RADAR Retrospective Airdrop

Hi all, please keep all the questions or feedback on the airdrop in this thread, so we don’t pollute the other categories.


Hello everybody! To my sorry I am not a spec within any programmer skills…))). To tell more I don’t understand clear how to participate with the airdrop inside the DappRadar even I have bought some RADAR tokens. Anyway I will try to be useful with our community! )))


I wanted to thank you for The airdrop, I got about 8K Radar Tokens and I’m a pro member of yor project
I’m so glad of being with your project.
I hope best thing and best success come to you and us.

How many airdrops are still available?


You can ONLY receive the airdrop if you

  1. had a DappRadar account before Oct 19th, and used 1 dapp with your connect wallet in the 6 months before that


  1. used 10 dapps with a wallet, and at least 1 of those dapps in the past 6 months

So buying tokens doesn’t make you eligible. But buying RADAR does give you PRO access and voting power.


I really appreciate been qualified for the Airdrop i got 8k+ of the token… And I’m also part of the DappRadar Pro… I promise to hold and keep the interest of the community in mind

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