DappRadar DAO Newsletter - May 2024

gm RADAR fam,

April is now behind us and crypto has taken a serious hit in its valuations, but… not in its adoption. We’re seeing an increasing number of projects launching on various chains, while users flock to new and existing dapps. This also makes us extra bullish on what we’re building ourselves, the World’s Dapp Store used by billions and managed by millions of contributors. That would include you!

Last month we achieved some milestones that we want to share with you in this monthly update. Most of these are bullish developments for RADAR, and of course the PRO membership. Let’s dive in!

DAO and RADAR updates

These are good times to be holding RADAR, while being a PRO member even comes with additional benefits. You may have noticed that DappRadar DAO is now formalized into a foundation, and this has been the kick off for various initiatives and developments that will pave the way for much more.

  • Pro Airdrops - Everybody who stakes 30,000+ RADAR on DappRadar earns a 15% APY on those tokens, but also unlocks the PRO membership. You not only get access to more and advanced tools that give you an edge in the discovery of Web3 projects, but you also become eligible for PRO Airdrops. In April we did an airdrop for Earthlings, which will distribute STEAM tokens on the Hedera blockchain to our PRO community. And more will come soon.

  • Growth of the PRO community - The wider Web3 community is taking notice. In April we welcomed 107 new PRO members, which is a decrease from March. However, we consider this expected as the market turned red. Still, this makes April the second best month we’ve ever had for the PRO membership, which clearly highlights we’re on the right track.

  • DappRadar joined DIN – DappRadar announced in the beginning of April, that we’re joining the Decentralized Infrastructure Network. This initiative, alongside industry leaders like Infura, Tencent Cloud, Google, Microsoft and more, aims to work towards a future where decentralized services are available to all, at all times. Together we aim to bring more services, innovations, and value to the Web3 community.

DappRadar Community Proposals

  1. DCP-20 - SushiSwap V2 Rewards Extension and Optimization - approved :white_check_mark:
  2. DCP-21 - Ecosystem Growth Marketing for RADAR - approved :white_check_mark:
  3. DCP-23 - Activating DAO Core - approved :white_check_mark:

In April, three proposals made it to Snapshot for voting, and all were approved by the community. However, some side notes: DCP-20 also suggested a future transition towards V3 liquidity pools, and perhaps a shift in concentration of the liquidity. DCP-21 proposed an external organization to work on marketing efforts surrounding RADAR. This will be the first test with such an external workstream for the DAO. While DCP-23 is probably the most significant proposal of them all, because this has enabled us the create the foundation that will make up the DAO.

Forum Discussions

All initiatives start on Discord, and then move to our Forum. On the forum we discuss ideas, share insights and formulate something which can later become an official proposal. This April we’ve seen various interesting topics being dropped by our community, and we want to highlight a few of them:

Events and Campaigns

This April we organized 2 Spaces on X with Lunar Digital Strategy, the marketing organization that will help us market RADAR. In addition, we organized an event together with Aptos, highlighting the developments on this relatively new chain.

Moreover, we created a campaign to incentivize developers to launch Quests on DappRadar. Every Quest creator has a chance to win some marketing services for their project, ranging from banners to articles, and other marketing initiatives. This promotional campaign ends on 10 May, so there’s still a few days to go.

Reports and media

In April we published 4 reports:

  1. Q1 2024 Dapp Industry Report
  2. Q1 2024 BGA x Games Report
  3. Hedera Q1 2024 Report
  4. WAX Q1 2024 Report

These reports and the data presented on DappRadar, generate media attention. In April this resulted in 2,200 media mentions, down 23% from the previous month. As most news was about token prices and bitcoin, media mentions about dapps took a hit. This shows that prices are still important for many media, while they could and should also be looking at on-chain activity. There’s work to be done here.

Among the Top Media mentions, we’ve seen publications like Cointelegraph, BeinCrypto, Coindesk, Yahoo Finance, Decrypt, Investing.com, and MarketWatch utilize our data, insights and reports. For us as a community, it remains important to talk about data mentioned on DappRadar through social media, because this will help to create awareness.

DappRadar Product Updates

Closing words

We are moving into new territory with DappRadar DAO, and this will bring RADAR into a discovery situation. In addition, the PRO membership is gaining traction and as we introduce more initiatives and token sinks, we’ll expect a growing number of PRO members. We’re now moving towards 1,000. Let’s go, and spread the word!


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