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gm :sunglasses: Skirmantas here, co-founder of Duacrypto

  • Discord handle: Dkane#4423
  • Telegram handle: duacrypto
  • Twitter handle: duacrypto
  • Favorite dapp(s): Axie Infinity, Pool Together
  • Favorite blockchain(s): Ethereum & Polygon & Oasis Network
  • Main interests: Transform DuaCrypto to a self-sustained decentralized dapp store with hundreds and thousands of contributors

Hello world
I’m Davily, a Web3, DeFi, NFT, Metaverse lover. I’ve worked in the mentioned space for over 5year, funny enough I’ve seen more than enough BTC/market bull run since I’ve been in Crypto space from 2015 till date.

I work as an NFT advisor at Sweetluxu Fashion, as senior partnership associate with COMEARTH Metaverse, Community manager and moderator at various Crypto project and acquired expertise from Blockchain council Academy as a certified blockchain expert, certified NFT expert, certified Metaverse expert, etc

Discord: Davilysunklin#0119
Telegram: @Davilysunklin1
Twitter: @Blockverse54661

Favorites blockchain are polygon, Zksync, sui, Aptos, Ethereum, Starks, oasis network.
Favorites dApp are decentraland, sandbox, Axie infinity.

My aim here is to scout project for collab, I use dappradar as one of my working tool for collab search and plan to work with dappradar as well

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We’re happy you are here! Thank you for taking the time to tell us about yourself! :relaxed:

Hey frens you should have introduced yourselves in this post

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