep this initiative on your RADAR!

What is new on DappRadar?

While the developments within the DAO are interesting and very important, we also need to take a look at our product. This is the customer facing dapp store, that helps users find dapps and developers find users. In November we achieved some major milestones, including two integrations and a completely new product.

Last month DappRadar welcomed XRP Ledger and Core to its ecosystem, allowing users to discover dapps on both these chains. Connected to those integrations, you are now able to find Chain Pages on DappRadar. These overview pages serve as a nice starting point for users looking to find opportunities on a very specific blockchain.

Through the Chain Pages, users can now get access to global data from 55 different chains. From there they can find product categories such as DeFi and Games, and then they can find dapps.

On these dapp pages users can find all smart contracts tracked by DappRadar. We now use AI to describe what public verified smart contracts do. This description is done in human language, and means to decode a contract into normal language.

Furthermore, we also did some smaller updates. For example, we introduced NFT Galleries for both Ethereum and Polygon dapps.

However, the biggest innovation happening on DappRadar is the introduction of gamification and our Quests platform. In the first beta season, users can level up their account by completing Quests created by our partners. At the time of writing over 100,000 quest actions have been completed already and the first rewards were distributed last week. Thanks to all those that participated so far and shared content about it on social media. It helps us evolve DappRadar into the go-to gateway of web3 discovery and data.

We also just launched a new DAO quest to onboard new people into the DAO. Check it out on the Quests hub.

Visit Quests on DappRadar


While our research team is working on creating and implementing new KPIs, they have also been working hard on our reports. This November we published a total of 3 reports:

PR and Media

In November we saw an uptick in interest for DappRadar and its products. The impressions on our main X account increased 58% to 604,000, while the number of engagements pumped 223% to 17,600. The second half of the month especially did well, after we launched Quests.

At the same time we’ve seen the number of Media Mentions increase 19% to more than 2,770. That’s a daily average of 92 media mentions. Organizations like NEAR Protocol, Dacoco (Alien Worlds), Bitget and Planetarium (Nine Chronicles) use DappRadar as an important reference in their press releases and other media outings.

In November also the amount of coverage from ‘top media’ has increased, by only 8%. Media platforms such as BeinCrypto, Decrypt, and CoinTelegraph use our data points regularly, Furthermore, we’ve seen mainstream media like Bloomberg, BBC and Fortune inquire about the latest developments in Web3. These media trust DappRadar, its data and our opinion, when it comes to the latest developments in the dapp industry.

Live events

While we value media mentions and our PR, there’s even more value in connecting with our community. That’s why we organize and participate in various online events. In November we organised live events on X where we welcomed the Ambassadors for our Season 1. They frontrunners have even organized their own event already, where they introduced themselves to the community.

Furthermore, we’ve organized alpha heavy events about DAO tooling, which featured decentralized organizations such as UMA Protocol, Aragon, Nomads and more. While Spaces about making money in Web3 also attract a large group of listeners.

Closing words

As we enter December, we could very well be on the brink of the biggest bull run in crypto history. Or things will just continue as they were, which would be fine as well. Either way, DappRadar keeps building the World’s Dapp Store together with all of you.

How can you help?

Glad you asked!

Share the project pages of your favorite dapps with your friends on social media, link to our reports, guides and articles. Also, explain to people how RADAR powers an entire ecosystem across 55+ blockchains where users can discover decentralized applications.

Why not start with sharing Quests, because who doesn’t love to level up their account?

One last question…

What do you think DappRadar should be doing, moving forward into 2024? Discuss on Discord, get people excited about your proposal, and maybe your idea will be implemented into DappRadar in the future. That’s the power of being part of the DappRadar DAO.

Please, get involved here on the Forum and join us on Discord.


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