DappRadar DAO Newsletter - February 2024

gm RADAR fam,

Time flies, and I can already tell that 2024 will be a monumental year for our community and the wider Web3 metaverse. In this newsletter we will look forward a little bit, but moreover we will look back at the developments that occurred in January.

These monthly updates provide useful information for those who are invested one way or the other in RADAR and DappRadar. We also believe that it’s better to build together, and therefore we invite you to share your feedback here on the Forum, or simply find our team on Discord.

Now, let’s dive in!

RADAR token updates and DAO developments

In December, we enabled a bridge for RADAR between Ethereum, BNB Chain and now also Polygon. This now also means that users can buy RADAR on Polygon and acquire their PRO membership this way. We’re still the only membership in Web3 where you get paid to be a member. And we’ve got a whole lot more coming in the next few months!

A few weeks ago, we published a manifesto on DappRadar DAO metagovernance. In short, when DappRadar receives a grant they will repurpose some of that money to take a seat in their DAO. This starts with Optimism, as we received a grant from the Optimism RetroPGF 3. We’re already actively participating in their community through their DAO forums.

In addition, DappRadar DAO runs a validator for the Ronin network. Because DappRadar is chain agnostic, our DAO invites participants from any other Web3 organization to participate. Hence, we become the DAO of DAOs.

Chain integrations

At the time of writing, DappRadar already has 57 different blockchains integrated, and the latest to join the party is Oasys. The Japanese gaming chain consists of various layers. Through our Rankings users can get data for each of those layers, or Verses as they call them. With Oasys we welcome an exciting new partner, and we can’t wait to help them grow their market share.

In addition, we have already pre-announced a new blockchain ecosystem coming to DappRadar. Very soon you will be able to discover dapps on Aptos through DappRadar, the World’s Dapp Store. We look forward to welcoming their community too.

Partnership with LI.FI for Token Swap and Bridge

In January we also announced our partnership with LI.FI, as they help us to serve our users with an integrated cross-chain token swap functionality. This means that Web3 explorers can now find a dapp through the Chain Pages or Rankings, and then swap a token straight from the dapp’s project page.

As a result, DappRadar now offers users two ways to get crypto as they please, without the need to leave our platform.

  1. Buy crypto with your credit card thanks to our Transak integration.
  2. Swap any token to and from any of the supported chains.

This means that you can have a couple of dust tokens across different chains, and swap them all for RADAR on Polygon or BNB Chain. Easy, fast, and above all against very competitive prices. Fees of 0.6% for normal users, while PRO users get a 50% discount.

We now welcome any project on DappRadar

DappRadar has now evolved to allow any project to list their product or service, regardless of whether they have smart contracts. This means that infrastructure service providers, wallets and other tools can now list their products. We think that this will become a nice database of services, which ultimately can be filled by community contributions. This benefits anybody delving into Web3, helping them to discover the tools to build, develop, use and play with services, projects and games.

In addition, as the list of Web3 projects grows, we can associate these products with chains, dapps and tokens. For example, certain wallets only work with particular chains. This will improve the experience of discovery through the World’s Dapp Store, as you can seamlessly see what’s needed to participate in a certain ecosystem.

To list their projects, developers simply need to make an account for our developer dashboard, and provide us with the necessary information. After providing all the information and graphics, your project can be found on the Web3 Projects Ecosystem page.

Laying the foundations for gamification

Last year we launched Quests. This platform allows developers to attract an audience, and to create awareness for a new project or product feature. While Web3 users, or explorers as we often refer to them, get to discover new projects. This discovery process isn’t without benefits, as users can earn rewards and level up their account.

Gamification is a big part of DappRadar as we move forward. With the deployment of Quests and the launch of the Reward Center, we’ve laid a foundation for the future of gamification. Our gamification product will allow users to earn XP. They can earn XP by completing quests, and in the future we will introduce more ways to earn XP.

In the Reward Center anybody can see the top participants, sorted by the amount of XP they’ve gathered. Every season we will introduce new mechanics and methods in an effort to optimize the product and increase community satisfaction. Again, your feedback here is greatly appreciated.

In January we launched various new quests, testing the waters and discovering what works, what doesn’t, and what we still need to develop.

  • PRO members got 2 exclusive quests, allowing them to win tickets for Blockchain Life in Dubai, and 1 year of free VPN services from DeGuard.
  • We also launched a quest for our own Token Swap product, introducing new functionalities on the platform through our Quests.
  • And of course we launched various quests with partners like WAX’s Music Mogul, tokenized realtor RealtyX, and Web3 safety platform Blockfence.

New service provider for our API

Blobr, our old API service provider and payment platform, pulled the plug on their API services. That’s why we’ve now partnered up with a new service provider. Thanks to our marketing team for the communications, and our API and tech teams for the development, our API clients could utilize their endpoints without any real interruption. Curious about our API services, start here.


In previous years we always published our yearly report a week before Christmas, but now we waited until the year was actually over. In January we published two reports:

PR and media

As always, both reports had a strong contribution to our media mentions. In January we recorded 2,190 media mentions, down 24% from the numbers measured in December. This includes mentions of the reports, but also the integration of Oasys got quite some media attention. Furthermore, various projects utilize data from DappRadar in their press releases to promote their vision, product or services.

Throughout January we’ve organized a variety of Spaces and AMA events, while our blockchain analyst Sara Gherghelas also joined various sessions. Moreover, increased activity from the Ambassadors is bringing forth strong voices straight from our community. They create social media content, but also organize Spaces and AMA sessions in Discord to educate the wider DappRadar community. For the people, by the people. All are one.

Closing words

It’s darkest before dawn, they say. And I think there’s light shining through the clouds right now, as Web3 gains traction. Together with you, our dedicated community, we’re looking forward to pushing the World’s Dapp Store to great heights. As more dapps hit the market and cross-chain technology improves, single chain products become less relevant. It’s far more important to make all the information available and insightful, and that’s where DappRadar comes into play.

Don’t forget, you can play a role in that future. Your influence starts by dropping comments and sharing ideas, and you can elevate those by becoming a PRO member and holding RADAR for governance voting. Don’t celebrate when a Web2 project lists a Web3 game, but let’s build our own store for the people, by the people.

With RADAR, you hold the keys to the World’s Dapp Store.


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