DappRadar DAO Newsletter - June 2023

DappRadar DAO Newsletter - June 2023

gm DappRadar fam and Web3 explorers,

We’re almost halfway through the year, and therefore it’s time for another monthly update about all things DappRadar DAO, RADAR and the DappRadar platform. We’ve had lots of interesting developments in our ecosystem, and this is the right moment to provide a complete overview for all of you.

First and foremost, we are a community of builders, thinkers and enthusiasts. We definitely appreciate your feedback on the things we work on, because that will help to make the platform better for everybody. So, please join our Discord and let us know what you think about the developments and products. Of course you can also comment here on the Forum. This helps us to improve the product and see how we can effectively grow a more sustainable and value alignment community. You are DappRadar DAO,


Community updates

In order to grow DappRadar DAO and create a better connection between everybody and the different community pillars in our ecosystem, we’ve launched the DappRadar Ambassador Pilot Program. The pilot program was received with lots of enthusiasm. We received 132 applications for only 5 positions, and we consider this level of eagerness amazing.

We’ve now welcomed the following Ambassadors:

  • Mike “WWWSpaceship” Perez, as Outreach Wizard

  • Selim “Selim.C” Center, as Knowledge Sensei

  • Luciano “LucianoMathias” Mathias, as Content Alchemist

  • Ringo “RingoMiner” Miner, as Community Knight

  • Olaoluwa “ApostleOfFinance” Tunmise, as Analytical Sage

By the words of our community manager AlexMammoth, “These ambassadors have been chosen for their outstanding skills and qualities. Their expertise and passion will be instrumental in creating a strong and vibrant community.”

The Ambassadors will get started this week, and you can meet them in our Discord channel. To get an idea about their duties, please refer to this post on the Forum.

The pilot will take two months, after which we will assess the success of the Ambassador Pilot Program. For DappRadar this is another fundamental step towards creating a community of enthusiasts, and building the World’s Dapp Store together for everybody to enjoy.

Media coverage

In May, we saw a slight drop in the number of media mentions. While April had 3,390 media mentions, during May the media covered us 2,665 times. Even though we didn’t see a change in the number of media covering us, it was more about the frequency they mentioned DappRadar.

Among the media we find Decrypt, CoinDesk.tv, BeInCrypto, Fortune, Nasdaq, CryptoSlate, The Daily Hodl, Forbes, CNBC, Yahoo! Finance, Cointelegraph, Reuters, Bloomberg, and Financial Times.

The coverage by the leading crypto news platform Coindesk and its video platform Coindesk.TV stood out.

Industry Reports

We started the month with the publication of the April Industry Report, in which we highlighted the rise of Layer-2 solutions such as Arbitrum. In addition, we’ve seen lots of hype surrounding memecoins, which obviously came with lots of activity on decentralized exchanges. As a result, 29% of the blockchain activity came from DeFi dapps.

NFT trading activity on Flow has seen a bump, and the same could be said about the total value locked (TVL) in DeFi platforms on Flow. Our report about the Flow ecosystem went a bit under the radar (no pun intended), but provides valuable insights for those looking to dive deeper into Flow.

More high profile was our blockchain gaming report in partnership with the Blockchain Game Alliance. Even though gaming saw a 10% decline in UAW in April 2023, the sector retained a 38% dominance over the industry. This still positions gaming as a leading product category in the blockchain space, which $421 million in gaming investments would underline.

Our blockchain analyst Sara Gherghelas noted that the NFT industry could be on its way to a total trading volume of less than $1 billion. She highlighted the trend in a report published on 18 May. This was later confirmed in our May Industry Report which we published on 1 June.

But perhaps the biggest trend in May, has been the rise of NFT lending. Lending platform Blur Blend has acquired 82% of the NFT lending market with $375 million in May. Sara wrote a super interesting report about this trend.

Product and Integration updates

While product development is ongoing, and we’re working on the heavily renewed Rankings, the development team also released some new interesting products.

  • You can now use your own NFT as an avatar on DappRadar. Right now it just looks nice, but in the future this will be even cooler when gamification finds its way into DappRadar. How? Simply login, click your account, click Settings, click your profile icon, and select your favorite NFT on Ethereum, BNB Chain or Polygon. Of course, make sure your correct wallet has been connected.

  • DappRadar launched a new API pricing tier. The Trader tier is an ideal package for crypto traders who want to use dapp data to speculate on token prices. For $9.99 per month, traders can use our data to perhaps gain an edge over the competition.

  • We also welcomed NFTs on Cronos, allowing users to gain more insights into the NFT trading ecosystem on the blockchain. In addition, we added Arbitrum to the DeFi page, providing token and TVL insights for crypto enthusiasts about specific DeFi dapps.

Our product developments never stop here at DappRadar. We are constantly innovating our platform to ensure that we provide our user base with what they need to become the best Web3 explorers in the industry.

Marketing campaigns

Marketing activities in May were widespread and fruitful. We’ve done fun collaborations with Kekkleberry and Illuvium, organizing interesting Twitter Spaces events combined with fun giveaways. This allows us to introduce our audience to new and upcoming projects while introducing their communities to DappRadar.

Moreover, our team attended various events across the globe. Our Head of Engineering Michael Ionita visited Bitcoin Miami, as the Bitcoin ecosystem seems to warm up to the idea of decentralized applications. In addition, our Head of DAO @vandynathan went to ETHdam in Amsterdam to connect with DAOs and talk about privacy in the age of blockchain. These events allowed us to connect with existing users, but also to convert people into dapp believers. Let’s go!

The fun didn’t end there, we’ve had some amazing guests in our weekly Twitter Spaces about blockchain games. While we organized our first DAO Dialogues event, in which we talked about DAO Governance and how it works.

New to DappRadar DAO

What is DappRadar DAO, and how do I get involved? Read all about how we see the DAO evolve, and what the future will hold for DappRadar as the number one discovery platform for decentralized applications in DeFi, gaming and all other product categories.


Between your reports and my talks with @Alex-Mammoth I am so freaking bullish on the future of this project and the DAO.

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