DappRadar DAO Newsletter - November 2023

gm DappRadar fam,

I think Uptober did well, and as we entered November it’s also time to reflect and update you on the latest developments and efforts to grow DappRadar and the RADAR community.

Before diving in, whether you’re a Web3 enthusiast or RADAR token holder, it’s always important to advocate this space. We are here because we believe that decentralized applications, digital ownership and crypto have an important role to play in the future of our society. So, share your knowledge about DappRadar with friends and family!

In addition, we want to invite you to comment on this post. What update do you like best from this newsletter? Read it all and let us know in the comments.


Token updates and DAO developments

Over the past month, two important events took place. First of all, in line with DCP-15 we initiated a new bridge between Ethereum and BNB Chain, as we worked with Connext to make this happen. If a Multichain incident ever again occurs, we would still be able to move RADAR around thanks to their xERC20 technology. Anyway, the bridge is now live and you can move RADAR from Ethereum to BNB Chain (or the other way around) on Connext. It’s also interesting to note that Connext supports more chains, so we can ultimately bridge RADAR officially to L2s or other EVM chains pretty easily.

The second update is all about a new proposal, DCP-18. We already had an approval vote on the Forum, and it’s now on Snapshot for the on-chain vote. So, use your RADAR voting power and have a say. It has already become one of the most voted proposals this year…

But, what is DCP-18 all about? Well, the DAO needs to become more autonomous and therefore we need long-term partners active within the DappRadar DAO. In addition, we need to diversify the treasury in order to ensure the sustainability of the DAO. In short, 500 million RADAR or 5% of the supply will become available for the DAO for OTC sales to strategic partners, and the DAO will implement an algorithmic treasury management program.

DAO workstreams

DappRadar will become a DAO, but this is a step-by-step process known as progressive decentralization. One of the things that will happen is that we will create DAO workstreams. Essentially these can be seen as mini-organizations within the DAO. We are currently discussing how Accounting and Finance will operate within such an organization. We’d like to invite you to participate in these discussions on our Forum, DAO Finance Workstream Discussions.

Also important, DappRadar DAO now has its own X, formerly known as Twitter, account. Maybe you should follow?

New on DappRadar

In October we’ve welcomed two new integrations. First of all, we’ve made Base dapps available in our DeFi section, as we now calculate the TVL of leading DeFi dapps on Base. In addition we’ve integrated the dapps ecosystem of EOS EVM.

But that’s not all, DappRadar now has dedicated pages for dapps that identify as NFT collections. These NFT Collection pages come with custom data points. Moreover, whenever new NFT collections are deployed on Ethereum, the DappRadar platform can automatically integrate these.

Even better is that we’ve launched two exciting products for DappRadar PRO members. On every dapp page you can now find Wallet Interaction Labels. DappRadar tracks the wallets that interact with dapps on Ethereum, Tron, BNB Chain and Polygon, and then uses machine learning to label them accordingly. It will be crucial for investors to get an idea of the type of audience they are dealing with… low value? Bots? Farmers? Wallet Interaction Labels can help you identify these audiences.

And we’ve deployed the DappRadar Browser Extension. This browser extension helps to protect PRO members from malicious actors. On request the extension can tell you whether you’re on the correct website. In the near future the browser extension will enable the contribute-to-earn mechanics… something we’re very excited about.


Our research team has done a lot of work to bring us the quality reports you are all used to. In October we’ve published three reports:

Media Mentions

In October DappRadar got 2,330 media mentions, according to Meltwater. That’s a small 11% drop from last month, blockchain gaming was one of the trending topics, and thanks to our gaming report many media outlets mentioned us. Also important to note, organizations such as SKALE, WAX and Bitget utilize DappRadar and our data in their press releases. This highlights the relevance and importance of our service within the wider Web3 industry.


October was filled with many events and campaigns by our marketing team. We’ve led conversations about the future of NFTs, joined panels about blockchain gaming, and had conversations with projects like The Sandbox, Ember Sword, Connext, and EOS EVM. Our head of engineering Michael Ionita also visited Blockchain Life in Dubai, where he was one of the keynote speakers.

It’s also noteworthy to mention that our Halloween campaign was a nice success, as we onboarded new users onto DappRadar, while also bringing back old friends.

Closing words

November will be a big month for us. There will be more integrations, product developments, and we expect to see the first iteration of quests. So here, take this sword, it’s dangerous to go out there alone. :crossed_swords:

What do you think DappRadar should be doing, moving forward into 2024? Discuss on Discord, get people excited about your proposal, and maybe your idea will be implemented into DappRadar in the future. That’s the power of being part of the DappRadar DAO. :muscle:

Please, get involved here on the Forum and join us on Discord.


11% drop in media mentions is a lot i thought it would be up in all honesty.

Obv the Token update and DAO developments are my fav bits =)
And the DAO will implement an algorithmic treasury management program. still think this will be difficult to achieve without a Radar Dex but be nice to see what every one thinks up.

Anyways that’s my two cents =)

Good update/News Letter, thank you for doing them rob.