DappRadar releases its API product

We are proud to share that today we have launched the DappRadar API.

For the past months, we’ve been working alongside our development team and close partners to release a stellar product. We’re calling all researchers, analysts, developers, ecosystems and product owners - it will now be possible to enhance your products with extensive blockchain data by integrating our API.

We want to make dapps accessible to everyone, and with the DappRadar API dapp discovery can extend beyond the World’s Dapp Store itself.

:point_right:t5: With DappRadar API you get access to:

  • Data from all dapps listed on DappRadar across different time ranges and blockchains

  • NFT data across multiple blockchains, containing Volume, Traders, Sales, Floor prices, Average price, and Market cap, also available in different time ranges.

There will be a free option for all those hobbyists out there, and very affordable packages for those who want to go deeper.

Find the link in the comments (Blockchain API for Data About Crypto, NFT, DeFi, Gaming & Dapps | Dappradar) to discover more benefits.

:face_with_monocle: The articles below will help you better understand the specific use cases of DappRadar API:

:thinking: Why is the API important for the DAO and RADAR?

The API is a big part of leveraging one of our most valuable and important resources: our data. From the very beginning, we’ve always been a data-oriented company, showcasing the most relevant datapoints so that users, analysts and investors can get the best overview of dapps. The API was a highly requested product and has potential to be an important revenue stream. By utilising our developing DAO structure, we will be able to engage DAO contributors, supercharged through gamification, to scale both the quantity and quality of this data.

  • Initially the API revenue will go directly towards our DappRadar entity. This will ensure that we can support the huge infrastructure costs and team operations, necessary to maintain and actively developing the API.
  • In the future, we plan that a part of the API revenue will be directed to the DAO treasury. This will align with the DAO becoming a bigger contributor to the API success, as we progressively include decentralization into our operations. The eventual goal is that the API will be aligned with the new RADAR Tokenomics model that we are building.

:clap:t5: From our entire team, thank you to the whole community for pushing us to develop this product, your patience has been rewarded. We’re excited to see how the API is used by partners and how it will evolve alongside our DAO.