DappRadar DAO Newsletter - March 2024

gm RADAR fam,

Before kicking off this newsletter, please be aware of DCP-19. This DappRadar Community Proposal sets the outline for the DAO taking ownership over IP and products currently still owned by the DappRadar UAB. Read it, understand it, and vote.

With that being said, we’ve not been sitting still. In this newsletter we will update you on all the things we’ve done that impact the DAO and RADAR in one way or another. The future of this organization sits in the hands of the community, building together, conquering the world together.

We invite you to share your feedback here on the Forum, or simply find our team on Discord.

Now LFG!~!!

DappRadar DAO updates

Within the DAO we’ve had some major achievements in February, and no, the revolutionizing DCP-19 proposal on our Forum doesn’t even count. This month we published our DAO Report, giving the community insights in what and how we’ve been allocating our resources. Moreover, we see this as our first step into developing in public.

In this report we also looked a bit ahead, as we revealed some details of our roadmap for the coming months. For your convenience I’ve listed some of the current developments here:

  • Q1 2024 - RADAR liquidity program with Gamma
  • Q1 2024 - Quests expansion to more chains
  • Q1 2024 - Airdrop strategy for PRO members

During the next quarter we’ll create a community content creation program, while we will also upgrade Boosting. Very important for the World’s Dapp Store will be our first steps of introducing dapp curation and contribution, which will tap into our gamification systems.

Before all that happens, we still have enough to work on. Our Ambassador Program is ongoing, and our community chief @Alex-Mammoth regularly shares insights and progression reports on our Forum. Feel free to take a look, and join the discussion. We’re open to ideas and bright minds.

Moreover, we’re seeing innovative ideas flourishing within the community as well. @MadeAfterDeath drafted a concept they named ‘DappRadar DAO League’. As a concept, it pitches different DAOs against each other in an effort to earn points and promote projects on DappRadar. Personally love the idea, as it fits very well with the concept of DappRadar DAO as the DAO of DAOs.

Another excellent community write up came from @Alex-Mammoth, as he outlines the roles of gamification, contribute-to-earn, the DAO, quests and growth tools, and of course the RADAR token. Read it here on our forum.

More chains coming to DappRadar

In February we welcomed Aptos and Blast into our ranks. And early March, last week to be precise, we welcomed Astar zkEVM as well. Users can now find dapps built on those chains through our Rankings. Moreover, community members can set alerts for new NFT collections or dapps listed on those chains, while PRO members can create custom alerts based on key metrics. You want to know when a new project hits 1,000 UAW? Set an alert!

If you’ve not done it yet, check out the dapps from these two new integrations.

In February we also teased the upcoming integration of Aleph Zero, a chain with a strong focus on privacy. We already have various other integrations lined up for March and April. These integrations position DappRadar more and more as the number one location to find all dapps across all ecosystems.

Hot news: Hot Contracts

Those who paid attention to DappRadar over the past 2 years, will know that you can always discover and track dapps that have been released on the blockchain, and listed on DappRadar. This immediately means that our product can help somewhere in the marketing phase of a project. Nowadays, projects can already be listed before they launch their smart contracts on the blockchain. But, that would still require a manual listing from someone in our team, or from the developers.

With Hot Contracts we really pave the way for early discovery, and alpha opportunities. Through Hot Contracts we see the number of unique active wallets interacting with every smart contract launched on Ethereum, BNB Chain, Blast and Polygon. This includes contracts that just went live, allowing our users to discover NFT mints or new token launches as they happen. This is literally live, giving degens an edge and a world of opportunity.

PRO exclusive features

Hot Contracts isn’t available for everybody. We’ve made the Polygon version of Hot Contracts available for everybody with a DappRadar account, but all the other chains are hidden behind the PRO membership. This not only adds value to those who stake 30,000+ RADAR to become PRO, but also ensures that the costs of running this service is justified.

As we move forward, more features will become PRO exclusive. The more value we build for PRO members, the better value for money the PRO membership becomes. And you’re not even paying for PRO, you’re earning from it because you stake 30,000 RADAR.

Live events and co-marketing

In February we did a couple of Spaces on X with a variety of partners. For example, we talked to Linea and their collaboration with the Souls-like blockchain game The Unfettered. In addition, we stepped into the zombie apocalypse world of Undeads, while Gala Games shared their plans and vision for Galachain, which recently launched its first token swapping service.

It’s always good to welcome new communities to DappRadar, and we invite you to join our Spaces in a regular basis. We will always put effort in giving you the alpha, for example to farm on Linea or for upcoming updates in Undeads or the Gala ecosystem.

Reports making headlines

Our reports have always made headlines in the media, and in February this wasn’t any different. In February we published three reports:

However, it’s important to realize that media mentions should not rely on our reports alone. Reporters and journalists need to be aware of the wealth of information DappRadar can provide, giving them context and insights to tell compelling stories enriched with verifiable on-chain data. TradingView did this with an article about the Web3 MMO Pixels, CryptoDaily wrote about UPvsDOWN, while CoinTelegraph used data about Solana.

At the same time, we’ve seen various companies utilize our data in press releases, highlighting the importance of our metrics to investors, venture capitalists and developers themselves. Data from DappRadar fuels a narrative of wider adoption, and can potentially signal an upcoming token price increase or decrease.

Closing words

It’s a new dawn. While onboarding and bridging becomes easier, and the need for technical knowledge about wallets, gas fees and transactions disappears, a new era has begun. You no longer need to be technical to interact with blockchain applications, even though it still helps of course. But it’s in the knowledge about the technical details, where one can find value. DappRadar makes this complex data system understandable through key performance metrics. The real carrot on the stick here is that DappRadar is well positioned to become the app store for decentralized applications, and by spreading this message together we position the DappRadar DAO, the product and our ecosystem for major growth in the years to come. LFG!


Thank you for the mention rob as always great report thank you for that as well =D