(Incomplete) [DCP-22] Proposal for The Development of the DappRadar DAO League & DappRadar Dex

Proposal for The Development of the DappRadar DAO League & DappRadar Dex

Author @madeafterdeath Community Knight with DappRadar


The rise of decentralized finance (DeFi) and decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) has led to increased demand for platforms that facilitate collaboration, competition, and economic growth within the crypto space. DappRadar aims to address this demand by creating a DappRadar DAO League and a DappRadar Dex, providing opportunities for DAOs to engage, compete, and grow while promoting economic development and liquidity management.


The primary objective of the DappRadar DAO League is to foster adoption of DappRadar across the crypto space while promoting DAOs and providing them with activities to achieve. By creating a unique economic growth pattern and incentivizing participation, the league aims to drive engagement and community building within the decentralized ecosystem. The DappRadar Dex complements this objective by promoting economic growth and providing liquidity management solutions, ensuring the stability and sustainability of the league ecosystem.


The proposal entails the development of two platforms: the DappRadar DAO League and the DappRadar Dex. The league aims to promote DappRadar adoption, incentivize DAO participation, and drive economic growth through competition and collaboration. The Dex complements these objectives by providing liquidity management solutions and facilitating token trading. Implementation involves budgeting, legal compliance, development, testing, launch, and community engagement.

Key Features:

DappRadar DAO League:

  • Tiered league structure with rewards and incentives for participation.
  • Point system based on activities, achievements, and collaborations.
  • Promotion and relegation system to encourage competition and progression.
  • Collaboration opportunities and community engagement initiatives.
  • Transparent governance and decision-making processes.

DappRadar Dex:

  • Decentralized exchange platform for trading cryptocurrencies and tokens.
  • Liquidity pools managed by DappRadar to ensure stability and control.
  • Incentivized liquidity provision with rewards for liquidity providers.
  • Integration with the DappRadar DAO League for seamless token swaps and rewards distribution.
  • Security measures and audit processes to safeguard user funds and transactions.

Team Composition:

  • Project Manager: Oversees the entire project, coordinates team members, and ensures project objectives are met.
  • Blockchain Developers: Develop smart contracts and backend infrastructure for the league and the Dex.
  • Frontend Developers: Design and develop user interfaces for the league platform and the Dex.
  • Legal Experts: Provide guidance on legal and compliance matters, ensuring adherence to regulations.
  • Auditors: Conduct security audits of smart contracts and platforms to identify vulnerabilities.
  • Community Managers: Engage with potential participants, gather feedback, and facilitate community interactions.
  • Marketing Specialists: Develop and execute marketing strategies to promote awareness and attract participants.
  • UI/UX Designers: Design user interfaces for optimal usability and user experience.
  • Operations Team: Handle day-to-day operations, customer support, and platform maintenance.
  • Finance Specialists: Manage budgeting, financial planning, and resource allocation.
    Implementation Plan:

Budgeting and Planning:
Determine budget and expected costs for development, maintenance, and legal compliance.

Legal and Compliance:
Ensure legal and regulatory requirements are met before proceeding with development.

Begin development of the Dex platform, followed by the league platform, with simultaneous development where possible.

Testing and Iteration:
Conduct thorough testing and iteration to ensure platforms meet quality standards and user expectations.

Launch and Onboarding:
Officially launch the platforms and onboard participating DAOs, with community testing and feedback collection.

Community Engagement:
Promote community engagement and participation in the league and the Dex, gathering feedback and making improvements based on user input.

Expected Time Frame:
Anticipated completion within 1 to 3 years, with a target of 3 years maximum for both platforms. Timelines may vary based on development progress, audits, and unforeseen challenges.


The creation of the DappRadar DAO League and DappRadar Dex represents an opportunity to foster adoption, innovation, and economic growth within the decentralized ecosystem. By providing platforms for DAOs to engage and participate, DappRadar aims to contribute to the evolution and advancement of the crypto space. We invite stakeholders and community members to join us in this endeavor, shaping the future of decentralized finance and governance together.


This proposal suggests the creation of a DappRadar DAO League and a DappRadar Dex to foster adoption, innovation, and economic growth within the decentralized ecosystem. The league will provide opportunities for DAOs to engage, compete, and grow, while the Dex will offer liquidity management solutions and facilitate token trading.


The DappRadar DAO League will feature a tiered structure, point system, promotion, and relegation mechanisms, collaboration opportunities, transparent governance, and decision-making processes. The Dex will include decentralized exchange functionality, managed liquidity pools, incentivized liquidity provision, integration with the league platform, and robust security measures. Development will involve blockchain and frontend/backend developers, legal experts, auditors, community managers, marketing specialists, UI/UX designers, operations teams, and finance specialists.


  • Facilitates community engagement and participation
  • Drives innovation and collaboration within the decentralized ecosystem
  • Promotes economic growth and liquidity management
  • Enhances DappRadar adoption and ecosystem development
  • Offers rewards and incentives for DAO participation
  • Strengthens DappRadar’s position as a leading platform for decentralized finance and governance


  • Potential challenges with legal compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Development complexity and resource allocation
  • Risks associated with smart contract vulnerabilities and security breaches
  • Competition from existing platforms in the DeFi space

Them who know me know that is A.I helping me there. and i don’t feel it said what i wanted to say but it made it look better so what imma do as well is drop my original copy of what i put before i ran i thought A.I below but all the above still stands.

DappRadar DAO League & DappRadar Dex

This is a proposal for working on the creation of a DappRadar DAO league & and a DappRadar Dex.

This will involve having to work out a budget which will involve, Development costs, Infrastructure Costs, Legal and compliance costs, Security Audits, Operational and administrative costs and contingency and miscellaneous costs,

Once this has been done, we will move onto developing it, if financially and legally we are able to do so.


To create two platforms for DappRadar & the DappRadar DAO The DappRadar DAO League will help with DappRadar adoption across the crypto space, as well as promoting DAO’s and giving them activity’s to do & achieve, while also Creating a different sort of Economic growth pattern not seen before in crypto. While the DappRadar Dex also promotes economic growth as well as making sure the liquidity pools are more under are control which means are ability to control League Liquidity/rewards, As well as liquidity rewards on the Dex itself is assured.


We will need key DappRadar DAO members who understand the budget as well as developers and auditors, legal experts, a lot of talent will be needed in its creation, I’m hoping with the talent coming from DappRadars teams side has most of this talent covered fingers crossed to keep the costs to a minimum.


If the proposal is accepted and passed then we go about planning a budgeting and expected costs for maintenance and development as well as what we will legally be allowed to do.

After this is done we start with the development of the dex before the league as this will be easier to develop and im sure will be ready before the League but both will be getting developed at the same time as some features will entwine with the dex.

Expected time Frame

I would expect between 1/3 years for both platforms to be developed 3 years being the max I would hope the sooner the better but we might not be able to rush certain aspects of the development like Audits, & or errors and bugs occurring so may take longer than 3 years but my target would be 3 years max.

Last notes

While this is being created I’d hope that DAO’s would welcome the opportunity to come and test out the league for bugs and how they feel about how it feels being part of to be part of it and possible improvements if any, this will be during alpha stages, and also for the dex id like to welcome the community to come test it out for bugs and how they feel about how it feels to use and interact with.

We will be looking to gather as many DAO’s as possible towards the DAO league to compete in a tiered league system the numbers to start with i expect to be low I’d like to gather at least 20 DAO’s during the development period of the league but ideally the standard target I would be hoping for is between 100 to 1000 DAO’s active in the League at any given time. Ranked between 4 league tables in these tables they will compete/ Co-op with each other for rewards at the end of the league session.

Any ideas from the community will always be welcome as we will keep the DappRadar community updated on what progress has been made toward achieving the above Goals but I have most of what I’d like to see already imagined in my head which is why I left the details brief if you would like to ask any questions I’d be happy to answer them just ask in replies.

Thanks for taking the time to read ash.

  • Yes to the Development of the DappRadar DAO League and DEX
  • No to the Development of the DappRadar DAO League and DEX

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All the above would be run by the DappRadar DAO as well. so would have to look to take on more debt but it would be owed toward DappRadar so hand in hand really.

Its about progression if it goes well, we’ll have that debt payed off in no time.

And as i said sooner we can get that ball rolling the better.

this is too stretched estimation, usually meaning something is not clear :smiley:

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you reckon we could get this done within less than a year ned?

If we can awsum but i dont know this is why i added such a long time frame even said why because we need to work out budgeting first and what we can and cant do.
And again like i said quicker we do this the better.
I put 3 years cuz if it is’nt completed by then ill be throwing dummy out lol.

and i dont know where to start with the expected time frame ned =D i am not a developer =D

Care to suggest how long something like this would take?

Thank you for the proposal @madeafterdeath . Imo this kind of projects should start with a forum discussion first before going out as a proposal since there is no clear timeplan and required budget yet. It’s not possible to say yes for a project which is in ideation phase. During the discussion period you can also find a chance to make more clear projections with the help of other community members who are experienced in different fields like development, marketing, project planning etc.


yer its cool. (I’m having 2nd thoughts about everything at moment anyways i doubt ill have anything to add, keep evolving it how you are doing)

I’m so disappointed in the marketing proposal if i help build a league now its gonna be in a narrative that helps them. from what i thought in my paranoid head.

So i expect a pump at some point to $0.25 Radar, (this is my expectations from the Marketing that’s now being funded in radar)

After that i expect it to drop to around the $0.065 mark (that’s when i expect them to hold at, while they had at the treasury and liquidity knocking it down so low, tho i expect if we take too much as a team or community they will knock the price down lower how much is up to them obv in my head this is what i believe)

Its sorta a sell out move but ill still help build the league and try to think of ideas that will help the community, don’t think i don’t have ur average user 's best interest at heart cuz i do. My advice right now is if they just hold 30,000 (and had to save up to get that) radar to unstake and wait for this pump if it happens, see what happens to the price. cuz like i said in my twitter what would u choose x 5 £32 airdrops (which with the increase of pro users With alot more to come is going to decrease) or a possible like 2000% back on ur investment? you could buy ur own airdrops after…x10 fold over.

Ill be sticking around tho but super annoyed. people i be working with ideas along side best have a scooby doo cuz i wont be nice about there idiot ideas. (while they play with strings in background)

Also reason i put it down to a Shiba pump is like this >.> in October 2021 shiba inu pumped for a month. how longs are lock up period? 1 month…what is lunar strats trying to currently now gain nearly $1,000,000 funding for polkadot right now for a meme coin so i WANT a meme pump please… if it does and it does a shiba pump, and floats at the price i mentioned ill happily work with them who come along in next 8 months or so if they want to even bother with me.

I really appreciate how this proposal merges the foundations of DeFi and DAOs, @madeafterdeath, and aims to enhance token utility, attention, and revenue.

However, it might be more beneficial if some of the robust feature suggestions could be integrated into the existing DappRadar platform, rather than creating an entirely new product line. While these two grand ideas could indeed complement DappRadar, they would likely necessitate a separate platform and potentially a distinct token. While this approach is ambitious and could be ideal, it also poses significant challenges from development, communication, and management perspectives.

For instance, the tiered league structure concept might be softly implemented into a Rankings page, ranking the dapps/projects that join the league based on specific metrics and activities, thus avoiding the need for a completely new infrastructure.

Moreover, we have already begun incorporating some DEX features with our cross-chain swapping feature, which is seamlessly integrated into the user journey on our platform when they are discovering Web3 projects. The current implementation uses Li.Fi means we have fewer concerns regarding technical development and management, as Li.Fi is developing the DEX aggregator for us. To fulfill the ambitions of this proposal and evolve into a full DEX, we would need to significantly increase the volume we derive from this DEX aggregator, necessitating a close examination of the demand and volume we can actually generate.

Furthermore, transitioning to a full DEX could introduce regulatory and compliance challenges, necessitating a delicate balance between innovation and adherence to legal frameworks across different jurisdictions. This shift might also dilute our focus from enhancing our core offerings to tackling the intricacies of operating a standalone DEX, potentially straining our resources and diverting attention from our primary objectives.

Ultimately, while the proposal contains key features that I can envision being integrated, before moving forward I would prefer if the proposal (1) gave more concrete details on how the DAO League would work and (2) built more upon the current DappRadar products that we have, leveraging our existing infrastructure and community to foster organic growth and innovation.

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yer we need to make this 100% more Appling to use, we got quests, a link to the token swap feature would be nice instead of having to try and find it. (we don’t need another mutli-chain incident tho) so again we putting the ball in there court with this one but if you think working with them to work on getting a DappRadar looking Dex while accessing there features could work in the favour of both of us I’m not gonna stand in the way of it. and we can work with the other dexs on building up liquidity pools on there’s as well as expand onto other chains if we do.(what the price impact for BNB on apebond like? at the moment?) we still need a league liquidity pool’s tho so how we gonna get around that?

we need to make sure all the data then is correct 24 hours a day across properly everything other wise supports gonna be working over time lol. and also where ever we get the data from if the points have anything to do with that and there is a error for certain ones can cause alot of bugs which can cost projects points in the league which sets off a melt down at dappradar from who ever is effected)

i’mma wait for (2) before i delve into (1) because how it all works might change so i agree with this taking more time to flesh out and get more details in even tho this proposal failed we should use it to brain storm and also the other DappRadar League page in the forum. what is are DAO webpage gonna be about and look like? i was expecting the league as part of that.

every thing we do in (2) tho i will brain storm ideas to fix into (1)

Good morning. The proposal didn’t receive enough votes to achieve quorum. Based on the discussion, it appears to require additional details and further refinement. So I guess a new proposal will be drafted. The current one will be marked as incomplete.


This is for the DAO’s tho it will be a DAO league and some DAO’s will be attached to multiple projects, and games ect nft collections, The DAO’s sorta need there own public profile page and we need 4 league tables for them to sign up to, We can use the rankings in projects as a they can add this too there DAO profile page to show people what they is involved in, and keep up with news, upcoming events, upcoming projects and updates, new partnerships, What they are planning to do in the league what they expect of DAO users on Dappradar like tasks ect, (there will be reasons for the rankings page to be used in the League but building off it i dont know how would u see it working?)

DAO Profile Page for DappRadar DAO League

Name of the DAO: The profile page includes the name of the DAO, along with customizable elements such as a banner and profile icon to help users easily identify the project.

Members of the DAO: This section lists the wallet addresses of members who hold the DAO token, NFT, or any other criteria that designates them as part of the DAO. Members may belong to multiple DAOs simultaneously.

Ambassador of the DAO: The ambassador is the individual or wallet address responsible for managing the liquidity of the DAO during its participation in the league. They also receive rewards on behalf of the DAO at the end of the season, serving as the representative of the DAO to DappRadar.

DAO Projects: This section highlights projects owned or affiliated with the DAO, providing insights into the scope and diversity of its activities within the decentralized ecosystem.

News: Users can find information about upcoming projects, current roadmaps, events, educational content, updates, and other relevant news related to the DAO. This section serves as a central hub for staying informed about the DAO’s activities and developments.

Partnerships and Collaborations: Details of partnerships and collaborations forged by the DAO, both before and during its participation in the league, are showcased here. This section highlights the DAO’s efforts to collaborate with other entities within the decentralized space.

Season Badges: Achievements earned by the DAO during its time in the league are displayed as season badges. These badges recognize various accomplishments and contributions made by the DAO and serve as a testament to its performance and engagement.

Current Rank and Points in the League: The profile page provides real-time information on the DAO’s current rank in the league and its accumulated points. This allows users to track the DAO’s progress and standing within the league.

League Liquidity and Project Market Caps: Optionally, users may access information about the league liquidity of the DAO and the market caps of its affiliated projects. This transparency provides insights into the financial health and performance of the DAO’s ecosystem.

By providing comprehensive information about the DAO’s activities, achievements, and partnerships, the profile page serves as a valuable resource for users seeking to learn more about the DAO’s contributions to the decentralized ecosystem and its performance within the DappRadar DAO League.