DappRadar and Competitors

I had an idea to make a comparison between DappRadar and other projects that provide similar services like DappRadar
In the end, the comparison will reveal the strengths and weaknesses of DappRadar
and there will be the possibility of copying the advantages that the competitors have and transferring to DappRadar

Some websites like stateofthedapps, dapp.review , dapp and there are other websites

In fact, it was not easy. I need the community’s opinion on how to start, what are the points that I should focus on, what form of comparison will be useful for DappRadar ,and what are the websites I should focus on in comparison

I hope if the community has useful opinions and ideas to mention them in the comments

best way to start i think is to point out what you think these other websites offer customers that dappradar doesn’t and also maybe pop into there discords if they have any and see what the community’s about and like what there talking about and what they want maybe they have some ideas that haven’t even been put onto the other sites that might be good for Ares…if you want i can check out there discords if they have any.

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@madeafterdeath Thank you for your interest and comment. In fact, I found DappRadar the best product in my opinion ,I did not find anything with them that is not found in DappRadar , but I found the opposite, I found things in DappRadar that they do not have
This does not mean that websites are not good or unpopular, on the contrary, they are good websites and have many users, but I did not find anything special in them from my point of view.
and I don’t think there discords may contain something useful
I started trying to come up with new ideas to develop DappRadar products
I started by posting this topic “DappRadar and Dapps that comes from the future”
I hope this will make other members come up with their ideas for development too