Team Proposal mixmore as Head of Finance at DappRadar

Team Proposal mixmore as Head of Finance at DappRadar

I am member in DappRadar community and I am very interested in DappRadar project
I believe in the potential of DappRadar and its ability to be a pioneer in Crypto and Blockchain industry

Yesterday “Head of Finance” role was opened and I see it as a great opportunity for me because I hope to join DappRadar team

I believe that I am the best person for this role and I have skills, experience and capabilities and I can to help DappRadar build more success

I am the best candidate for this role, what distinguishes me is that I combine 4 things together

1. I am part of DappRadar community

1-I am already member in DappRadar forum also discord and very interested in project so I already have a background about DappRadar and I have useful ideas for DappRadar I posted some of these ideas on the forum
2. I was “New User of the Month” in the forum so once again I’m part of DappRadar community

2. I have a passion and deep knowledge to the world of crypto and blockchain

1- I have great passion and deep knowledge in the crypto industry,NFT non fungible token, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, smart contracts, web3, metaverse,DeFi(Decentralized Finance)
I interested in learning about everything new in the field of crypto I am completely involved in world of Crypto

2.Member of many DAOS forums and Discord
Like Uniswap, SushiSwap , DappRadar, Lido, BadgerDAO forums and other forums in crypto world

3.I have good knowledge about DAOs organizations, governance, treasury, crypto accounting

4- I am also an excellent programmer I have a background in smart contract programming by Solidity on Ethereum and background in different Blockchain Networks like Ethereum,Polygon,Solana,binance smart chain
and other networks and background of how to build a program and link it to smart contracts on Blockchain by web3 libraries which varies by programming language

My knowledge in the world of blockchain also extends to programming and technical side
I have a lot of knowledge about how Dapp programs work and how it built

This you will not find available with anyone else “I mean another Head of Finance”. My experience in programming makes me deeply understand the world of Blockchain, this beside my understanding to management, financial and organizational sides in DAOs organizations and crypto projects

5.I have knowledge about blockchain explorers and I can work with different blockchain explorers as a user
and I previously built a program by Python programming language and Selenium library capable of scraping and collecting data from a Polygon (Polygonscan) automatically
I also have an interest in data analysis and a background on use Python and R language
These are important things in the world of blockchain

3. I am an accountant with excellent and long experience in various accounting activities

1- I graduated in 2005 and I have long experience in the financial and accounting field I have knowledge about financial accounting, financial analysis, cost accounting, preparing financial statements, managing financial risks, financial analysis, preparing budgets, forecasting, financial models, financial planning, taxes and accounting standards
I have worked in many places in the financial field and have many achievements in many places
I have a background in financial side in crypto industry
Also have experience in accounting for restaurants, tourism, commercial companies, factories and contracting
I built and developed accounting and financial systems in several companies

I have held the position of Accounting Manager and Financial Manager in several companies

4. I am an excellent programmer specialist in accounting and management software

And I previously had my own business in the field of accounting and management software, but it end now
I built complex and large programs that are used by many customers in the world in many countries
I switched to work in the field of accounting software after many years of working in the financial and accounting field
Examples of my work in programming
My youtube channel

I use my programming experience to build tools help me develop accounting work in any company I work for
I have built complete ERP program before, no exaggeration, yes complete ERP program

Other points about me

I have experience and interest in start-up companies

I worked as a freelancer for a long time I dealt with different nationalities around the world
I have a great ability to work remotely
I also have skills that I gained through my long journey in multiple fields

I have a variety of skills and experiences such as accounting, programming, e-marketing, operations
Human resources, graphic design, systems analysis, business intelligence, automation, content writing, marketing research, training teams

My combination of financial and software capabilities makes me able to build tools that help DappRadar in developing its financial system

I am the best because I am a member in DappRadar community and combine financial and software experience with deep knowledge of the world of Blockchain and Crypto

Special Skills:
I have a complete library of accounting books and programming books, including books in financial analysis, cost accounting, accounting standards, management, financial accounting, budget, Standard Costs , forecasting, risk management, financial models, technical analysis and Japanese candles ,management accounting and tax laws, internal and external auditing, etc., written in Visual Basic, C ++, C, C #, Excel, NET, … and asp. Python, Android, Pascal and Delphi ---- etc. I am always familiar with both the field of accounting and programming and I always watch on YouTube explaining various programming field I currently interested in smart contracts, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and their programming languages, and their applications and interested in crypto market

Please download more information about me from this link

I am able to develop the financial department and make it a lot better, and I also hope to be a part of the DappRadar team to contribute to building more success.

I am open to communicate and provide more information about me

I submitted my application but I posted topic about my desire to join the DappRadar team here because I know that with a large number of applicants, It is very possible some candidate CVs will not be read or at least it won’t be read with enough interest this is normal

Although I believe that I am the best person for this role
I hope that DappRadar will get the best candidates even if he was someone else

Of course, I know that the management and DappRadar community have a right to choose
best candidate either me or anyone else

all I hope that the community support me by making the management of DappRadar read my resume and know about me
after that I hope that they will succeed in choosing the best person, and if my CV is rejected, there is no problem there and I wish to DappRadar success whether I’m on the team or not

But without the support and help of the community, I am afraid my CV will not be read
It will be lost among hundreds of applicants even without reading it with enough attention


I think it is necessary to build an integrated financial and accounting system for DappRadar

This system should be able to perform the following tasks

Part 1 Financial Accounting

1.Preparing basic financial statements balance sheet, income statement (profit and loss) and cash flow statement

2.Organizing and building a chart of accounts for DappRadar

3.General ledger accounts

4.Organizing all accounts of external and internal parties dealing with DappRadar

5.Organizing revenue, expense and treasury accounts

6.Organizing accounts of fixed and current assets, short-term and long-term liabilities

7.Trial balance, accounts receivable and accounts payable.

8.Able to provide detailed, clear and simple reports about ox activity for community for discussion, especially expense and revenue reports

9.Ability to build financial statements and the accounting system in accordance with international accounting standards

10.- DappRadar should building accounting system capable of dealing with different taxes, laws and financial regulations

11.Building cloud system to store all financial documents related to the transactions of DappRadar there is no accounting system without organized and preserved documents
that prove all financial transactions

12.Follow DappRadar dues and obligations and set a schedule for collection and payment

13.Developing and preparing financial regulations and laws that regulate and control any expenses or money paid from the DappRadar treasury (with the help and supervision of the DappRadar community)

Part 2 Forecasts and budgets

Always forecast begin by preparing revenue budget
prepare it based on expectations revenue or on planned goals

for example in current period we want to achieve greater revenues
based on realistic plan so you prepare budget including numbers we want to achieve

Based on this budget we prepares operating budget and rest of the budgets It may be fixed or flexible

Now we have the expected numbers

at the end of each period, we calculate the difference between expected and what actually happened and find the variance and analyze it and find out why it happened

for example

we in budget expected to spend 10000$ on a particular item but we spent virtually 11000$

what is the reason for spending 1000$ more than the mount in budget ??

It may be normal cause like price change and maybe for another reason should check and it’s all written in a report

accounting system periodically prepares a report showing variance between actual numbers and budget explaining reasons for it and discussing it with DappRadar community

these discussions improve way to prepare for the budget in following period
and in this way it achieves control from community and effectiveness in the optimal use of financial resources

It also helps in converting DappRadar plans into realistic financial plans and helps in proper planning and increasing confidence in the management of DappRadar

Capital budget

Developing a new product or adding parts to an existing product may be a complex matter that requires a lot of money, time and effort It is considered as an asset owned by DappRadar so it may need to build a capital prepare capital budget for it

Part 3 Financial analysis and financial models

Financial and accounting system should be able to vertical and horizontal financial analysis and extracting

1.Liquidity Ratios 2.Activity Ratios 3.Profitability Ratios 4.Leverage Ratios 5.Market Ratios

Able to build financial models that serve DappRadar goals

Analysis of financial ratios and horizontal and vertical comparisons of the statements and financial reports give a better idea of the strengths or weaknesses in DappRadar and
give ideas about possibilities of development and give the management better ideas
about the situation of DappRadar and how to move to forward

Also doing financial analysis of competitors for DappRadar (if possible do that) and comparing ratios of DappRadar with others in the same activity gives an idea of whether DappRadar performance is optimal or there are things that need correction

Financial analysis is very important and should be done regularly

Part 4 Cost accounting system and Opportunity Cost

DappRadar is ambitious company that is always striving to develop existing products and
in future maybe build new products

it also has a desire to expand and include new members of the team
All of this needs a strong costing system that regulates process of calculating
the costs of implementing DappRadar ideas

also be able to calculate the opportunity cost

For example we have a great idea it will cost 10000$
and will generate revenue of 15000$ should we implement it or not??

It depends on alternative opportunities perhaps there are other ideas that also cost 10000$ but revenues will enter 20000$ so this will be better than the first

DappRadar should have system for calculating opportunity cost helps in make decisions

Part 5 Accounting audit system

always check all numbers whether expenses and revenues with original documents and verifying correctness of all financial operations and integrity and make sure that there is no any manipulation, fraud, error or misuse of funds,either intentionally or unintentionally

and that any financial decision is the best and achieves interests of DappRadar and constantly stocking financial documents of DappRadar in a way that can be easily viewed at any time and to verify the validity of the declared financial statements

and immediately reveal any financial transaction that is suspected it be against the interest of the DappRadar community

Financial and accounting system should monitor the use of funds

Part 6 Managing treasury, financial resources, and token control

Financial and accounting system should develop plan for the optimal use of the DappRadar treasury and divide it in a way that achieves the maximum benefit for DappRadar and reduces financial risks to minimum

DappRadar financial resources should be managed only according to the will of the DappRadar community

Price of tokens is attempted to be controlled by raising or lowering it according to the financial plan and the goals to be achieved

Part 7 Financial Risks and Financial Opportunities

Financial and accounting system should constantly

write reports about potential financial risks and potential financial opportunities and develop plans to deal with both of them

and present to the community to think about best solutions

Also, if there is a financial shortage, makes plans to how cover this shortage

Part 8 Attracting more funding and investment

Financial system should make plans on how to attract more funding and investments to develop DappRadar

Provided that these plans do not affect the independence of DappRadar or create dangers or problems for DappRadar
The priority is for the independence of DappRadar and to be always safe

These are only broad lines and subject open to discussion

I hope that the community will interact to lay the foundation for building accounting and financial system that achieves transparency and integrity

and be able to prevent any financial risks from DappRadar and helps the management
in setting a development plan and increases confidence in management of DappRadar

so building an integrated accounting and financial system is not difficult.
All of the above can be achieved without much effort

I hope the community will share its opinion in the comments

I hope in the end we can build the broad lines for the establishment of a financial and accounting system for DappRadar


@madeafterdeath Thank you very much for your support and positive comment
The problem, as I mentioned, is that there are hundreds who will apply and maybe thousands , and in these cases, my CVs will not be read with any attention at all,
Mostly my resume won’t be read at all , and selection process will be random

I was an active member of the DappRadar community and interested in this project and I posted good topics before this role was even announced and opened.

When this role was opened, I saw it as an opportunity for me to join the DappRadar team , this will give me a chance to contribute in building success of DappRadar

But I know that my CV will be lost among hundreds of applicants
although I believe I am the best person for this role
I definitely need the support of the community to attract management’s attention about me, and make them read my resume and read my contributions in the forum.

I am ready for a background check and I am ready to provide all evidence of anything I have mentioned in my CV and present my real identity to management if requested.

I am 39 years old and I have a long experience in this field
I know very well the responsibilities and risks of working in this role, especially in the field of crypto, whose risks are greater than any other field.

In the end, if anyone appears better than me for this position, I will be the first one who support him

I just want the management to know about me, read my resume and contributions to the forum, and learn about what I can offer, and why I am the best.
I really have unique capabilities, experience and skills, and in most cases I am the best for this role

It is enough that I am the only applicant for this role and in same time active member in DappRadar community and published many important topics

The management does not need to ask about my information about DappRadar project or my experience in the crypto world, my previous topics on the forum prove that

But unfortunately I don’t have any direct contact with them I only hope community members if they have contact with them tell them about me
After that, they are free to decide whether to accept me or not. I will accept the decision without any problems

and thank you again for your support


telling them your name so they can look you up though the 100’s of CVs might help. also email address.

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@madeafterdeath How I can tell them that and who I should contact ?? And I don’t know if they follow the forum and read topics on it or not ?? And if they follow the forum why no one comment on any to topic I posted before??

do you use discord? and the team have messaged back on to you on here =) not about the job… but other ideas. but there is alot of team members on discord…also id speak to isaac or alex on discord…but I’m sure they would all listen to you…also tell them your active mostly here.

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personally id tell them your name tell them you are mixmore from here…and then tell them your email address. say you are telling them that to make it easier for them to pinpoint you from all the other CV’s. then its down to them to see what you put in here and then look at your CV ect. (would help)

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@madeafterdeath I use discord and member also on dappradar on discord but community manager on discord will tell me apply on careers page that only thing he can do.

hurmmm let me find the team member on here…and ill see if you can message him off here.

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message Dragos from here with ur Personal info and explain its so they can find your CV faster…and pin point you out from all the CV’s if your worried they wont find it though the pile they got.

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@madeafterdeath I writing that in my CV that I am mixmore beside my real name but believe me I sure my CV will not read because too many people will apply. And selection will be random its normal and happen a lot

i don’t think its gonna be random man just take a chance…you put alot of work into this stop worrying about it and reach out to them…worse they can do is hurt ur feelings.

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@madeafterdeath I sent to him before in another problem that my account not convert from basic to member and don’t get answer

imma message them for you instead…then…

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messaged one of team members asking him nicely to check this forum topic. (might happen might not but i reached out for ya)

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@madeafterdeath I hope that but when any company received 600 or more CVs its too difficult to read all just read first 20 and choose between them. That happens always

never know might have your cv lined up already.

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not much more you can do now but wait.

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@madeafterdeath you right nothing I can do. All I can do that put my CV on forum here maybe they see it someday and thank you very much for your interest and support me

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DAO treasury management insights

DAO treasury management is an important but I will talk in this topic in general
What is the best system for managing it?

There is no definitive answer to this because it varies from one organization to another

There are many points and questions we should thinking in before building any treasury management system to any DAO

In fact, building a system and policy for treasury management is completely different from one organization to another ,It does not have a fixed form, but is determined according to the different goals and circumstances of each organization

But through the following points, thinking and answering them, the correct system for treasury management can be drawn

Risks and Questions

1.The cryptocurrency market is currently down which means that the price of cryptocurrencies is not stable whether it is the native token or any other tokens that may be in the treasury

2.Inflation and depreciation of major currencies such as the dollar and the euro even stable coins are not currently secured

3.The current global economic crises that affect all markets and industries, not just the crypto industry

3.The treasury can be hacked through any security weak point

4.Losing access to the treasury is a low probability, but it can happen

5.Multiple signatures system should be used so that not only one person can control the treasury individually

6.Will DAO leave cryptocurrencies in the treasury without any investment??
or part of it will invested?

7.Will we look for a completely safe investment only, or will there be a part that can be invested in things that have higher profits and risks?

8.Is it possible to invest a part in NFT?? Or in currencies and tokens for other promising and emerging crypto projects??

9.Is there an intention to buy large quantities of a cryptocurrency for another project,
to control this project and control in decisions in it and make this project integrate or serve the original project ??

10.holding native token in the treasury is logical but should only native token be holding ?? or treasury need to diversification?

-DAO needs Stablecoins (DAI, USDC, etc) for operating expenses

-native token may drop suddenly at some times, especially during crises

-Diversifying the treasury may save the organization from decline and help it correct the situation and make native token protected

-Keeping stablecoins and cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum and Bitcoin in the treasury can be a good thing

-ETH is until now the is so important to crypto and to future of crypto industry

-BTC is Until now the most important and most famous in crypto industry, and it is also an industry indicator

-Most of the stablecoins are linked to the US dollar although there is always the possibility that it will decrease and disappear and it is not completely safe but it is a good guarantee

-Therefore, the best distribution is between native token as a basic and add to treasury Ethereum, Bitcoin and stable currencies, and adding other cryptocurrencies and another part to promising cryptocurrencies ,in my opinion, the diversification may be useful

11.Is it better to keep high liquidity?? or invest the cryptocurrencies in the treasury and keep only the necessary liquidity to meet the operational expenses??

-What is the amount of liquidity that should be maintained?

12.Is there an intention to try to raise the value to native token??
or the intention to maintain its current price?? or is there a desire to reduce it?

13.Is there a desire to increase the demand on buying the native token??

14.Is there a desire to rationalize spending so that cryptocurrencies are injected into other investments?? or develop existing products??

-Treasury management is certainly influenced by management objectives

The answers to the previous points is never the same, and policies differ from one organization to another and the answers determine the way to manage the treasury

Let’s see different models
I got the data from the following website

we can see some models

In this models the treasury it has no diversity but contains native token only or few cryptocurrencies

Other models diversification exists and in a different way some organizations the treasury contains multiple cryptocurrencies with a good variety ,native token token with stable coins with Ethereum and other currencies

In my opinion, the second system is better, perhaps not suitable for everyone, but from my point of view, it may be safer

The topic is for discussion and I hope community members will contribute their opinions in the comments