Whitepaper 2.0: Vision of the DAO

:open_book: Introducing the Whitepaper 2.0

For months the community has been waiting patiently for the Whitepaper to explain the evolved vision of DappRadar – what we’ve phrased DappRadar 2.0. We invested a great deal of time in understanding how to best connect the Product, DAO, and RADAR, and the release of the Whitepaper represents a significant milestone in DappRadar’s evolution.

:globe_with_meridians: Understanding the Future of the DAO

The Whitepaper provides an extensive overview of the legal governance structure that the DAO will develop, providing the ability for us to access legal contracts, hold assets, and execute on proposals. This development expands our range of business opportunities, both on-chain, and off-chain, and it also means that it can now work with contributors. This is an exciting development for the community, as it provides multiple opportunities to become an integral part of what the DAO is building.

Building on the legal governance model will allow us to develop the Contributions model, providing our entire community a chance to contribute on a granular level to how the Dapp Store will function. The use of gamification and RADAR will allow us a unique ability to incentivize contributions such as the listing of dapps, reviewing processes, and the integration of custom smart contracts. This approach to community involvement is a significant departure from our current and traditional centralized model, and it opens up new possibilities for collaboration.

The Whitepaper also outlines the next evolution of governance, which will make it clearer which competencies the DAO will be responsible for and which ones it won’t. The governance proposal process will ensure that these competencies are transparent and aligned with the community’s values and goals. This approach to governance is critical for the long-term success of the DAO, as it ensures that decision-making processes remain decentralized and transparent.

Finally, the Whitepaper lays out the framework for the DAO’s operations. The DAO will gradually transition to a model in which its operations are solely managed internally. This transition will happen progressively taking into account the business needs to ensure a sustainable runway for our mission. In effect, the DAO’s operations will become more streamlined and efficient, ensuring that it can operate at scale while responding to the community’s needs and priorities.

:eyes: What’s next

Looking ahead, the DAO’s future is bright, and the Whitepaper sets the stage for the next phase of its evolution. The Roadmap has already touched on several topics that will be further developed, including the Product, the Tokenomics, and the DAO itself. As the DAO begins to lead and develop the World’s Dapp Store, it will be exciting to see the community increase in engagement as it evolves and adapts to new challenges and opportunities.

A big thanks to all the team members involved in curating this Whitepaper and the community members who are always sharing their ideas and feedback to help build our Vision. Read the Whitepaper here to find out more information, and feel free to share your ideas and suggestions too.

From Nathan Vandy, Head of DAO


:clap: I am so excited for the future of this organization. Great post Nathan.

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Likewise @WWWSpaceships – so much to look forward to, even in just this year :fire:


Yes the roadmap for this year looks good.

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