Partnering up with a new market maker


As some of you might know, Wintermute was the market maker partner for the RADAR token over the past 12 months.

Unfortunately, they were affected to a certain extent, by the collapse of FTX and other unfortunate events that hit the blockchain industry last year. They are up and running normally, but they are now taking a stricter approach when deciding on which exchanges they are operating at full capacity and on which ones they want to keep lower exposure.

This is a safe approach and totally understandable, they are looking after their business and they are not willing to take unnecessary risks and being exposed to another potential crash. From the information we have received, they are working closely with all their partners and they are trying to make sure the financial situation of all the exchanges is safe enough so they can resume the trading.

Current situation

Unfortunately, the process is much slower than anticipated initially, and the collaboration between Wintermute and some exchanges is still under the question mark: and Huobi. RADAR was listed on these exchanges and this affected the health of the trading markets on both exchanges mentioned above, where the volatility increased and the market depth wasn’t optimal.

Because of this, we had to take the difficult decision to start looking for a new market maker that would provide the services needed on the exchanges where RADAR is listed. We’re currently in the process of signing an agreement with a new partner and resume the market making activities. The goal is to finalize the agreement over the next 2 weeks. We will keep you updated with the progress and we’ll make an official announcement as soon as it will be done.

Closing thoughts

We want to thank Wintermute for being a great partner over the past 12 months and we are confident there will be more opportunities to work together in the future.

Interesting fact: Ventures is an investor in both DappRadar and Wintermute.

You might notice a few big on-chain transactions over the upcoming days to and from the Treasury, we are handling the market maker migration, everything is safe.

IMPORTANT: The content above is not affirming that or Huobi have any issues and Wintermute never confirmed that any of these exchanges are going through any problems. It is their business decision to take a safer approach and avoid any complications in the future.


Cant we just put them on Dex’s?? or is this more for the centralized exchanges?

Hope there’s a good marketmaker to be found soon. Good luck on te search.
Why is the fact important?

Not really important for the matter, sorry if it came out of nowhere. It was just an interesting fact that we have common investors and we might work together in the future if there are any opportunities.

Also @madeafterdeath - the market maker is fully focusing on the centralized exchanges. We are still planning on how to move on the DEX realm and find a potential strategic partnership or solution to improve the markets on DEXes across multiple chains.

Alright, all good. It standed out to me because I have a friend who worked there. Unfortunately he got laid off a few months ago.
It was just curiosity on my part.
Hope there will be opportunities

DappRadar has engaged GSR for market making

The role of a market maker is to curate order books that foster a healthy, liquid and dynamic market.

Some benefits of market making in digital assets include increased market liquidity and order book depth, and more efficient bid-ask spreads in exchange order books.

About GSR

GSR has ten years of deep crypto market expertise as a market maker, ecosystem partner, asset manager, and active, multi-stage investor. GSR sources and provides spot and non-linear liquidity in digital assets for token issuers, institutional investors, miners, and leading cryptocurrency exchanges. GSR’s trading technology is connected to 60 trading venues, including the world’s leading DEXs.




Interesting. I believe this will bring in a new healthy improvement to the DappRadar Ecosystem. We await further updates


I’m just curious who is the MM? Is that the only associated that can make the decision?

@senna you can see 2 posts above who is the new market maker: Partnering up with a new market maker - #6 by dragos