DappRadar social media statistics for discussion

I’m here trying to gather information about the extent of DappRadar on social media
for discussion with the community

So that from one look, anyone can measure the extent of DappRadar presence on social media
In fact the presence of DappRadar is good on most platforms

Most crypto projects have poor e-marketing and focus only on Twitter and Discord only
DappRadar is different in that it has good and effective e-marketing

DappRadar achieves a balanced presence on most platforms good presence and performance
Also, the communities on the different platforms are well managed

But it is only available in English, there is no strong presence in any other languages
YouTube channels, websites and those interested in the crypto and blockchain industry,
although DappRadar famous, do not talk about DappRadar alot

I searched on YouTube, the Internet or anywhere else and I don’t find many people talking about DappRadar
Other projects are less important, a lot talks about them and their tokens more than DappRadar

Although DappRadar is a very famous in crypto world, I personally known about DappRadar from long time and has a good presence and good e-marketing

There is no appropriate interest in DappRadar in channels that are interested in crypto industry

If this situation is changed and DabRadar is able to build communities in other languages
and also make those interested in crypto industry talk about it a lot like other crypto projects on their YouTube channels and on their websites and pages on different platforms

I think it will be able to attract new customers and maybe more investors which means in the end More profits - of course this is just an opinion

Please if there are incorrect numbers or I am missing some information, I hope DappRadar community will mention it to me in the comments at the end I will write the report again

The topic is just for discussion I hope to hear other opinions and other ideas whether you agree with me or disagree with me
The main purpose is to find visions and ideas that lead to more success to DappRadar

this is good intel id have never gone this far nice from what i can see discord is number 1 nice…very nice. id suggest this


For there discord server a bot that tells you the current price of dapp-Radar token. and they put it above

That bit so everyone can see the price of the token. that would be a good discord update.

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Thank you for your comment and your notes is important