I suggest a new product can added to "Advertising on DappRadar Products"

I suggest a new product can added to "Advertising on DappRadar Products"

Now the current products and I mean here "Advertising on DappRadar Products"

ADVERTISING - Rotating Bottom Banner
ADVERTISING - Rotating Airdrop section (top)
ADVERTISING - Rotating Airdrop section (bottom)
ADVERTISING - Rotating NFT page placement
ADVERTISING - Rotating Blog article banner placement
ADVERTISING - Rotating Games category banner
ADVERTISING - Carousel banner placement
ADVERTISING - Rotating Rankings dapp
ADVERTISING - Rotating Rankings Text placement
ADVERTISING - Rotating Search spot
ADVERTISING - Rotating Profile Text placement

I wish I had mentioned them all , before I explain what my idea
I want to talk about influencers on YouTube who have famous channels on YouTube specialized in the world of crypto and blockchain, where they talk about cryptocurrencies, decentralized applications, currency analysis and predicting the future of these currencies,and how to use decentralized applications and many topics in the industry

Some of them actually achieve great success and very large profits, not only from ads and views on YouTube, but because the owners of decentralized applications, trading platforms and cryptocurrencies go to them and ask them to advertise their products in their channels and pay a lot of money.
This depends on the popularity of the channel and the number of followers
Influencers on YouTube advertise professionally when talking about the application speaks impartially, only tells the truth, and analyzes the currency, application or any other crypto product honestly and transparently and mentioned the weaknesses and advantages of the crypto product with all honesty and integrity

Therefore, the channel has credibility and confidence in it

And the confidence in it is high that it talks about any product in an accurate,real, detailed and honest manner and at the same time in an easy way that reaches people and in a commercial manner, so it has achieved great success

And the owners of decentralized applications, cryptocurrencies and crypto products pay money to the owner of the channel to talk about their products, sometimes it is a lot of money

Because he is sure he will make more than he paid , advertising on these channels has a strong influence

DappRadar is able to launch a YouTube channel or even a channel on its own server such channels are specialized in the crypto world and achieve great success
maybe it would be better if the video channel is on Dab Radar servers and not on YouTube But the idea is the same

Now we have many questions

Why would this channel be successful??

Simply because it will be under the name DappRadar, the famous brand in the crypto world
that specializes in displaying information about decentralized applications and other crypto products.

and because DappRadar is already specialized in this and has the experience and capabilities,
a product like this does not contradict its nature

Also, DappRadar is already in contact with many advertisers. It will be easy to offer them new marketing services

If a normal person launched a channel like this, he might not have achieved any success, but the situation with DappRadar is different

It is already famous and a brand specialized in this point , since the first day of its launch will have credibility

Marketing through integrated videos that talk about a product that definitely has a stronger impact than a text or an image

This channel will give credibility and people will trust it easily, which means that within a few months it will be an influential channel in the crypto world and will attract advertisers

In order for the YouTube channel to have a more integrated impact, DappRadar can create a Facebook group, Twitter account, Instagram, Linkedin, Telegram, and all the different social media, but it is separate from the social media sites related to DappRadar and be linked to this channel, but under in sametime the brand DappRadar and be integrated with a section on the DappRadar website

The system is integrated, There is a section in DappRadar that displays videos in the crypto world, perhaps on YouTube or even on a server owned by DappRadar linked to integrated social media accounts in same time promoting the same video ideas

Imagine that, I am a decentralized application developer and I advertise on DappRadar and it appeared to me the possibility that DappRadar has a famous and influential YouTube channel
that is integrated in with DappRadar website itself and also with a group of social media accounts that also have also followers

It will be very good advertising

I will ask to create videos explaining to my product and analyzing it, it will be a good thing, even if I pay a lot of money I will earn more than I paid

it will be another great product from DappRadar will be more effective

But another question, DappRadar already owns a YouTube channel and social media accounts??

Indeed, this is true, but the current YouTube channel does not present the form that I mean it is not similar to the famous channels in the crypto world the content provided by the channel is completely different from the famous channels it talks about other things
and also all other Social Media accounts, they focus only on supporting DappRadar customers

This idea requires new social media accounts and a new YouTube channel it will be managed in a completely different way and provide completely different content in an attractive way to the audience

Will this cost a lot of money?
I do not think that , Create social media accounts for free and it is possible to create great content for a YouTube channel with simple possibilities

There are very influential and famous YouTube channels that only one person works in it and he releases it from his home with very simple possibilities, some of them channels specialist in the crypto world it achieves great success and achieves very large profits

It’s not about capabilities and costs, it’s about a person’s ability to create, come up with new ideas and be creative and his experiences

But this product will take a long time to achieve its goals??

I think with in four months to a year, the DappRadar video channel can be effective and achieve its goals

If it’s easy, why doesn’t everyone do it?

Simply because if an normal person does this, he will often not achieve any success, even if he makes a great effort, because he will start from scratch
The situation for DappRadar is different because it is already famous and has a brand that will save a lot of effort and it also has relationships with advertisers and has big experiences
A normal person does not have any of that, it will take years and very great effort from him to achieve success

The idea is just for discussion. I hope the community will share their opinions with me in the comments