DappRadar Community Proposal (DCP) Template

In this document you will find the proposed format for creating a governance proposal on DappRadar.

Quick reminder:

  • The proposal needs to be active for 7 days
  • Have the correct title, including [DCP-#] and proposal number
  • Include a For/Against poll
  • Minimum 20 votes and have more “For” votes than “Against”

DCP Template:

  1. [DCP-#] Title - The title for your proposal should be clear, relevant and consistent across the forum and Snapshot proposal. Titles must begin with [DCP-#], where # is 1 more than the number of the most recent proposal. Example: [DCP-5]
  2. Summary - a few sentences on what the proposal is and what changes are being suggested without going into details.
  3. Abstract - Expanded summary introducing the proposal, what it entails and details around what would change should the proposal be implemented.
  4. Motivation - Describe the motivation behind the proposal, the problem(s) it solves and the value it adds. This is your chance to show why this proposal is necessary, and how the changes would benefit DappRadar (platform or DAO) if implemented.
  5. Specification - Describe the fundamentals of the proposal. Go into deep detail around the changes that will happen both on a technical and social level. The more detail, the better.
  6. Benefits - Point out core benefits of the proposal implementation and how it will affect the DappRadar ecosystem - stakeholders, community, curators, users, developers, etc.
  7. Drawbacks - Highlight any drawbacks from implementing the proposal and points to consider regarding the change or addition.
  8. Vote - Clearly outline what voting “For” and “Against” entails. Community members will be able to vote yes or no directly on your proposal to gauge support before an official proposal is submitted on Snapshot.

For questions, comments or concerns, please discuss in the Forum or join the DappRadar Discord.