Create audio logo for DappRadar

I have an idea to create an audio logo for DappRadar

But what is an audio logo?

audio logo is sound, effect, short music clip, musical riff, or voice-over mostly between three and five seconds should be short and easy to remember

audio logo is brand’s signature or ‘identifier’, but most importantly it has a powerful sonic mnemonic function often associated with a visual logo

Audio logos around us for long time there are many projects and companies already have an audio logo

What are the benefits from create audio logo??

it gives a sound identity to the brand or company, and allows creating a bond with the consumer that goes beyond the visual identity.

It increases brand value and attracts more customers and make the brand present in the minds of customers in a sound beside visual

when we just listen to audio logos we be able to know the brand name

If we think in create audio logo we should meet following conditions

audio logo be short, not exceeding a few seconds, and related to the brand and its culture and message and be able to attract attention and easy to remember

audio logo can be used in all social media, forums, discord, radio, TV, and any other platforms

Some examples of audio logos

The idea presented for discussion
What do you think about creating an audio sushi logo ??
How should it be and what are the best ideas to implement it ??

More information about the audio logo in this link


I didn’t like the idea very much. but still thank you for your work

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Hey there,

I think this culd be an interesting idea to explore moving forward.

As you said, it helps to create an additional layer of branding and connection to to our identity.

Thinking for example when you hear “Ba da ba ba baa, I’m loving it”, you instantly think of Mcdonald’s. Something similar could be done with DappRadar.

I can imagine, in the future, that we could have Community based competition to create an audio logo.

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Thank you for your response and interest

Thank you for your response and interest
I agree with you I hope that the community interact and present ideas about audio logo
and in the end community choose the best one

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Hypnotizing people is not good lol…
I think a little splash of red on the website could bit more eye catching or yellow could even make it a sessional thing. (bit like what google does)
As for audio id say keep it simple don’t need a theme song. =)

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Thank you for your response and interest I agree with you in that the audio should be simple

I personally don’t think there’s need for audio on DappRadar as a website or app. However, we could use audio cues in our videos. We’ve started doing more live video, we’ve got instructional videos on YouTube, we do lots of AMAs.

Combining those with some audio branding isn’t a bad thing. I’d also pull this bigger, create an animated logo for a 3-5 second video leader incl. an iconic, recognizable audio bit.


@nederob Thank you for your comment and your ideas is great