staking on centralized exchanges

Many people are waiting to stake on centralized exchanges. With this apy rate, it allows people to develop the price steadily for certain periods of time. It makes people feel safer in dump or pumpta.


There are several CEXs providing staking, which platform do you like the most?

Between Binance and Kraken. If $RADAR it’s on one of the two CEXs one day, just woow!

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I agree with this one, $RADAR it self more usefull when have single staking

Yes Binance is very important for $RADAR, besides pumping up prices, of course there will be many more people who will look at $RADAR and DappRadar if listing on Binance

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I would much prefure to be able to stake My radar tokens for Other tokens on Dappradar but not vise versa i dont want to trust some exchange with my tokens. If they was to add a staking page on there website and the ability to stake dappradar for other tokens chances are i would use it. You could also add staking fee’s to the token its self so the cost of staking goes back into the token Or you could use it for other projects ect.

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For me i would suggest not rushing CEX listing lets build the project… Once the community is strong the project would speak for itself