Potential Mutual Collaboration of ChainSocial with DappRadar Community

Dear DappRadar Community,

We at ChainSocial (chainsocial io) are excited to propose a partnership that we believe would mutually benefit both our platforms and the wider crypto ecosystem. As a comprehensive service provider for crypto projects, we specialize in a variety of services designed to enhance visibility, engagement, and operational efficiency for both new and established projects. We would love to become a trusted solution partner for the DappRadar community, offering exclusive benefits to members and collaborations.

Our Services:

  • Community Management:
    • Airdrop and Bounty Services: Full management of airdrop and bounty campaigns, utilizing DappRadar’s Quests platform to maximize engagement.
    • Ethical Social Media Raids: Conducting responsible and informative raids on Telegram, Twitter, and Instagram to maintain vibrant and informative social media presence.
  • Creative Services: Including graphic content, video animations, sticker sets, and logo creation to boost brand identity.
  • Whitepaper Writing and Graphic Design: Creation, translation, and design of whitepapers to convey project intricacies compellingly.
  • PR and Marketing: Services like AMAs, press releases, and custom marketing strategies to enhance project outreach.
  • Content Creation: Regular creation of tweets, quiz questions, and detailed articles to keep the community informed and engaged.

Special Offers for DappRadar Community:

  • Exclusive Discounts: A 20% discount on our services for projects referred through DappRadar.
  • Support for $RADAR: We commit to using an additional 20% of our service fees to purchase and hold $RADAR tokens.

Additional Collaborative Opportunities:

  • Promotion on DappRadar: We aim to sell DappRadar promotions such as banner ads and sector reports to our existing customers.
  • Airdrop Allocation: With customer consent, we propose allocating portions of airdrops specifically for the DappRadar community, enhancing mutual growth and engagement.
  • Utilization of the DappLaunch platform: For customers that are in the early development stage, we can recommend strong projects with potential to the DappLaunch platform.

We are enthusiastic about the potential synergy between Chain Social and DappRadar and believe that together we can offer substantial value to the crypto community. We believe that while this collaboration provides us exposure, at the same time it will provide several valuable benefits to the DappRadar community and ecosystem. We look forward to your feedback and hope to discuss this proposal further.

Warm regards,
Chain Social Team

personally i don’t like the sound of you taking over the airdrops and quest missions.

You mention everything about what you can do for us but mentioned nothing about what u expect to be payed or anything.

(this is also a special discount for your community not Ares this would be used by your community which you would use to empower urself even more on DappRadar in fact you mention nothing about what services you offer or a link or any information on what you do)

My answer is nope so far.

Also if you look at past governance proposals you will notice that lunar marketing strategy’s has recently gotten a pass on marketing for DappRadar DAO and will be spear heading the marketing for the DAO in a couple of months.

Most of what you have offered will already be getting done by them in the upcoming months.

If you could offer more details on what you would expect from DappRadar and why you are asking for such responsibility’s would be much appreciated thanks you.


Hello Ash,
Thanks for the opportunity to explain myself better. I will try to answer your questions and raised concerns. I am new to this DAO discussion practice, so thanks for bearing with me.

As far as the airdrop subject is concerned, we know that the DappRadar community gets airdrops from several projects (nothing expected in return). Since we have existing customers of our own, we can ask them to provide their tokens to the DappRadar community, again nothing is expected in return. So it is not taking over the airdrops. The same thing goes for the quest missions, at this point, we refer TaskOn and several different other quest platforms for our existing customers’ mission needs. We propose to suggest they try DappRadar’s Quest platform for such needs.

At the end of my text, I have mentioned about gaining exposure for ChainSocial but you are right it can be done more explicitly. I would like to highlight the fact that we are not expecting to be paid or anything in return. We would like to widen our services to our existing customers using DappRadar’s solutions, and we would like to onboard new customers through DappRadar’s network.

Since I am a new user, the forum didn’t let me post links here. I repeat our website here (chainsocial io), I didn’t want to write a very long text and thought the website would be a good guide for what we offer. Here are some highlights: Community Management, Creative Design Services, Marketing & Press Releases, Copywriting, Investment & PreSale Guidance, and Community Building.

So we do not have a community, we have some clients that we provide services for. We would like to gain exposure in terms of being referred to other projects for the services we provide. We would like to offer discounts to projects that are referred to us by DappRadar. Apart from this discount, we wanted a small appreciation to the community, by buying $RADAR tokens in return (again not expecting any kind of payment whatsoever). So the Lunar DAO case is not really similar to ours.

I hope what I have written above helped to make it clearer for the readers like yourself. Once again thank you for pointing out the things above and so giving me a chance to explain myself better. If you have any other questions, I would be glad to answer them.


well from what i have read so far you would be better off talking to the DappRadar team possibly about a partnership ???
See what they think about that the email to get in contact with them about such subjects would be.
Interested in partnership opportunities?


This email right here.

Because you confused me for a min there they will be able to chat to you about you enhancing there quests and airdrops and you lot can work out how it could possibly work.

I mean we might have need for what you mentioned in the DAO dappradar side of things but im not to sure?

@vandynathan ?? he be better of emailing the team? or putting this here and we discuss it cuz i think this is a DappRadar team thing.

Email the team in the mean time as to not waste any time see what they say.


Ps: no worries with the being new to it. i was and am too =P think we all are =)


Thanks for the introduction and the proposal you shared @ece . I think it sounds interesting.

@madeafterdeath I understand what you mean but this can also be positioned as a DAO initiative imo because of the 2 aspects it has:

  • They are offering to allocate 20% of their revenue for buying and locking RADAR
  • Their offer for the DappLaunch

As far as I understand, ChainSocial doesn’t expect any revenue directly from DappRadar but would like to be introduced as our solution partner to our network. They will also offer our solutions & products to their existing clients. At this point, this can also be perceived as a partnership with UAB, not with the Foundation. A bit hard to decide so I think we need different opinions here from @vandynathan and @isogashii .

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Hello @ayseguls,

Thank you for your insightful feedback; it has really helped clarify the topic. While I appreciate @madeafterdeath’s point about reaching out directly to the team regarding the collaboration proposal, I also wanted to engage the community here to share the potential benefits for both them and DappRadar. Another reason for discussing this openly was to solicit community suggestions, as there might be aspects we’ve overlooked or ways to enhance the proposal further.

We do have other solution partners, but none with a DAO setup that could be leveraged in this manner. I’m eager to hear the team’s perspective as well. You’re right; let’s see what direction they suggest. I hope this message clarifies my intentions.

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Well I’m looking at your website now its well lay out looks good.

Twitter isn’t very big but this is a good thing to me means you have not used bots.

Telegram is clean as well

I noticed you are partnered with two platforms that basically promote anyone to make any token for people to buy pre-sale but massive amounts of scams get ran though them everyday so >.> that’s not good also i was looking for details on the team of chainsocial io i would like to know how big the team is and would they be willing to do a KYC and provide details of who they are and where you they from?, also you be looking at making A.I do most the work or would u be using real people?

Also where would u be sourcing your quests and airdrops from?

I’m curious about your team now.

Welcome to the DAO by the way nice to see someone come up with some more ideas for the DAO i guess with building are treasures up.