Exploring $RADAR's Multifaceted Impact: From Data Utility to Community Engagement

Let’s connect some dots and delve into this week’s DAOnloading $RADAR - 9% :satellite:

When discussing the Data Utility of $RADAR, the conversation typically centers around the PRO subscription and its exclusive data. However, the relationship between $RADAR and other elements we are developing, such as Quests, Gamification, and Contribute2Earn, isn’t frequently highlighted.

Gamification and User Engagement

Gamification, a major force in evolving the World’s Dapp Store, turns user interactions on DappRadar into opportunities to earn XP points and unlock rewards like $RADAR, the DappRadar DAO’s governance token. This approach not only engages users but also drives the platform’s growth and empowers DAO members.

Contribute-to-Earn and DAO Integration

This gamification strategy is closely linked with the contribute-to-earn system at DappRadar. In the future, when users engage in activities like approving, listing, reviewing, or updating dapps, they’ll not only support the platform but also earn $RADAR and XP points. This process integrates users into the DAO, allowing them to contribute to the platform’s scalability and data quality. These contributions are vital for enhancing DappRadar’s data, directly influencing the value of the PRO subscription, which is closely tied to the utility of $RADAR.

Quests as Discovery and Growth Tools

Quests in DappRadar, serving as discovery tools, lead users to earn XP points, shaping their ecosystem profiles and guiding them to become active DAO contributors.

Ecosystem Synergy and $RADAR’s Role

All these aspects – gamification, contribute-to-earn activities, quests, and the integral role of $RADAR – play a significant role in augmenting the data aspect of $RADAR and the governance of the DappRadar DAO. As the gateway to the PRO subscription, $RADAR’s value is directly correlated with the quality of data available to PRO members. The more comprehensive and robust the data contributed by users, the more valuable the insights available to PRO subscribers, enhancing the overall worth of $RADAR. In this interconnected ecosystem, each user interaction not only enriches the user experience but also bolsters the value of $RADAR, solidifying its role in the community-driven growth and governance of the World’s Dapp Store.

Community Engagement and Feedback

Your thoughts on the integration of gamification, contribute-to-earn, and the role of $RADAR in the DappRadar ecosystem are invaluable. Do you agree, have different views, or suggestions for improvement? Share your perspectives to help us shape a more dynamic and community-aligned World’s Dapp Store.

NOTE: While the exposure and availability of $RADAR contribute to its growth, its value extends beyond just listings and APR earnings. We aim to create diverse earning opportunities that support both the ecosystem’s growth and your personal advancement, rather than fostering a ground for speculation. Certainly, listings on CEX are important, but equally vital is an engaged community actively contributing to the platform. By earning, enhancing their presence, and elevating the status of $RADAR, community members themselves become a powerful marketing force. This organic growth, driven by genuine participation and reward, is essential. It attracts those interested in contributing and earning, further strengthening our ecosystem.


I fully support the insights shared about $RADAR’s utility in this week’s DAOnloading discussion. The emphasis on real utility over speculation is crucial in the Web3 space, and DappRadar’s initiatives like gamification, contribute2earn, and user engagement stand out as prime examples of how to anchor a token’s value in tangible applications.

The integration of these strategies signifies a pivotal step for DappRadar DAO, moving towards a model that values community involvement and the practical use of $RADAR. This approach not only fosters a deeper connection between the platform and its users but also sets a standard for meaningful token utility in the ecosystem.

The focus on making $RADAR’s hype a reflection of its utility, through gamification, and community-driven development, is commendable. It ensures that any excitement around the token is due to its real-world applications and the active participation of the community, rather than fleeting market trends.

By prioritizing the contributions of our community and enhancing the platform through user engagement, DappRadar is not just enhancing the value of $RADAR; it’s strengthening the foundation of its ecosystem. This strategy is vital for sustainable growth and underscores the importance of utility and community in the Web3 domain.

Let’s continue to champion these principles, ensuring DappRadar remains at the forefront of community-engaged development in the blockchain space.


long as the growth stays organic im super cool for it i hope we help each other during this phase and try and lift each other up. i have some sorta idea of what contribute to earn will entail and if anyone needs any help in future id be happy to explain and try and help them learn how too.

I already seen growth on are discord (people chatting) and the quiz is becoming popular now which is awsum. I’m still trying to think of ways to grow are discord and pro user base.

I feel we are moving in the right direction as well for organic growth and cant wait to see what its like 2 years down line.

Thanks for the explanation of what we are slowly achieving and growing into =)


I like the progress we are making and the ideas that are on the table, as other pointed out, this organic growth is healthy and I don’t think new listings would do us any good right now except for price pumps and dumps, volatility, speculation and all that. As nice as it is to have a 300% pump as last year, that doesn’t evolve the project in any way and most of the new users we get from that are just in for the price, some stay, but a lot don’t.

So I think we’re on the right track with the gamification and contribute2earn. Still a lot of work to be done but it’s a good plan.

I think app reviews are going to be a big part of DappRadar and I’m looking forward to it.

Until we achieve that progress, I think the staking rewards should be enough to keep people motivated as well as with a positive income (the auto compound is great).

I still need to update myself on the forum posts but I’ll have some ideas to share for sure then.


Quests, gamification and discovery lay very, very close to each other. The more we introduce RADAR exclusive quest with REAL benefits, the more interesting the PRO membership becomes. The is a mainstream / big audience hook.

DAO and Contribute2Earn is potentially something for the top 10% users. That’s perhaps not something for everyone.

Ecosystem synergy is slowly coming as the DAO comes to life. So that’s cool.

Overall, RADAR doesn’t fit one type of user:

  1. Hardcore web3 traders who are looking for that 1% edge – data
  2. Casual Web3 users – Quests
  3. The 10% who want to contribute and earn
  4. Developers / DAOs etc. who can benefit from DappRadar’s existence

This is strength, but it’s also a challenge in our communication / presentation / organization.

I think the biggest hurdle here for these things is that we can talk about the use case of RADAR here, but there isn’t much to show for. When I come to DappRadar with a big of RADAR… how do I discover how to utilize my tokens? As a dev? as a Web3 trader? As a fan?

Lots of stuff to consider and work on for us :slight_smile:


With the Dao side of things i noticed Nathan talking about DAO of DAO’s ect. so i decided to join the Nitro Dome DAO (its not even a thing yet im pretty sure as its a games company thing just starting they took over mintopoly and they have other games lined up which look good so im gonna join that see what happens but i need more information on how DAO to DAO works ect specially when it comes to how we co-exist together)
At the moment it would feel like id be pointing a finger to radar as i say this might be a good launching point to start off?
Think im deffo part of the 10% =D


Thanks for kicking off this conversation @Alex-Mammoth . As you said, RADAR is predomoinately a data and discovery token.

If executed correctly, gamification drives everything. From product interactions, product contributions such as listings, reviews, technical contributions such as code deployment, governacne contributons by voting and commenting. All of this can be gamified. Incentivised with EXP and tokens. I think it’s important to understand that RADAR represents data both through Contribte2Earn and the data that we collect giving value to the brand of DappRadar, and PRO utility giving us access to advancd data and analytics.

I think one thing to discuss is whether PRO is adequately priced or needs to evolve. Right now, we, in a sense, pay people to become PRO through staking rewards, when in effect, the utility of PRO is strong enough, the users should pay to use it. I think that for PRO 3.0, we should look to see how to make PRO, and DappRadar part of a free-to-play but pay-to-win ecosystem, with different features that costs RADAR (or other cryptos or fiat that is converted into RADAR to ensure more buying pressure for our native token). I could imagine that instead of PRO status being given based on staking, it could be based on needing to Boost a web3 project each month. By making Boosting cost a neglible amount of 0.5% of your RADAR Boosting holdings, this could start to create more RADAR demand in our ecosystem. There would be a product and economic incntive to unlock PRO monthly because you would be able to unlock advanced data anaystics, boost your favourite web3 project up the rankings for rewards (hopefully gamifciation rewards soon), excluse PRO Quests (as @nederob mentioned) and then also activate the staking rewards too. It’s a win-win-win, for RADAR holders, DappRadar users and web3 projects. As @madeafterdeath mentioned, I really like our organic growth, but increases RADAR demand intiiaves is vital to garner more long-term attention towards both our token and the World’s Dapp Store.

A crucial aspect of our journey involves recognizing the significant value of the database our contributors are developing. This database is not merely a collection of data; it’s a comprehensive resource that embodies the collective intelligence and insights of our community. By potentially partnering with decentralized data players, DappRadarDAO can integrate this database into web3 data lakes such as Subsquid and KYVE. Such collaboration play into our DAO of DAOs narrative, expand our data’s utility and accessibility but also position DappRadarDAO at the home of web3 data analytics, facilitating a more interconnected and transparent ecosystem. We’d essentially act as the aggregation layer for web3 data and discovery. :fire:

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Legendary. This is awesome to see @madeafterdeath. :trophy:

One of the ways that DAO2DAO partnerships can work is through tokenswaps. We find strategically aligned DAOs, where we can exchanges services and projects, such as them getting involved in our ecosystem through Quests, Boosting etc., and then swap our RADAR token for their native DAO token. It’s give us both skin-in the game so we’re incentivised to add value to each other’s networks.

The more cross-pollination of ideas and individuals we have from other DAOs, the more we’ll show DappRadar as an ecosystem where you can grow your web3 project’s community, with the upsides of holding a piece of the World’s Dapp Store through RADAR.


i like staking for pro it is expensive and yes we get payed for pro via apr on the staking but it was lowered as too not add pressure onto the price of the token.
Hurmmm were at a cross roads here cuz i dont like the idea of me and other users having to pay to become pro. other than holding on top of that it also takes a month to unstake your tokens to collect so that is a compromise from the users who are pro to DappRadar the company they give us pro we put alot of trust in them and stake and not able to sell any of what’s staked for a month at least that’s a good deal for everyone i dont think many people are gonna be happy having to pay to boost dapps only people wanting to do that would be company’s and there bots also on top of that they be the ones getting pro while the stakers on a 15% apr currently locked in for a month would get nothing other than them two things so for me this idea sucks lol.

Hurmmm possibly take away the pro boosting power from staking possibly and then have it where if a pro member wants to boost a dapp they can pay a small fee and what ever they have staked is added to the boost this stays until they unstake or want to change the dapp boosted. (if they go to change its a small charge again) if they unstake they need to wait and restake.

Also i got asked to download CSV’s from the Rankings on certain dapps so downloaded data from DappRadar Again a small charge as well as being a pro member staked. So the data that we can see and pro features like channels ect would be pro features then u would have pro functions Like the two things i mentioned and im sure you and the team could think of more without having to change the pro staking feature just build around it.

If you want to make microtransactions a thing on dappradar all power to it in a way but again its a big move and more than likely upset people i dont want pro membership turning to a bot fest which with this idea of boosting dapps for pro it will do.

I think we should stick to the organic growth. we can work on better quests via more partnerships and a DEX (when its made) to gather more demand instead of opening the doors to the Bot scammers.

I could have more to say on this but ill leave it at that for now.
Just cuz i disagree tho doesn’t mean i dont like the idea of evolving dappradar pro.

thats nice to know thank you. When im part of it then ill see if the nitro dome community would think its a good idea to partner up with DappRadar DAO which obv they will want too (best want too if not ill convince them they want too =) ) so i rekon that one will be in the bag.

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i thought of an idea sorta Tho i think someone else mentioned it in the past before and I’m recalling it. with some of the contribute to earn stuff if they do so many tasks they could get a small xp gain and a slightly bigger gain if they are pro which would help keep season rankings competitive and random instead of who ever gets the lead and does the most quests wins. quests would still be the main way to gain xp but u could get xp for doing certain tasks that would make leaderboard season rankings interesting and possibly make people want to do tasks just to get a rank in the leaderboard ect.


Always great feedback, and I can understand what you mean about not wanting to change the current PRO mechanics. This is why this discussion thread is more of an exploration of the different ideas so we can try to get community sentiment on how we can evolve and understand the token narrative. RADAR demand is a really big part of that, and having these micro-transactions for different services and products on our platform can quickly start bringing attention and liquidity to RADAR. The mechanics need some thought process too.

I like PRO too, I just think it should evolve to act as a lever to bring more sustainable and constant RADAR demand rather than solely being a supply sink, especially with the additional emissions that are being paid out. Even with no change in price, holding RADAR pays itself after 5 years. I’m sure that’s one of the reasons why people hold it. It pretty much pays to be a PRO in many different ways. We already have PRO exclusive rewards, on top of the data and exclusive content. We need people to not just hold it but become active in the community and platform, and I think the next product features will do that, I’m just ensuring that we brainstorm how these features can also be leveraged to create more RADAR demand. Interestingly, we are building more DEX-life features with our cross-chain functionality with Li.Fi. Looking forward to this anyd many other revenue streams coming to our DAO.

I like your idea for example, imagine if you list a dapp or web3 project, it gets accepted and you get XP rewards, but if you’re PRO there will be a multiplier. Those who want to climb up the leaderboards would start utilizing PRO.

Adding these micro-transactions or more of a subscription-based feature will only work if we provide the right features for users and web3 projects to feel like it makes sense to build their reputation on and contribute to building the World’s Dapp Store.

Right now, DappRadar is mainly free-to-play, where any user or web3 project can utilize the platform. RADAR allows us to explore more premium options, where people can use RADAR to get ahead. Whether that’s by getting more alpha through data, analytics, and content or being able to use more advanced tools.

In the same lens, building on DappRadar is single-player, whether you’re listing a web3 project for largely your benefit, or completing a Quest for solo monetary rewards. As we move deeper into our gamification strategy, by adding more multi-player features and products, I think we’ll be able to add more reasons to buy and hold/stake RADAR. And this is just on the discovery side. On the data side, as mentioned we’re building one of the most comprehensive web3 data sets. As we finish building out how RADAR integrates with the discovery side of things, I’m sure we can start imagining how RADAR integrates with our data too.

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micro-transactions are way to go instead of subscription i think that way you choose what Pro Features you want to use making it a lot more flexible while still building up the treasury.
We should be brain storming ideas for micro transactions for pro features.

I also thought of this idea while i was doing my tasks possible a good one to build treasury up without really having to change to much. (when someone lists a dapp the owners can take control of it but they have to pay a small fee in Radar or what ever to the person who listed it as well as dappradar to take control of it to update and edit it) this way pushes developers to try and get there dapps listed first before someone else and also if they haven’t listed it before someone else and they want to take full control of what’s being advertised then again a small fee.

This really isn’t anything to do with micro transactions tho unless we could some how make buying the dapp listings a micro transaction.

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So, almost exactly a year ago (kinda funny) I posted this proposal on discord, about a subscription for pro along with the minimum staking.

It was definitely too early then and probably is too early now too, but it goes along with what we’re brainstorming here and there’s some good points in that discussion.

I should say I don’t agree with the burning anymore, there’s no point, but I do agree that those tokens would bring a lot of funding to the project.

There’s a lot of ways we could implement this, but maybe, looking at the responses from a year ago, maybe we should have 2 tiers of pro? The PRO from staking and the superPRO from the subscription, but maybe that just complicates and divides things too much.

About a year ago, we also talked somewhere about having the ability to buy assets from partners using RADAR. Say you want to play sunflowerland, you could buy a piece of land using radar with radar fee’s to get started with the game, maybe you could get a discount or an exclusive item from doing it through DappRadar, it kinda goes with the micro transactions that @madeafterdeath was talking about.

I agree with the exp from tasks, it’s nice and fair, and could be made even more exciting with somekind of achievements that also give you some reward, like after 10 reviews you get something, then after 100 and so on.

Also, we’re a data company and data is one of the most valuable things in this world. We should ask, how do data companies grow or make profits?
The big part is probably from selling the data to advertisers, now we don’t really want to do that, but we can think on how could we redefine advertising? (Might be over our heads).

Let’s say we collect voluntary data from users, maybe even reward then for it, we could then make personalised “ads” for the projects they might like based on what they used before, (with a DYOR message in the end) and we would get payed by those projects.

Or we could just have a platform, like a quizz where users input some data to get some dapps recommendations, but im not sure how we could get revenue there


A cool thing for utility, engagement and revenue would be to do something like Reddit badges to award the projects or community contributors that you like the most, which you would buy with RADAR.

For dapps it would go along with boosting but separate, you can boost or dapp but you can award as many as you want. You could give the “most addictive dapp” award to Pixels and the “most profitable” to Axie and “best DEX” to sushi.

For contributors its kinda like a tip for the ones you enjoy the most. We could tip them in just straight RADAR but I think this way is funnier and more engaging


This would be cool prize for torrnie winners if we did something like that. a badge, and we sorta already have and did that with the POAPS i have 10 =D also we have rankings in discord, and rankings on quest leaderboard. the badge idea for a torrnie winner tho and 2nd and 3rd place that stays there as in forever while that projects listed and active. (that’s like a badge of honor cant buy that as such =D) someone mentioned a mascot ages ago that could be a cool idea like a radar nft meme line but what? (Radar the Racoon) <—think someone mentioned that its catchy =D.

Tips for contributors could possibly be a thing in the late future of radar possibly but i think contribute to earn will sorta have that covered if it does not then this is a good suggestion.

I’m not against people being able to vote for multipul dapps but how would that work if we was too do a torrnie? and quests were to boost a dapp? (mind you if there was a small fee for each time you boosted a dapp shurgs who am i to say no to someone wanting to vote for all 16 even if they wanted to split it even between them all) good idea. with the multiple boosting) (sometimes i act like im allergic to money) on top of this as well cuz its pros who can do the boosting if they did do 16 quests its the pros who gain the most from it nullifying sorta anyone trying to get a edge in the quest leaderboards via bots on a free thing but then it does turn into a pay to win game and engagement thing tho this is what we are looking for im sure…so its a win. and anyone broke 5 broke or not pro can contribute to earn to get that pro to get that edge so theres ways to get to pro also pro nfts nods plenty of ways to get pro other than just straight up buying.

Also with the awards do you mean badges for the projects? (cuz this could fit in sorta with my idea of developers who dont list there projects and dappradar and someone like me does they have to pay a small fee to radar and me to take control over the dapp listing they could get a badge/award telling everyone that this project was bought by the developers which would also gain a little bit of trust) (if they list the dapp them selves and dox there selves to the team they can get an badge/award for Verified team and a brief history of the work the team has done if they can be bothered to put it)
As for your common joe just buying random awards for dapps i think that will be few and far between, we would be better off trying to sell Radar Avatars for the profile pictures and possibly are own nft market place 3rd hand like we have done the swapping? fees going to radar and who ever they partner with for the market? make some radar exclusive nfts for the market as well as the market place making radar exclusive nfts for there side. all sorts you could do with a nft market. this could also add to the wallet watch list which also could be a microtransaction, a stalking fee this could go to radar , but on the nft market place it shows a list of the wallets u followed and you can see if they have any nft for sale that you might want to buy from them personally, this would be on top of the standard template for a market place like trending nfts ect we track nfts so why not have a market to trade them as well?

Radar NFT market place:
Radar Decentralised Exchange:
^ two things id like to see us have in the future. these two things can help with the tokenomics massively and help build up treasury box’s.

Also should there be a time limit to boosting?


1/ Could be an interesting concept that the contributors list the dapps/web3 projects for EXP and potential token rewards. When the project owner goes to claim it, they could pay either in fiat/crypto or RADAR (with a discount). Half the fee goes to the contributor and the half to the protocol. But I do think that we would need something a bit more than just owning the project page to get them to entice them to hold RADAR. That’s a big step for someone at an organization to do, that’s why Boosting is such a cool feature. It gives web3 projects the ability to get affordable advertising on DappRadar, and would actually be a strong idea as a microtransaction if we developed the concept more clearly.

That being said, I think we can have both micro-transctions and subscriptions like @jpcmr said.

2/ I think that personalized ads idea is something that we can do in the future @jpcmr. Imagine that PRO users who are native-web3 users, They get direct messages from our advertisers based on their on-chain activity. If they our DeFi farmers, then YFI could send them a message about new yield farms for example. We would get revenue because the companies would want to advertise to our native-web3 users. This could be a way to do direct and targeted marketing. But we would have to ask the PRO users if they consent. It’s interesting because then we evolve from just indexing a structuring data about organisations (dapps/web3 projects) to users.

3/ I’ve been brainstorming the Badges idea before @jpcmr, so it’s awesome that you see it too. As @madeafterdeath said, this is something that could be attached to Contribute2Earn, perhaps through users providing reviews to different projects and dapps.

I think that badges could be something that the web3 projects could unlock too. They could give it to their users through Quests and users could earn gamification, economic or cosmetic rewards on our platform based on the different badges they hold. This sits nicely with the idea of the projects earning more perks for verifying their identity etc.

4/ @madeafterdeath you know I had to check out what Radar the Raccoon would look like. Courtesy of DALL-E:

Create an enhanced version of RADAR, the mascot for DappRadar DAO, with a strong emphasis on the RADAR token logo. This intelligent and adventurous raccoon is not only passionate about decentralized technology but also a proud ambassador of the RADAR token. The raccoon sports a cutting-edge outfit that incorporates elements of the RADAR token logo visibly on the chest, making the logo a central piece of its identity. The outfit still features digital camouflage and blockchain aesthetics, but now with a more prominent, glowing RADAR token symbol at the forefront. RADAR's headgear, equipped with a virtual reality visor and radar system, further accentuates its role in the digital exploration. The raccoon stands boldly on a digital landscape, the terrain now adorned with luminous RADAR token symbols, showcasing its dedication to guiding users in the dApps universe, with the RADAR token at the heart of its mission.

5/ It’s amazing that you understand the whole free-to-play, pay(contribute)-to-win economy we’re looking to develop @madeafterdeath. Hit the nail on the head. You can contribute with your time and level up for perks, or contribute with your funds and level up by becoming PRO for perks.

In addition to Boosting multiple dapps/projects, if we’re able to add a fair microtransaction to Boosting that the community can agree on, in order to drive more RADAR demand… we could be onto a winner. The time limit on Boosting… yes please.

6/ NFT marketplace and DEX seems like a while away, but we’re already moving in that direction with the ability to purchase any token from most chains, directly on our platform. I definitely like the thought of us becoming a DEX and NFT aggregatoooor. It matches with our brand of aggregating data across chains. This will help to scale up our revenues, retention and traffic :fire:

7/ Really great ideas generated this week :clap:t5:

We’re gonna need a part 2 summary on this one @Alex-Mammoth