Ambassador Program Season 2 - Discussion

As Season 2 approaches, what are our goals? As ambassadors, you play a vital role in supporting DappRadar’s marketing initiatives. The team consists of ambassadors who provide PRO members with newsletters, others who showcase DappRadar on Twitter to expand our reach, and some who contribute to the ecosystem by listing dapps and projects.

As Season 1 is nearing completion at DappRadar, we have a few weeks left before embarking on three months of planning and work for the ambassador program.
Over the past six months, we’ve managed only one meeting (DappRadar x Ambassador), though much more was necessary. Although we organized a couple of spaces, we did not continue with that initiative. Meanwhile, I, Alex, remained actively engaged with the ambassadors and many other team members. So, we will hold a Spaces call before the end to discuss what has happened and address any difficulties, laying the foundation for Season 1.

What are the necessary requirements?

  • Budget: 1.8 million RADAR, plus an additional 200K RADAR for bonuses and rewards.
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Limitations on external tools

Expected outcomes of the discussion:

  • A structural plan outlining 6 months (Season 2).
  • A task plan detailing each person’s responsibilities.
  • Methods for calculating task outcomes.
  • Key Performance Indicators to assess the program’s effectiveness.
  • We’re planning to increase the allocation for ambassadors to 15. However, this could stay as 10 based on our discussions.
  • We’ll provide an opportunity for those no longer able to participate in the program to leave gracefully, so please prepare for that transition.

Alex, I’m very much looking forward to Season 2 of The Ambassadors, and I think we have a good chance of scaling both the number of ambassadors we work with and the game as a whole, by making incentives more in line with the results.

I like the separate bonuses and rewards budget, maybe we can even increase it, let’s see - it depends on the number of ambassadors, so that the total allocated budget is not changed.

But what I’m saying is that we can reward exceptional performance and exceptional results. The more I think about it, it doesn’t even have to be quantified into a KPI, because it can be a qualitative result, or a breakthrough into new ecosystems etc. For example, if an ambassador is active in other DAOs and promotes DappRadar DAO there, resulting in a new partnership, or a new quest, or even a grant - then that would be an action worthy of rewards and treasure chests!

And the treasure has to be aligned with the achievement!

I appreciate our Ambassadors immensely, they are our front line and our connection to crypto twitter and more. I want them to understand how much we value them by rewarding smart efforts, concrete achievements and advancements made for DappRadar DAO.



Hey Guys! I’m loving doing the Pro Newsletter and trying to improve the best i can. I hope people are enjoying. Trying to be present on X at least 2 times/week. I think this is working smoothly and we can improve. I’m gonna take a time to think about new kpis and what we can improve together. DAO Events sounds good. Let’s keep building


Another suggestion is that we start the next season before the end of the year. End of the year seems like end of times :rofl:


i think your a good ambassador, the news letters are good i don’t sit and study them like but they are informative from what i seen and layed out very well and you are active =D i always put a thumbs up and pro when i notice them =D

Also notice your presence on Twitter and you say stuff about your self as well as promote DappRadar as well often so im glad your with us =D

If we start in August this year and it lasts 6 months means Last month is in Jan which isn’t too bad at all considering at x mas time a lot of us will be busy with holidays and stuff. (if are last month is on x mas that’s not good lol as around that time things can be unpredictable tho i’d still like too see some x mas events go off for sure =D )

And also on top of that giving us 3 months to sort out the ambassador program gives us plenty of time to sort out what is expected cuz me personally i feel we are everywhere and there’s no order as such to things we are not coordinated enough this isn’t ideal some of the ambassadors are basically doing nothing >.>

I want us to be put in teams if anything id like to suggest more ambassadors put us in teams. (it can almost work like the league) 5 teams of 5 people.

1:team leader and the other 4 (the team are given the tasks that we already have but its up to the team how they do these tasks and who does them ect)

Team leaders job is to make sure all the tasks gets done if possible and if not give a reason as to why not and write up a report every 2 weeks or 1 a month on what the team has done. I would also like to suggest that the DappRadar team writes back a review report on how the teams are doing and give feedback on what can be improved or if they would like a certain team to aim for something a little different ect this would help alot.

AI says this about the thing i suggested:

Ambassador Teams Structure:

  1. Team Formation: Ambassadors are organized into teams consisting of five members each. Each team is led by a designated team leader responsible for task delegation and coordination.
  2. Task Assignment: The DappRadar team assigns tasks to ambassador teams, outlining objectives and expectations. These tasks could include community engagement, content creation, event organization, and outreach initiatives.
  3. Team Autonomy: Teams have autonomy in deciding how to approach and execute assigned tasks. They can distribute responsibilities among team members based on individual strengths and interests.
  4. Team Leader Responsibilities: The team leader’s role is to oversee task execution, ensure deadlines are met, and provide support to team members as needed. They also compile regular progress reports on behalf of the team.
  5. Reporting and Feedback: Teams submit progress reports bi-weekly or monthly, detailing completed tasks, challenges encountered, and future plans. The DappRadar team reviews these reports and provides feedback to enhance performance and alignment with organizational objectives.

This structured approach fosters collaboration, accountability, and efficiency within the ambassador program. It allows for better task management, clearer communication channels, and more targeted community engagement efforts.

5 teams of 5 is alot tho that’s 25 ambassadors.
Might be better just starting off with 3 teams of 5 i guess be easyer to keep track of that way and not turn into a overbearing work load.

Also means you have to only check 3 reports every month or every 2 weeks as well and tell the 3 teams what u would like of them (makes this part alot easyer on you guys who are part of that aka alex)


I agree with this. Giving out bonuses based on the impact of the work done to DappRadar makes sense.


I am enjoying reading the newsletter! Kudos on your efforts researching those infos for us.


Thank you! it feels great that it’s valuable!


If we did it in teams what would be the tasks that needed doing by the teams and we have 10 ambassadors at moment so if we mix and match us between 3 teams of 5.
We can work out what are weakness and strengths are in the teams before the season starts ect

But if we could find out what would be expected of a team each month that would be nice.

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