Why was my Dapp submission rejected?


I created a simple Dapp, which I submitted to dappradar. However it was rejected with the reason “Invalid Dapp”.

The purpose of my Dapp is allowing customers to use the website as ad space as long as they are the highest bidding user. When overbidden they receive back their ETH.

Any ideas what I could change about my Dapp to get listed on dappradar? Can anyone guess why my Dapp is invalid?
Here is the link:

Dapps without activity can’t be tracked, we need some activity to be able to determine to logistics of your dapp. In this case I’d suggest to for example to bid on your own ad space, for sake of checking that it works.

Also token contracts don’t work.

However, biggest comment here is that it’s best to contact the Dev team on Discord or Telegram. Because this is the DAO forum and that’s not exactly the right place. Hope this helped though.

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