DappRadar Announces Strategic Partnership with OKX

RADAR community,

We’re happy to announce that DappRadar has entered a strategic partnership with OKX, one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume. With our help, OKX will broaden its scope and offer its users new ways to connect, discover and interact with Web3.

OKX now uses the DappRadar API in its OKX Wallet and on their Web3 discovery page, improving the discovery of decentralized applications through their platforms. In addition, OKX Wallet is now integrated as one of the default connection options, allowing its users to easily log in to DappRadar, access their portfolio and discover dapps!

OKX partnership highlights our overall partner strategy:
This partnership is in line with the overall partnership strategy of DappRadar to position ourselves as part of the core infrastructure of the Web3 world, connecting users with decentralized applications.

We are focused on aligning ourselves with key partners who are onboarding new Web3 users (exchanges, wallets, Web3 media and discovery platforms). Through data integration deals like this, we are able to support partners in the onboarding and education of new users. We expect our API to be the engine that powers the dapp and NFT discovery solutions for key partners throughout the space.

DappRadar provides a vital service to all of Web3. Chain-agnostic, unbiased information on dapps and NFTs. The API allows our partners and users to develop powerful solutions on top of that service.

How DAO members can contribute:
In the future, we envision DappRadar DAO members contributing directly to the development of the API (ex: participating in quality reviews, proposing new API endpoints, submitting new dapps). We expect that many of the key projects utilizing the API will become active DAO participants.

Relevant links:
Take a look at the OKX dapps page: DApps - Explore Defi and Blockchain Games | Crypto Games | OKX
Remember, we made our API public last week: Blockchain API for Data About Crypto, NFT, DeFi, Gaming & Dapps | Dappradar

Your DappRadar team


That’s awesome. OKX using the DappRadar API, we also have Opera using it in their dapp store. These are just 2 examples, and more will follow. Add RADAR in the mix to allow parties to vote on development prioritization and new features, and these tech and crypto powerhouses will want RADAR to have their say. Bit by bit the puzzle pieces are coming together. Slowly. But steadily.