DappRadar DAO League Discussion and Brainstorm

This is a space for the DAO League Key-Points and features to be talked about and discussed.

Any team and community members who want to discuss ideas for this please feel free to do so.

I’ve gone on to ChatGPT and asked it to give me key features that should be discussed about if we are to do a DappRadar DAO League.

  1. League Structure: Decide on the overall structure of the league, including the number of tiers, criteria for participation, promotion and relegation rules, and season duration.
  2. Scoring System: Determine how DAOs will earn points within the league. Consider factors such as participation in events, community engagement, token utility, governance involvement, and project performance.
  3. Governance and Decision-Making: Establish governance mechanisms for the league, including voting processes, decision-making procedures, and dispute resolution mechanisms.
  4. Entry Requirements: Define the requirements for DAOs to participate in the league. This could include holding a minimum amount of liquidity, meeting certain governance criteria, or being a partner with DappRadar.
  5. Liquidity Lockup: Discuss whether participating DAOs should lock up liquidity as a requirement for entry into the league, and if so, determine the duration and conditions of the lockup.
  6. Prizes and Incentives: Determine what incentives and rewards will be offered to participating DAOs, including prizes for top performers, special privileges, or boosts for winning DAOs.
  7. Community Engagement: Explore strategies for engaging the broader community in the league, such as organizing events, creating educational content, or incentivizing participation through token rewards.
  8. Partnerships and Collaborations: Discuss opportunities for partnerships and collaborations with other organizations or projects to enhance the league’s reach and impact.
  9. Transparency and Accountability: Establish mechanisms for transparency and accountability within the league, including regular reporting, audits, and feedback loops with the community.
  10. Legal and Compliance Considerations: Address any legal and compliance requirements associated with running the league, including regulatory considerations, data protection, and intellectual property rights.
  11. Community Feedback and Iteration: Commit to ongoing communication and collaboration with the community, soliciting feedback, and iterating on the league’s structure and operations based on community input.

Lets start Building something Great.

I’ll wait till team members and community members interact to start discussing the ideas and have some idea as to where to start, as this is a DAO everyone is welcome to chip in.

Thanks for Reading



I like the direction Ash. I do think it makes sense to bring in some of your previous ideas too. Additionally, I like the idea of transforming it into an elimination game tournament utilizing features and dapps on DappRadar. Rtather than being a league that never stops, this tournament could last 10 days and be a way of driving excitement around dapps and the DappRadar ecosystem.

  1. Teams Formation:
  • Individuals would choose a dapp, ideally one they are actively using or are a part of its community.
  • The pay in could be 0.1ETH or something around there.
  • Then teams would be formed randomly, based on chain (Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, etc.) or categories of dapps (finance, games, social media, etc.).
  1. Rounds and Timelines:
  • The tournament could be divided into multiple rounds, each lasting a specific number of days (e.g., every 2 days).
  • Each round eliminates a certain number of participants based on their performance in set challenges.
  1. Challenges:
  • Challenges can vary by round and could include metrics like unique active wallets, transaction volume, social media engagement, or specific tasks completed within the dapp through our Quest platform.
  • Incorporate special “Quests” or scavenger hunts on the DappRadar website or within the dapps themselves. This could even include the number of dapps listed, the most boosted dapp, or the Quest that gets completed the most. Users could also predict outcomes as part of a challenges i.e. which dapp will have the most transactions by the end of the two days.
  1. Rewards:
  • Offer prizes or recognition for the finalist (and/or) top-performing dapps with their communities. Consideration would be focused on rewarding for participants who are most active in boosting their dapps or contributing to community goals.

I got a few of these ideas from Crypto, the game, and added a bit of DappRadar’s platform features to make it more interactive and unique.

It’ll promotes the dapps but also actively engages the communities around them, potentially driving growth and innovation. Let me know what you think.

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Well the entry fees I’ll leave up to you guys to choose what would be best for people to pay to participate I’m sure you guys know what’s best when it comes to that.

we need to match up the teams as fair as possible which would mean we as dappradar would have to do some analyze are selves to judge up who ranks were on expected out comes >.> then to make the tournament interesting you could have it like,(A) 1st vs 3rd 2nd vs 4th 5th vs 7th 6th vs 8th or (B) 1st vs 2nd 3rd vs 4th 5th vs 6th 7th vs 8th

(A) makes it more interesting because the underdog if they win have already beaten someone at least 2 levels above them in expectations and if they lose well it goes to the 1st vs 2nd ect on the 2nd round, (gives the underdogs something to be proud of regardless if they lose later) also means 2nd round the winners of the 1st be more prepared for what they have to do and what’s expected ect.

(B) This way is just as good as above but makes it a lot more fair (this is the way we should do it if we want fairness)


Basically like this you will always have to do it like 8 teams 16 teams 32 teams 64 teams 128 teams 256 teams ← (this would = 8 rounds) you cant have 24 teams as that leaves 1 person sitting out at 1 point never use odd numbers always has to be even. lowest u can go is 4 teams. for two rounds.

With 8 teams we have 3 rounds. which if a event lasted 2 days (i feel this is a little short) that would be 6 days just under a week. (which for a short tournament is ideal and because its new better to start that way i guess)

The round times we should keep them short to start with and expand on them as we get better at running them and other stuff comes to DappRadar.

Each round half the number of participants should be eliminated (this way at the end its a 1vs1 on not a 1vs1vs1)

Challenges is the big one. (these are the points they have 6 days to gather as many points as possible on the 7th day them losing are eliminated and the next round is set up and the day after the 6 days starts again) (this leaves 1 day for dappradar to mention the winners and losers and possibly do a blog news space about this weeks winners and losers achivements ect O.o >.> )

Ideas for the points i gone to chat gpt put it into my DappRadar feed and it came back with this.

  1. Community Voting: Allow the community to vote for their favorite dapps or teams, with votes contributing to overall scores or influencing elimination decisions.
  2. Social Media Engagement: Encourage participants to share their experiences with the tournament and their chosen dapps on social media platforms. Metrics such as likes, shares, and comments could contribute to their team’s overall performance.
  3. Referral Program: Implement a referral program where participants earn points or bonuses for each new user they onboard to the tournament or for each referral that actively engages with their chosen dapp.
  4. Quest Completion: Introduce additional quests or challenges within the DappRadar platform that participants must complete to earn points or unlock rewards. These quests could involve exploring new dapps, interacting with specific features, or providing feedback on user experiences.
  5. Dapp Boosting: Encourage participants to actively boost their chosen dapps on the DappRadar platform by staking tokens or promoting them within their networks. The level of boosting could influence a dapp’s ranking and performance in the tournament.
  6. Content Creation: Reward participants for creating educational or promotional content about their chosen dapps, such as blog posts, videos, or tutorials. Content quality and engagement metrics could contribute to their team’s overall score.
  7. Bug Reporting and Feedback: Encourage participants to provide feedback on their chosen dapps and report any bugs or issues they encounter. Dapp developers could earn points for addressing feedback and improving their dapps based on user suggestions.
  8. Predictive Challenges: Introduce predictive challenges where participants predict outcomes of specific events or metrics within the tournament, such as which dapp will have the highest transaction volume or which team will win a specific challenge. Correct predictions could earn bonus points for their team.
  9. Community Challenges: Organize community challenges or events where participants collaborate to achieve specific goals, such as organizing meetups, hosting AMA sessions with dapp developers, or contributing to open-source projects related to their chosen dapps.
  10. Dapp Integration: Explore opportunities for dapps to integrate with each other or with external platforms, creating synergies and cross-promotional opportunities that benefit all participants involved.

(we need to work out a system on how these points would be distributed among the participants tho and also how many points a tasks gives and the importance of the task taken into account)

The Rewards =D again i’ll leave this up to the team to work out lol =) (don’t be killing are token is my only feed back to this)

Overall i like the idea (but ideally i would like us to build a league and these tournaments are just a part of getting points in the league)

Cant wait to hear back with what u think of the above ideas and suggestions.

Also there are other tournament format ideas we could think of if the above one isn’t ideal.

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I think this idea has huge potential and is really being overlooked.

Expanded Concept: Dapp Trading Card Game

Imagine transforming our tournament into a dynamic trading card game. Participants wouldn’t choose just one dapp to support; they could select a team of five, similar to assembling a hand in a card game. These “cards” could vary in rarity, influenced by the quests completed and their on-chain data, similar to fantasy sports but leveraging our unique dapp data. I got some of the ideas from fantasy top too.

  • Card Acquisition: Users can earn cards through completing quests or based on their activities within the dapps. Each card would reflect the dapp’s ranking on DappRadar, adding a layer of strategy in selecting a strong team.
  • Trading Mechanism: Allow participants to trade cards among themselves to optimize their teams throughout the tournament, adding a layer of social interaction and strategy.
  • Revenue and Engagement Through Entry Fees: Introducing an entry fee for the tournament is a fantastic idea for generating revenue. This not only helps in managing the tournament but also adds a level of commitment from the participants, enhancing the competitive environment.

Simplification and Inclusivity

By simplifying participation to include not just DAOs but any dapp with a community, we greatly expand our potential user base. Focusing on single chains initially could simplify logistics and allow us to tailor the experience to specific community needs and characteristics.

Gamification Through Quests and Challenges

Transforming dapp usage into a trading card game through quests and challenges not only makes the experience more engaging but also educates users about different dapps in a fun and interactive way. Participants can earn different cards by completing specific tasks, which could be anything from simple transactions to complex problem-solving activities within the dapp ecosystem.

Integration with DappRadar’s Existing Features

We can leverage our current data and features by integrating them into the game mechanics. For instance, the dapp’s performance on social media or its transaction volume could influence the “power” or “value” of a card, making the game a reflection of real-world utility and popularity. We could even make the power of the deck dependent on the gamification level of the holder too. :fire:

This approach turns the concept of a DAO league into something more vibrant and accessible, making the use of dapps not just practical but also a part of an engaging game. Let me know your thoughts.

trading cards is basically the badges but without any real achievement as such in the league.

Season Badges: Achievements earned by the DAO during its time in the league are displayed as season badges. These badges recognize various accomplishments and contributions made by the DAO and serve as a testament to its performance and engagement.

If you are basing it on what a user does on a certain game.

How many of these users are gonna be a mobile phone farm bot? (something to take into consideration)

^^^ tho tbf them doing this will soon expose themselves.as bad actors and hopefully be removed from the league.

The idea its self is a nice idea could work. (have to list the pro’s and cons)

This approach turns the concept of a DAO league into something more vibrant and accessible, making the use of dapps not just practical but also a part of an engaging game. Let me know your thoughts.

Scrapping the league for a trading card bot game doesn’t seem like a smart move.

maybe ur seeing something im not. but im trying to make stuff fair.

I mentioned other day tho something we could possibly do for bots, (this could possibly be it) be a minior part of the league tho. (and not cause such a massive impact)

Why dont we turn the Season Badges: into the cards and the DAO’s and users earn the Badges VIA certain methods and the cards them selves can be attached to a DAO to earn a small point boost as such or something like that?

Where the DAO’s (participating) and people (not in DAO but also taking part in some activity’s) in the league can buy these cards or hold them or sell them buying them

Think of it like this if you was gonna have this feature in the League what would it be like and how impactful would it be on the league?

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A.I says this.

This expanded concept of transforming the tournament into a dynamic trading card game is indeed intriguing and has the potential to significantly enhance engagement and excitement within the DappRadar community. Here’s a breakdown of the key components and benefits of the proposed Dapp Trading Card Game:

Card Acquisition:

  • Users earn cards through completing quests or based on their activities within the dapps, reflecting the dapp’s ranking on DappRadar.
  • The variation in card rarity adds a layer of strategy in assembling a strong team, similar to fantasy sports, encouraging users to carefully select their cards to optimize their team’s performance.

Trading Mechanism:

  • Allowing participants to trade cards among themselves enhances social interaction and strategy, enabling users to optimize their teams throughout the tournament based on evolving strategies and preferences.

Revenue and Engagement Through Entry Fees:

  • Introducing an entry fee for the tournament not only generates revenue but also enhances commitment from participants, fostering a more competitive environment and ensuring active engagement throughout the tournament.

Simplification and Inclusivity:

  • By simplifying participation to include any dapp with a community, the potential user base is greatly expanded, fostering inclusivity and diversity within the tournament.
  • Focusing on single chains initially simplifies logistics and allows for tailored experiences to cater to specific community needs and characteristics.

Gamification Through Quests and Challenges:

  • Transforming dapp usage into a trading card game through quests and challenges enhances engagement and educates users about different dapps in a fun and interactive manner.
  • Participants earn different cards by completing specific tasks, ranging from simple transactions to complex problem-solving activities within the dapp ecosystem, driving deeper engagement and exploration.

Integration with DappRadar’s Existing Features:

  • Leveraging existing data and features, such as a dapp’s performance on social media or its transaction volume, influences the power or value of a card, making the game a reflection of real-world utility and popularity.
  • Integration with DappRadar’s existing features ensures seamless gameplay and enhances the overall user experience, bridging the gap between the trading card game and the DappRadar platform.

This approach not only makes dapp usage more practical but also transforms it into an engaging and interactive game, fostering deeper engagement and exploration within the DappRadar community. It leverages gamification and social interaction to create a vibrant ecosystem where users actively participate and compete, driving growth and innovation within the dapp ecosystem.

A.I on my feed back

It seems like you’re exploring the idea of incorporating trading cards into the league in a way that complements the existing structure rather than replacing it entirely. Here’s a breakdown of your proposed approach and its potential impact on the league:

Season Badges as Trading Cards:

  • Transforming the Season Badges into trading cards adds a gamified element to the league, providing participants with collectible items that represent their achievements and contributions.
  • By attaching these cards to DAOs or individual users, they can earn small point boosts or other benefits, adding an extra layer of strategy and incentive for acquiring and utilizing the cards effectively.

Impact on the League:

  • Introducing trading cards as part of the league enhances engagement and adds a new dimension to the competition, appealing to users who enjoy collectible card games and gamified experiences.
  • The ability to buy, sell, and trade cards introduces an additional dynamic to the league, potentially creating a secondary market within the DappRadar ecosystem.
  • However, it’s important to consider the potential for abuse, such as users exploiting the system through bots or other means to acquire cards unfairly. Implementing safeguards and monitoring mechanisms will be crucial to maintaining fairness and integrity within the league.

Integration with Existing Features:

  • Leveraging the existing Season Badges concept ensures seamless integration with the league’s framework, minimizing the need for significant structural changes.
  • By repurposing Season Badges as trading cards, you’re building upon an existing feature and enhancing its functionality, rather than introducing an entirely new system from scratch.

Overall, incorporating trading cards into the league has the potential to enhance engagement and add value to the participant experience. However, careful consideration must be given to implementation details and potential challenges, such as ensuring fairness, preventing abuse, and integrating the new feature seamlessly with existing league mechanics. With proper planning and execution, trading cards could become a compelling addition to the league, enriching the overall experience for participants and contributing to its long-term success.

  • By repurposing Season Badges as trading cards, you’re building upon an existing feature and enhancing its functionality, rather than introducing an entirely new system from scratch.

Well this bit is incorrect cuz we are starting from scratch lol. we are still in brain-storm phase.

Sitting here thinking about it tho we could do it, + the tournaments as well and what ever else we can think of in the mean time and mix it all into a league could be something massive we create instead of just what imagined to start with.

Like in my team the teams could be for the different tier’s (tables) so u can build a team with say 1 first table 2nd table 3rd table, I’m not sure how the cards would works to start with stats wise ?? but I’m sure u have some thoughts on what the could be about.
(why would i do this because it enables my card to be entered into certain quest types) of said card possibly i don’t know could brain storm some ideas up, would be cool if we could create a real league from it all tho.

Also anything else we could do on a smaller scale. We should do them and see if they can be added into the bigger picture of the league its self as a whole this way, we can see what we are building into.

So even tho i said no to the idea of it replacing tournaments and the league i still think we should do it and try it >.> also try and make it work. If it don’t scrap it think of something else. <—this could lead to a lot of time wasted tho. so more wins the better.