Suggested ways to generate new ideas

Here I want to open a topic for discussion, which is about how to constantly generate new ideas for the development of DappRadar

I will start by presenting some of my ideas and I hope the community will add other ideas and suggestions

1.Create a Facebook group

Create a Facebook group specializing in crypto, under the name “DappRadar” for discussions and suggesting new ideas in the crypto world
This group does not need an admin, but it is left to regular members to interact and put their posts
In this way, it will not need any additional cost because it is managed by its members
By following the opinions and posts of members, may be we can find some good ideas

2.DappRadar Forum

Try to use the forum in a different way and make it more popular and interactive
and adding sections for ideas
some other crypto project forums already do that have sections for ideas

Trying to add a light theme to it

The forum has some problems like I can’t be a member at all I still always be Basic even if I fulfill all the conditions to become a member
I searched in the forum and found most under Basic

When I tried to sign up for the first time, my account was not activated I wait full day to activated my account in other forums, the account is activated immediately

A visual link to the forum must be placed on the site

If there is a desire to activate the forum then forum will be a very good source of new ideas for development of DappRadar

There are other crypto projects forums that have a section for new ideas, and we can find useful ideas in it from the interaction of members

3.Follow up the websites of competition projects to DappRadar

Although I think DappRadar is the best, of course other competitors may also have good advantages that can be copied to DappRadar

4.Follow up other forums of DAOs organizations and crypto projects

Always from following other forums, we can find good ideas related to everything, not only developing crypto products, but ideas in governance, management, treasury management, and partnerships with other crypto projects some of these ideas may be useful to DappRadar

5.DappRadar team

The DappRadar team is talented and has good experiences. I think it is capable of generating new ideas in all aspects

These ideas are easy to implement and can be implemented without cost the idea is for discussion. I hope anyone who has other ideas will put them in the comments
Good new ideas have value and a great impact on the development of any product