DappRadar Referral Marketplace

Whenever a DappRadar user clicks “Open Dapp”, they go to your referral link. Like that?
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DappRadar is a web3 app store, listing over 16,000 decentralized applications (dapps) already.
Hundreds of thousands of people find the dapp they like and click the “Open Dapp” button on a monthly basis.

In more than 99% of cases, DappRadar does not get any kick back for those clicks, for various reasons:

  • Not all the dapps have affiliate programs
  • Some dapps use codes rather than affiliate links

Also, looking for affiliate programs and evaluating them takes a lot of time, making the process expensive. And even if a dapp has an affiliate program, often the rewards are not just a kickback from referee’s deposit or profits but rather multipliers and other kind of benefits. Such rewards would greatly benefit someone actively using a dapp but does not benefit a business entity (DappRadar) that does not interact with the dapp enough.

Meanwhile, for users, who are already actively using a dapp, referral rewards may be significantly more meaningful (getting multipliers on their earnings, earning whitelists spots, etc.). Therefore, the idea came up to build a DappRadar Referral Marketplace which lets you rent a space for referral links on dapps. Let’s dive deeper.

Referral Marketplace

Referral Marketplace objectives

  • Reduce time spent on looking for affiliate programs
  • Generate revenue
  • Add value to RADAR

Ticket system

User’s ultimate goal here is to get their referral link to be used when someone clicks “Open Dapp”.
Own at least 1 Ticket and you already have a chance to get referrals.

  • One ticket costs $10 (to be decided)
  • User can purchase and own many tickets at once
  • Tickets expire after 7 days
  • Tickets are not tokens and can’t be transferred or sold

More than one user may own tickets of the same dapp. In that case, when someone clicks on “Open Dapp”, system picks a referral link to use in a raffle, based on your ticket holding percentage.

Let’s take an example, there’s a dapp DistrictOne. Say there are two people, John and Alice, who bought tickets.

  • There are 10 tickets bought in total
  • John ows 2 tickets (20% of all tickets)
  • Alice owns 8 tickets (80%)

In this scenario, when 100 users click on “Open Dapp”, about 20 users would go to John’s referral link, and the other 80 - to Alice’s. Such a mechanic allows users even with 1 ticket to have a chance to get referrals. More tickets = higher chance.

In fact, the same system would work for referral codes too. If a dapp requests for a CODE when joining, Referral Marketplace users would add their referral codes instead of links. Then, before sending DappRadar user to the dapp, a chosen code would be shown. This also adds great utility for invite-only dapps, eliminating the need for DappRadar users to look for an invite code, while benefiting ticket holder(s).

Revenue & RADAR

All collected revenue is split in half:

  • 50% goes to DappRadar
  • 50% goes to buying back RADAR

(to be confirmed)


Looking forward to hearing community’s feedback on this.
Do you see yourself using this feature? Anything that looks odd? Got any suggestions? Please share.


I love this idea!

I am also thinking about how we can expand this feature for the benefit of PRO users. Can this be an option to allocate some tickets for free for a certain period of time for PRO users aligned with their staking amounts? Then when their tickets expire, they can buy new ones as other users.


@ayseguls Either that, or another way - to provide a discount for PRO members when buying tickets. Then, for anyone trying to make gains from referrals, becoming PRO is a no-brainer as it just becomes cheaper. How big of a discount - some deeper analysis may help to decide


how about allowing the pro users who get tickets airdropped to them are able to re-sell the tickets possibly at a cheaper price than $10 USDT/or another stable coin (with 50% going to the user who sold the ticket 25% going to Radar and 25% going to the buy back program) can also make it so they can sell the ticket on any of the chains radar is supported on as well so there be sorta 3 re-sale markets eth, bnb, polygon.

If the tickets have a expiry date on them should set it for the season, so air dropped at the start of the season, end of season airdropped tickets become expired,
Why does the ticket have to expire for 7 days until its used? is there something people could possibly manipulate if they don’t expire after 7 days… once you have activated the referral ticket it expiring after activation would make more sense?

Also with the suggestion i made people who buy too many tickets and dont feel its for them might be happy they can get some pennys back the airdropped tickets will only happen for 1 season so means they cant farm tickets as such, could make it a couple of times in a season they get airdropped which would be more reason to be pro. (also make it so the tickets work same as current airdrops more u have more tickets u get)
Radar still wins cuz its getting a 25% kick back it wouldn’t be getting from a re-sale from a user the buy back gets a 25% as well and the user gets 50% of the sale value. and its not like they would be able to sell them for more than $10 inflating market and u can make sure the airdrops dont kill the main market for the tickets.

(on top of all this id suggest waiting a season at least (depends how long they last) with the tickets how u suggested before possibly inputting my idea if it is a good one then you can work out how many tickets sell over a season (then compare it to my idea on re-sales at a discounted price from the users) <—properly see again another slight increase in pro users.
I dont know tho im just throwing this out there… brain storming with you lot on a more user based want =P.


a little off the subject but could we do some advertising on Spotify please.
Its cheap to list for a few months I’m pretty sure i looked it up and its cheap.
Also its something i think people on internet use.
Don’t know how much it would cost to create the advert tho but cant cost that much surely >.> not like were running visual advert.

And ur gonna say “what’s music gotta do with web3 it has its spots” in fact we should start making a web3 music spot for music people to start putting up music crypto stuff / music crypto platforms ect >.> as a new thing to list and advertise nods (this is something i want and I’m sure others would) Once that’s done advertising on spotify makes even more sense and gives us a more of a reason to do both >.>

I’ll try and get one listed to show an example.


Not much to add, like this idea

I can imagine in the future, as more projects get PRO pilled into building the Worlds Dapp Store, some might even include being a PRO member as a multiplier in their referral programs.

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