DAO Content Topics for Ambassadors

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This is an invitation for @vandynathan to join the operations room. We are in need of your collaboration, as we have some significant work to do for the DappRadar DAO account. This includes creating content for the community, contributed by the ambassadors. With this in mind, we require your expertise to identify a few topics to cover over the next several weeks. Therefore, we invite you to help us devise a concise strategy on what we should post in the coming weeks to align with your work.


I’m not used to create content for the DAO, but some things that i’m looking: Ordinals bouncing back, Cross-chain NFTS and onchain art and as everybody else: ETFS (plural now)


I am also not that familiar like Luciano, but I think it will deff cool. I do not have decided on topics but I’ll


Thanks for invite @Alex-Mammoth

Okay, so regarding the topics, I think it should be aligned with the roadmap on the DAO and Product. We already will have some DAO Proposals which will give us plenty to discuss. Naturally with Quests being released, more features for PRO being integrated and some other additional product developments, it would be great to make some noise there too.

Additionally, as @LucianoMathias mentioned, we could also have web3 general news and trending topics too. That’s always great to keep the community informed as to what is hot.

:weight_lifting_man:t6: But in and around those events and web3 general and trending news, here is a cool framework of topics that we can explore with the Ambassador team:

  • Building the World’s Dapp Store : Focus on the journey and mission of DappRadar in becoming a community-owned and operated Dapp Store. Explain the concept and benefits of this approach, drawing parallels to traditional app stores to make it more relatable to the audience.

  • Demystifying the Concept of Community in Tech : Address common misconception about ‘community-driven’ projects and how the word community has been abused by some projects. Use this opportunity to simplify the concept and illustrate how DappRadar is leveraging community for positive growth and innovation. Perhaps also include an explanation of the difference and similarities between the DAO and community.

  • Dapp Discovery and Data Analytics : Highlight how DappRadar serves as a discovery platform and data provider. Emphasize its role in helping users find and download their favorite dapps, and how it assists developers with valuable analytics for improving user engagement and retention.

  • Value Analysis of DappRadar: Delve into what sets DappRadar apart in the market. This content piece can break down its unique value proposition, especially emphasizing the aspects that make it incomparable to other platforms.

  • Content Series on DAO and Governance : Plan a series covering topics like ‘Governance 101’, ‘DAO 101’, ‘Cross-chain Governance’, ‘Metagovernance’ and ‘Beyond Governance’. These should provide insights into the workings of DappRadar DAO, its governance mechanisms, and its long-term vision.

  • PRO as a driver for RADAR utility: Outlining how PRO drives value to RADAR through the growing features that it provides users with some discussion points on how it can improve.


I’m as confused as everyone else sorta when it comes to this i sorta get it but But in my eyes a DAO and its community are the Same thing just if the community wants to do something it has to vote on it as well as meet certain criteria. so we should do them in the order u listed them in thanks as well nathan for the suggestions =) or high light part of these subjects when we do the twitter events.

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This is a suggestion think this could be a good place to put it.

Ambassador quests: Ambassadors get to reach out to projects artists, dapps, and crypto spaces to see if the said platform wants to do a quest for discounted price/ Free, Depends on what you have to do to list a quest on DappRadar.
This could encourage Projects to follow and interact with Ambassador more as well and increasing followers as well as quests listed on the platform. and obv more people using dappradar.

Not that this has to be part of the role just a perk of it say 1 quest per month max per ambassador as to not give any platform/Ambassador a unfair advantage in quests tho its not competitive. (just a thing that they can offer or do if they want to obv would need more brain storming and discussing but i hope you get the idea of it)