DAO Forum Post - Reducing APR for PRO Staking

Authored by @vandynathan and @Emmanuel

Today we’re announcing a reduction in APR for PRO staking from 20% to 15%. This is in accordance with the previously set out PRO staking schedule and our tokenomic mandate to reduce token emissions and increase RADAR demand. The timing of this APR reduction aligns with increased RADAR-gated product features (including the incoming Quests), stabilizing RADAR price and a steady increase in PRO members.

Why are we doing this?

Earlier this year in April, we released [DCP-11] Evolving DappRadar PRO 2.0 and Staking: A Proposal for a Healthier Token Economy.

The main goal was to ensure that we evolved our product towards functioning as a dapp: implementing additional utility to RADAR while creating a sustainable tokenomics through reduced token emissions.

Under the umbrella of PRO 2.0, we’ve already rolled out several innovative features. These include a wallet labeling feature, offering deeper insights into wallet activities; an AI-powered smart contract reader, making contract code comprehensible to non-technical users; and exclusive content such as deep dives into projects and key event dates.

Around 4,045,397 RADAR have been claimed as rewards with 8,990,652 RADAR currently claimable, meaning, in total, there have been around 13M RADAR spent on rewards so far. The results speak for themselves. The word is slowly spreading, the RADAR price is finding its floor and we’re seeing a steady increase of members joining our PRO community.

We’re always open to feedback and requests on how we can provide even more value to our PRO community. We will continue to prioritise, iterate and develop features to increase RADAR utility.

What’s Next for PRO Members

Our upcoming initiatives further this commitment:

Quests: We are excited to soon be introducing, designed with additional benefits for PRO members. We therefore anticipate a rising demand for RADAR among the vast number of users who rely on our platform for data and discovery.

RADAR-gated product features: The roadmap includes integrating more RADAR-gated utilities. This will ensure advanced features for PRO members who are typically Web3 experts.

Prioritizing Stakers: We will focus on adding more features and prioritizing utility specifically for stakers, ensuring that their contributions are acknowledged and rewarded.

Upholding Our Promise: All these initiatives are aligned with our ongoing promise to deliver increased value to our PRO users, a community deeply invested in the growth of RADAR.

Broader Impact and Vision

The decreased token emissions and increased utility show a clear shift in rewarding PRO users and active members. This will lead to a more stable and sustainable RADAR price — a necessary foundation for our vision of building the World’s Dapp Store.

This change isn’t just about numbers; it’s about reinforcing the values that bring us together and the principles that drive us forward: community, decentralization, meritocracy, and sustainable long-term growth.

In our pursuit of these ideals, we’ve observed and learned from the industry—seeing where others may falter in sustainability, we strive to be different. Our research into these areas has informed our latest transition, particularly in our staking APR, to ensure that we’re not only rewarding contributions but also fostering a system that’s built to last.

Stay tuned as we share more details on this transition, designed with you and our future in mind.

Thank you for your ongoing support and belief in our mission.

The DappRadar Team!


SO Cool and so many really good thoughts and the right ideology, great being a part of this movement, still hustling from one day to the next, not checking if we are in the green or in the red, do not care about the prize of NFTs, Bitcoin and Co anymore, just want to find like-minded people and have some great chats, talks or even meetings, will do my best to get the missing tokens together, so I can get all the cool things the pro members will have too…thx for all the effort and time you put into dappradar, RESPECT


Thanks for the feedback @0xLazyMFER

Glad you like the vision. Getting RADARs costs (token emissions) under control will be super important, especially if we want to start transitioning to other chains in the future. It’ll create an important foundation to allow us to drive more demand to the token and value to the tokenholders. We’ll some more of that value soon with special Quest features for PRO members. :video_game:

We’ve got a strong vision for RADAR as the centre point of the World’s Dapp Store, so happy that you’re in it for the long haul too. Community members, such as yourself, will be becoming more and more vital moving forward. :clap:t6: