DappRadar DAO Newsletter - March 2023

Here’s our latest monthly update about the DappRadar ecosystem, giving you insights into the developments of DappRadar as the World’s Dapp Store. We do this to increase transparency, and give you as much information as possible in one central location.

This monthly newsletter is also meant to receive feedback from you, so please feel free to comment on this post and let yourself be heard. We are stronger together and thus encourage everyone to be engaged in this vibrant community’s decision-making processes and overall governance.


Community updates

Progressive decentralization is a phrase that you will hear coming from us more often. DappRadar launched as a registered company 5 years ago, and is now on its journey to become a community-governed platform. This journey towards full decentralization comes with legal issues and organizational challenges. Without saying too much, a little birdie told me that we’ve been making great strides in this field.

As we’re working on the DappRadar Whitepaper 2.0 (not the official name), we will also introduce our most dedicated community members to the future of the DappRadar DAO. Everybody holding 5,000 or more RADAR tokens will be invited for a workshop on our DAO’s progressive decentralization and the roadmap that comes with it. More details about this soon.

Furthermore, thanks to your votes we’ve extended the ApeSwap Treasury Campaign. It’s been going very well so far with the DAO currently acquiring $200,343. We worked with the team at @ApeSwapDAO to put together a report which you can find here.

More notably RADAR has been listed on OKX, one of the biggest crypto exchanges on the market. In addition Gate.io listed RADAR as well. As a cherry on the cake, we can reveal that we have a new market maker.

Obviously we’re not there yet. There’s more coming, and that’s why we’re working on a proposal to allocate RADAR token budgets for listing on more exchanges. Let your voice be heard here on the Forum. As the token gets listed on new exchanges, we’re revamping the tokenomics of the RADAR token to make it an integral part of the entire DappRadar platform. These new tokenomics will be teased in the coming weeks.

Media coverage

In February we boosted our media coverage with both our reports and our data. DappRadar has been used a lot as a data source in the OpenSea vs Blur debate, while our industry leading reports have been covered by a wide variety of media.

This month we’ve seen Forbes, Reuters, The Telegraph, Fortune and Yahoo Finance cover DappRadar in one way or another. Last month we reported 2,096 media mentions, and this number has now increased to 2,911.

Please read these articles covering DappRadar and its data:

Industry Reports

As mentioned, the work by our research team has become a strong part of our media coverage. Thanks to our reports a wider range of media and consumers get to learn about dapps, Web3, DeFi and NFTs.

In February we published the following reports:

The NFT Behavior report did very well in terms of media coverage, and so did the January Industry Report. You can always find all the reports on our Reports page.

Product updates

The development team has made great effort in improving DappRadar’s services for DeFi dapps. Every DeFi dapp now has a DeFi tab on their product page, which shows charts very specific for DeFi dapps only. Take a look at the Uniswap V2 page, and let us know what you think!

What’s more? DappRadar has open-sourced the ability to add DeFi dapps to the DappRadar ecosystem. DappRadar Open Source DeFi Providers can fully integrate their DeFi platform into DappRadar, beyond the standard dapp metrics. You will need some Github experience to make this happen, but if you’re a developer then that should not be a problem. Learn more here.

As a dapp developer, we strongly recommend that you take control over your own dapp page on DappRadar. Optimize your page, add screenshots, promotional videos and so on. This is just the start of your journey.

Before you could only list dapps when they had a smart contract, but now we allow dapp developers to list their upcoming dapps as well. These dapps obviously require proven development efforts, and we request an estimated launch date for these unreleased dapps as well.

But this now means we can list dapps before the NFT sale happens. For example, New Ganymede from Metakey has been in development for quite some time, but there’s no smart contract yet for this dapp. The same can be said about the online action RPG Cradles. These are just two examples of dapps that are in development and can now be listed on DappRadar without having live smart contracts.

Submit your dapps

Integration updates

In February we have integrated the following into DappRadar

  • Cardano NFTs on the NFT page
  • JPEG Store as an NFT marketplace
  • Various DeFi dapps on NEAR integrated into DeFi tracker
  • Automated tracking of NFT collections on Flow through Flowverse
  • And we’ve welcomed Bitcrunch last week to help us improve our Machine Learning value estimations for NFT collections

Marketing campaigns

In February we had giveaways in collaboration with gaming dapps Cross the Ages and Planet IX. In addition we organized Twitter Spaces events together with Mocaverse and Alsomine, while we also have a marketing partnership with PlayZap. These types of collaborations allow us to connect with new communities, and welcome them as part of our ecosystem.

At the same time, we also joined various Twitter Spaces. @Pake012 (Pedro Herrera) joined events organized by Venly and Planet IX, while he also attended a webinar by Alsomine organized on Linkedin. In addition @saragher22 (Sara Gherghelas) was there to represent DappRadar in an event organized by Tegro.

New to DappRadar DAO

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