Still stuck in V1 staking


I didn’t notice staking ending in August on the V1 chain.
I was unable to unstake and join V2 (maybe a blessing in disguise now) and I saw the message saying all staking was frozen due to an update.
But it is now December and apparently the update is done. The unstake from V1 is still greyed out. Can anyone shed a little light on this for me please?


A blessing in disguise would of been not staking at all…your stuck in V1 and most of is are stuck in V2…the staking has not been fixed yet, my opinion is that they will probably fix it after the Dec 14 dev token unlock so the devs can dump on us

Ahh I see so we are all stuck.

Thanks for the reply.

if you are having problems unstaking from V1 of staking you need to open a support ticket with the team on discord.

V2 has been fixed. (also the devs extended there unlock on vested tokens for the time the contract was out of Commission this was to show good faith to the community and them looking in)


Thanks. I just checked back today and still greyed out so I will take your advice.