DappRadar DAO Newsletter - April 2024

gm RADAR fam,

Spring is here, Easter and April Fools are behind us, and we look back at an amazing ending of Q1 2024. DappRadar DAO has made tremendous progress in establishing its organization, and we’re excited to see external parties becoming part of our efforts as a decentralized organization. In March we had various proposals on our Forum, and we’ve seen ongoing efforts to create more value for RADAR through the DappRadar PRO membership. This membership will not only become more relevant as time goes on, but we want it to become a necessary membership for everybody who’s serious about exploring Web3 in a deep and meaningful way. You thought Q1 2024 was bullish? Wait for the upcoming quarter! But first, let’s look back at our activities in March.

DAO and RADAR updates

Like a hurricane, our team has brought a wide variety of product updates and services to the market that push RADAR, the DappRadar DAO and the PRO membership to the forefront of the industry. Let’s take a look at everything that’s new this month.

  • PRO Airdrops - Everybody who stakes 30,000 RADAR or more through DappRadar, becomes a PRO member. These PRO members get access to more tools, filters and services to discover and tracks trending and newly launched projects. But they will now also receive PRO Airdrops. Through collaborations with partner projects, our PRO members will receive regular airdrops in their wallets. The idea is that these tokens introduce users to new ecosystems, projects and Web3 concepts. Our first airdrop was the OP token, welcoming our PRO community to the Optimism ecosystem of Superchains, and the Optimism DAO.

  • Growth of PRO community - In March we’ve seen tremendous growth in the number of PRO members joining our ecosystem, adding 173 new members. And, this doesn’t even come from our PRO Airdrops, but more from a general interest in the services the PRO membership provides. We’ve welcomed the highest number of new PRO members in over a year, emphasizing the momentum we’re having right now.

  • RADAR liquidity program on Polygon - RADAR has been available on Polygon for a few months now, but we’ve never incentivized liquidity there. This now changed through our collaboration with Gamma and QuickSwap. Together we’ve created a liquidity program that invites users to provide liquidity in the MATIC-RADAR pool on QuickSwap, and then earn juicy RADAR and QUICK rewards in the process. Having liquidity on Polygon is important as we work towards a multichain future. Polygon and its new AggLayer make liquidity available across the Polygon 2.0 ecosystem. We believe this is an exciting development, necessary for the growth of Web3. Therefore having liquidity on Polygon through QuickSwap and managed by Gamma, helps us establish RADAR as one of the fundamental tokens in the dapp ecosystem.

Aside from these developments, our Forum has been a vivid platform for those who want to have a say in the direction DappRadar DAO and the DappRadar platform are going. This March we’ve seen 3 proposals hit the Forum. In some cases these proposals were welcomed with open arms by everybody, reaching consensus very quickly. However, others sparked a lively debate. Let’s dive into the 3 proposals and their current status.

  • DCP-19, Activating DappRadar Foundation - With 100% consensus from the DappRadar community, we’ve been able to legally establish DappRadar DAO as a foundation. This means that the foundation, or DAO, will own various products (IP) originally created by the DappRadar UAB. This also means that the DAO now has its first contractors, and revenue streams.

  • DCP-20, SushiSwap V2 Rewards Extension and Optimization - Currently on the Forum, and likely about to go live on Snapshot, is DCP-20. This proposal sets new parameters for the liquidity rewards on SushiSwap V2 on Ethereum. We invite you to read the proposal and share your opinions.

  • DCP-21, Ecosystem growth marketing for RADAR - This is the first proposal done by an external party to get funding for marketing campaigns to promote DappRadar, RADAR and the PRO membership. This is what being a DAO is all about, so join the discussion.

DappRadar platform updates

This March we’ve had some major updates to the DappRadar platform, that helped us to position ourselves as one of the biggest alpha products on the market. Hot Contracts allows users to see which smart contracts are the most popular, and which ones just launched. This means that you can find new memecoins and NFT collections as they launch or go on sale. This March we added support for Blast and zkSync Era, adding to the already supported chains Ethereum, BNB Chain, Polygon and Base.

The three most popular contracts on each of the supported chains are visible to everybody. But, you need to be a PRO member to see all the contracts, to apply filters, or to sort the contracts in any way you want. So, if you want to find newly launched ERC-20 contracts on Blast or Base, you need to be a PRO member.

Ecosystem growth through integrations

At DappRadar, we believe in a multichain future where users can utilize services and dapps on different chains, and bridge their data or value in a swift and meaningful manner. This means that we, as a platform, want to track all the relevant blockchain ecosystems out there. Some may be used mainly for DeFi, others for gaming. It’s also possible that these chains are being marketed for very specific audiences, for example Asian gamers or South American supply chain entrepreneurs.

This March we welcomed three new blockchain ecosystem partners to The World’s Dapp Store. And this includes games with strong roots in the Asian market, particularly in the gaming segment.

  • Astar zkEVM - the first Layer-2 that taps into Polygon’s AggLayer
  • WEMIX - a gaming chain with support for games tapping into the Asian market
  • ZetaChain - a privacy focused omnichain that allows you to control assets on different chains.

Spaces and events

This March we’ve once again organized various events in collaboration with partners from across the Web3 industry. We’ve discussed the DappRadar Foundation proposal, to ensure our community was fully aware of all the ins and outs of this transition. While our DAO Dialogues brought forth some wonderful conversations. Together with Lisk, we discussed their transition from an L1 into a L2 powered by Optimism. We believe our Spaces on X this month highlight two things. First, the rise of Layer-2 networks scales the industry and makes mass adoption come closer to reality, but also that DappRadar and the DappRadar Foundation are absolutely necessary to enable every day users to discover services and ecosystems.

Other marketing efforts

Our marketing efforts don’t end with the Spaces, but stretch a wide range of activities. Together with Astar Network we’ve launched the Yoki Campaign, helping the Web3 community to discover the newly launched Astar zkEVM network through a playful campaign. Moreover, our Quests platform is fundamental to this campaign, highlighting the benefits of our engagement platform for third parties. As we move forward and add more functionalities into the Quests platform, we expect more and bigger campaigns to take place here.

It’s becoming very rewarding for users to be active in the DappRadar Quests. In the past few weeks we’ve had quests from THX Network, Anichess, and Kinetix. Just to name a few. Participants have been able to win token and NFT prizes, while leveling up their DappRadar account during this first season of DappRadar Quests.

Reports and Media

In March we’ve published 4 reports:

  1. February Industry Report
  2. February BGA Games Report
  3. Asia Gaming Market Report with Pacific Meta
  4. zkSync Ecosystem Report

According to Meltwater, we’ve recorded 3,240 media mentions during March. However, it’s important to note that we’re also dealing with lots of spam and scam articles on for example Medium. If we filter this number by the manually selected “Top Media”, we see 78 mentions from Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Forbes and various others.

This may seem like a small number, but it means that every week almost 20 media outlets refer to our reports or data. Those 78 mentions is an increase of 66% month-over-month, while bringing the total of those “top media mentions” for this year to 191.

Closing words

Too many people look at crypto as an easy way to make money, but these tokens are fundamental ways to restructure the world around us. You, being a RADAR token holder, have the power to influence the future of DappRadar. You’re a member of a DAO, and just like voting on a political party it’s also your duty to make your voice heard. Let. Your. Voice. Be. Heard.

I’m proud of the value that’s being created for PRO members, while the establishment of the DappRadar Foundation should be an empowering moment for those who hold RADAR. This forum post reaches you, but I ask you to use your voice and spread the word. We’re building the future app store where play, discovery and epic data-driven alpha empower users to move full steam ahead into the future.


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