DappRadar DAO Monthly Newsletter - September Edition

GM DappRadar fam, welcome to the first installment of the DAO Monthly Newsletter.

We created this space to keep you updated with all the important developments regarding the DAO and get feedback from you. We are stronger together and thus encourage everyone to be engaged in this vibrant community’s decision-making processes and overall governance.

The DAO Monthly Newsletter will also provide a better understanding of how the progressive decentralization process will work. On another note, our team recently got together for a very special workation in Barcelona. This was the first time we met each other in person and it was great connecting across different departments and getting upskilled.

We are now recharged with DAO spirit and eager to outline the knots and bolts with you.

Media coverage

We are usually covered by recognized international media outlets such as Forbes, Bloomberg, Cointelegraph and CoinDesk. In September, we received in total 3,512 media coverages and 48 of them were top.

Read the article by CoinTelegraph

Industry reports

Our industry reports provide deep learning, key findings, and analysis of the ever-growing and dynamic dapp ecosystem. We use the data available on our platform and in some cases external sources to create these high quality reports.

We are very proud of our reports and they have become a flagship product of DappRadar, with exclusive ones available to PRO users only. Our analysis of major blockchains and the overall crypto industry is regularly quoted and utilized by prestigious international media outlets such as Bloomberg, Forbes, Cointelegraph and CoinDesk.

We published 5 industry reports this month

Product updates

Launched iOS and Android Mobile Apps

We released our official DappRadar mobile app on Android and iOS for everybody in the Web3 community. The mobile app gives users direct access to popular features on DappRadar, including the Portfolio Tracker, Rankings and the ability to receive airdrop notifications.

Integration updates

  • GameStop NFT Marketplace
  • Cardano Dapps
  • Immutable X NFTs
  • Zilliqa NFTs
  • GameStop Wallet

GameStop NFT Marketplace

The GameStop NFT Marketplace enables gamers, creators, and passionate NFT collectors to buy, sell, and trade digital collectibles. Our DappRadar community can stay ahead of the game by analyzing the most successful NFT collections.

Cardano Dapps

We are bringing the latest dapp landscape of the Cardano network to our 1 million monthly users. At launch, DappRadar will track 17 dapps on Cardano, ranging from the game, DeFi, and Marketplace sectors, with more to come.

Immutable X NFTs

DappRadar users can now track the latest and most exciting NFT projects in the Immutable X NFT Marketplace ecosystem. Immutable X is a leading Layer-2 scaling solution for NFTs to enable gas-free minting and trading.

​​Zilliqa NFTs

With DappRadar NFTs, users can track the performance of the hottest NFT collections and discover promising NFT projects in the Zilliqa ecosystem. Zilliqa is a high-throughput public blockchain platform designed to fuel the mass adoption of Web3.

GameStop Wallet

DappRadar adds an additional wallet connection with this integration. Users can now connect to the site and tools using a GameStop wallet and see their portfolio on Ethereum, BNB Chain, and Polygon. Become a PRO user and join several airdrops.

New Partnerships

DappRadar partners with the Opera Browser

We joined forces with the Opera Browser to advance Web3. With this partnership, users from the Opera Crypto Browser can now explore and discover dapps via DappRadar’s dedicated dapp store integrated into the browser.

DappRadar partners with Samsung

Samsung Blockchain Wallet users now have DappRadar as a simple and secure gateway to discover and explore decentralized apps (dapps) powering Web3. Users gain access to detailed information of more than 11,000 dapps over 48 protocols in categories including NFT’s, Collectibles, Games and DeFi.

Community updates

SushiSwap extension proposal

In the development of our DAO it is very important that we understand how we distribute all the governance tokens. We have been doing this through 2 liquidity programs: SushiSwap program and ApeSwap liquidity program.

These two programs will be coming to an end in October and therefore the team is evaluating how the liquidity programs have performed. This means assessing how many users, the volume and consistency of liquidity, and other relevant metrics we have gathered to be able to analyze next steps in order to continue distributing our governance tokens into our DAO.

Read our latest blog article to learn more about why Web3 projects should move to protocol-owned liquidity and get involved in the governance process in our Forum.

DAO Audit

For the past three months, the team has been working on auditing our current DAO initiatives and ideas and creating a better perspective of our DappRadar DAO End Game.

The audit reached its conclusion during the Barcelona Workation week where our Head of Legal, Finance, and DAO presented a high-level overview of what it means to exit towards our community.

This included understanding DappRadar DAO’s current governance process, our legal structuring, and how our tokenomics and treasury management will evolve over time.

It’s important that both the team and entire community understand the decentralization process and we will continue sharing more concepts and ideas that the entire community can critique and engage in. Let’s DAO it!

New to DappRadar DAO


These types of updates are going to be essential for ensuring the community gets a strong overview of the developments being made in the background that relates to the DAO. Time to supercharge the building in public energy!

And it definitely has to be mentioned: a big thank you to @Robinko and the Comms team for helping to put this together. MVPs!