DappRadar DAO Newsletter - June 2024

gm RADAR fam,

No matter where the crypto market is going, our objective is clear. We are building the number 1 community-led discovery platform for decentralized applications. DappRadar offers beginners and Web3 degens the opportunity to leverage clean data to make well-informed decisions.

May is now behind us, and we’ve seen some tremendous developments in the Web3 space. This includes the rise of gamified SocialFi, increased faith in blockchain gaming, and of course celebrity memecoins… even though I am personally not so sure whether that’s a net positive for our industry.

That being said, we’ve got plenty to look back on, and special attention for various community-led initiatives. Let’s go!

DAO and RADAR updates

Airdrops for PRO members

Let’s kick off with some positive news for our PRO members, because this May we have the LightLink partnership which came with a LL token airdrop for PRO users. This token airdrop, which still needs to be distributed at the time of writing, will allow our community to participate in governance decisions on LightLink. In addition, these tokens serve as an incentive to try out projects building on this enterprise L2 network. This is EXACTLY why we introduced PRO Airdrops, helping our PRO members to discover and test new and upcoming projects in Web3.

Growth of the PRO member community

The increasing number of airdrops and the advanced tooling and data available to PRO members, have made our membership one of the most interesting ones in the Web3 industry. In May, a total of 68 community members became PRO, bringing the total number of PRO members to 857.

Compared to April, we saw a decrease in the amount of new members. However, considering the price action in the crypto market, this is not very surprising. We expect a stronger influx of PRO members when we move back into bull market territory. At the same time, we keep building and working to position the PRO membership as the most valuable community proposition in Web3.

Proposal DCP-24: Prediction Market

Coming from our community member @tj0x, DCP-24 was passed. This proposal was about launching a DappRadar Prediction Market with rewards paid in RADAR. Powered by BetFolio, users can place bets on dapps and their performance, through data tracked by DappRadar. Community members can bet on which Polygon dapp will see the most growth, or which dapp on Solana, or any other category.

Over a period of 6 weeks, there are 2 predictions per week based on DappRadar data. Each prediction has a 10,000 RADAR prize pool, and users need a BetFolio NFT ($3) and 1,000 RADAR to compete. A total of 120,000 RADAR is made available by the DAO for these prediction markets on BetFolio.

Ambassador Program Season 1 closed

The DAO has completed its first complete season of the Ambassador Program. Right now there are plans for a second season, of course, but no starting date yet. @Alex-Mammoth has done a nice postmortem on the first season, which came with various challenges and learning moments. Discussions surrounding Season 2 are already underway.

Progressive Decentralization workstream workshops

DappRadar is moving from a centralized company towards a DAO, a decentralized autonomous organization. This transition is what we call ‘progressive decentralization’. Within this framework, it’s important that our community is educated and engaged. The more educated people are, the bigger the chance that they will engage in governance decisions.

In this spirit, we had a workshop about progressive decentralization. The DAO now has its first funded workstream, and in the workshop we talked about its evolution and the direction things are going. In the near future there will be multiple workstreams, each of these working on its own objectives. Expect more workshops in the months ahead.

Forum Discussions

We are building the World’s Dapp Store in the open, and that gives anyone the opportunity to contribute. These contributions start with ideas and discussions. Through the Forum we’re seeing increased activity, and with DCP-24 one of these ideas has already been funded. Perhaps you have an idea? Let’s discuss it on the Forum. Already you can find various ideas being discussed:

DappRadar product updates and integrations

This May we had various product updates and new chain integrations. Below we’ve listed some of the highlights:

  • Aleph Zero - dapps running on the Aleph Zero blockchain can now be tracked through DappRadar
  • Cyber - dapps listed on Cyber can now be found through our Rankings
  • gm button - gamification was always supposed to be more than just Quests, and so we introduced the gm button. Click it once a day to earn extra XP.
  • Community ratings - within our Hot Contracts product, you can now find a column with community ratings. This gives our users the opportunity to share their thoughts through a few emojis. Availability is still limited, and voting does not tie into gamification yet.

Marketing and research

This May, we published a total of 3 reports.

These reports always have a big contribution to our media reach. In May, the number of media mentions increased 28% to 2,830. Various press releases from Web3 projects played a role in these numbers, as well as a significant amount of scams. Scammers distribute “airdrop articles” through blog portals like Medium.com, using our name to trick Web3 users looking for some free money. As always, scammers prey on our greed. Please, let it be clear that the only airdrops on DappRadar happen through our own dappradar.com domain. Nothing else.

Also when looking at the Top Media mentions (where we only track a select number of news portals), we see an increase month-over-month. The total media mentions from these top-tier media increased 22% to 55. CoinTelegraph, BeInCrypto, Decrypt, Investing.com, Yahoo Finance, and CryptoSlate were among the media portals covering our reports and data to enrich their stories.

Have you shared our data with your followers, friends and family? Start talking about the most active DeFi platforms, the busiest chain ecosystems, and of course the high potential of blockchain-powered video games. This will boost familiarity and will convert people into returning users.

Collaborations and partnerships

In May, we organized a variety of campaigns to attract users and developers alike. With the Web3 Builder Campaign we want to make dapp developers aware of the possibility to launch a Quest on DappRadar. The result was dozens of developers applying and launching Quests for our community. At random we’ve picked 5 winners, each receiving marketing support through social media posts, articles, newsletter mentions and more. This initiative shows the strong connection between developers and DappRadar.

The same can be said about our collaboration with xBlast. Something that started with a quest on the xBlast platform, resulted in a much deeper collaboration where users from both communities are invited to join and complete quests. From our side, this means an influx of new users accounts, who need to be onboarded into our community and need to learn how to use our platform.

Finally, we could not make this segment without mentioning ZetaChain. In collaboration with their team, we’ve created a Quest and a Discord Quiz to celebrate the integration of ZetaChain into the DappRadar platform. These initiatives welcomed newcomers to our community, while our existing members learned a lot more about ZetaChain and its possibilities.

Closing words

Summer is coming. The charts aren’t heating up yet, but Web3 adoption is definitely spreading like wildfire. We now have the Bitcoin halving behind us, and analysts expect a price surge in the coming 12 months. However, it’s far more important for us to make the discovery of dapps easier and smoother. Whenever the mainstream audience comes back, DappRadar needs to have an offering that they can’t ignore. Obviously our PRO membership is part of that. If you aren’t PRO yet, you should reconsider your priorities. Become PRO, and stay PRO, because this is the only membership that you can earn back.


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