RADAR on the move. Polygon, here we come. 🏃🏾‍♂️

Authored by @vandynathan

In celebration of RADAR’s 2nd anniversary, we’re excited to announce a major move: RADAR is now on Polygon!

Why Polygon? From [DCP-2] Use unclaimed Airdrop tokens to extend the RADAR ecosystem, our DAO community chose Polygon as a new home for RADAR. Today, we’ve made it a reality. Hundreds of thousands of users passing through DappRadar have engaged with the Polygon ecosystem, highlighting its significance in our future path.

Polygon’s Impact: By deploying RADAR on Polygon, we’re tapping into a vast community of over 216,000 Polygon (MATIC) holders and more than 405,000 daily active users. Polygon has been instrumental in Ethereum’s journey towards mass adoption, reducing transaction speeds and fees while maintaining robust security. Its unique market position in India and globally, alongside innovations like zkEVM, its CDK, and liquidity de-fragmentation initiatives, have been game-changers.

For Our Users: This integration means direct access to RADAR and Boosting on the Polygon chain. With lower transaction costs, we’re enhancing on-chain gamification and introducing new features. Users can now:

  • Access and utilize RADAR for liquidity and staking purposes.
  • Unlock PRO status directly from Polygon.
  • Boost favorite dapps and web3 projects.
  • Enjoy gamified rewards and incentives for contributing to DappRadar’s data and analytics.
  • And more…

Looking Ahead: Moving away from high APR levels (as per [DCP-11] Evolving DappRadar PRO 2.0 and Staking: A Proposal for a Healthier Token Economy), we’re focusing on providing advanced analytics, comprehensive reports, and additional product features. The PRO version will continually evolve, adding more utility and value for our users.

Celebrate with Polygon: You may have noticed that all partners in our pre-launch campaign exist on the Polygon blockchain. Thanks to partners like ApeBond, Aavegotchi, PlayDapp, and Forest Knight, the community has been able to complete thousands of tasks to complete the quests. There were, and still are, thousands of dollars worth of prizes to win. But, now the Polygon ecosystem welcomes RADAR.

To celebrate this spectacular moment, DappRadar and Polygon have worked together to create a quest. Go to the Quests hub on DappRadar, and complete the quest. You will receive an NFT celebrating the arrival of RADAR on Polygon.

Together, let’s appreciate this milestone as we look forward to many more years of innovation and collaboration.