RADAR Unlock Postponement

We know there were questions about the upcoming token unlock and vesting schedule initially published in our whitepaper. We hear you and we’d like to offer more transparency and keep you up to date with the latest discussions we had with the DappRadar team, investors & shareholders.

According to the vesting schedule defined prior to the token launch event (see below), Shareholders & Team tokens should start vesting this month.

Initial Shareholders & Team vesting schedule

As we continue integrating RADAR deeper in the DappRadar’s products and building an ecosystem around it, we have asked every equity investor and team member whether they are considering claiming or selling any of their to-be-unlocked RADAR tokens in the near future. Answers came in - none of them are considering selling RADAR anytime soon.

Then we asked everyone individually whether they are willing to agree to postpone the token unlock by 6 months. Here are the results:

  • 100% of team members vested tokens remain locked until June 15, 2023
  • 99% of shareholders & investors vested tokens remain locked until June 15, 2023

New Shareholders & Team vesting schedule

I am very excited to see the whole team committing to go for the long term success of DappRadar and RADAR. The next year will bring quite a bit of unique utility to RADAR and a much deeper integration within the product, as well as establishment of the DAO legal & financial framework, ensuring the RADAR ecosystem is on the growth path.

Now let’s continue building The World’s Dapp Store.